Monday, December 31, 2007

i ... had ***A Dream.***

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´a pretty unfortunate dream.

´one with the ostensive-consequence of me waking-up with a throbbing erection(♫-1), (♫-2), to boot.

i'm just going to divulge the details about this Dream that i feel you, at the moment, should know.

me and [????] found ourselves simply hanging out, walking through a certain, common↕place Shopping Venue(♫-3) together ─ as how Friendly Acquaintances normally would.

apparently i had been very reluctant to tell this big fucker i wanted to Be Intimate with him but, i guess, i finally figured closed mouths don't get fed so i swallowed ... my pride, went ahead, and told him my Desire.

Surprisingly, he wasn't shocked or offended by my revelation; rather, he: picked me up from behind, bear-hug_style, in his... ...BIG STRONG ARMS; grabbed my hard dick, for just a moment
(♫-4); and then, (i think), told me he was considering letting himself indulge me ─ if not, at least, just a little.

it is self-evidently_sufficient for me to say to y'all that My Heart jumped when Dave Batista actually agreed to even that much ... but i really liked that part where my subconscience allowed me a simulation of what it'd be like to get affectionately/playfully-man↕handled ... by such a manly-man.


which makes It all-the-more cruel.....
.....´though i don't fore↕see my ever getting a sudden-feeling that i will want or need to be fucked or, even, dominated/[``]abused[´´] in any [other {major}] way, just because i am a bit on the short side ... well, there is, still, something pretty-fuckin'-nice about having a Big Butch Bloake(♫-5) want to strong-arm me like that: to feel his Warm, Soft, Supple Flesh against my own...


...and i have not been experiencing either of Those Sensations often enough, at all.


oh well.

happy new year, Fuckers.

(♫-1) (and i don't believe It had anything to do with a Full Bladder either.)
(♫-2) (additionally, i am not a Wet Dreamer: probably because my subconscience wouldn't allow such a thing, anyway.)
(♫-3) (one that, {albeit usually in different incarnations ─ although always in the same location}, quite often has appeared in These Dreams of Mine.)
(♫-4) (which is all that My Subconscience would probably ever allow me, i am reckoning; incidentally, this gropage of His felt very life-like, indeed.)
(♫-5) (3-hit Standard Alliteration-combo: +2,008 Kudos bonus points; +11 Style Points

Sunday, December 30, 2007

these are a few of my favourite things.

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and i don't give a fuck about it, either:

this is all being done simply in the pursuit of my furtherly
sharing, with yinz, some more of those Things that interest Me.


i have a definite affinity for EYE CANDY...
...although my affinity for Facing & Accepting Reality seems to be set even higher.


it be what It be ... and, for as long as i continue to place no individual in immediate physical-/psychologic-danger(♫), i'mma keep goin' at it, ´still not givin' A Fuck.

with That said:

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

Bill Goldberg play-kissing some dude i don't know

rick bassman lifting big-ass bill goldberg up onto his shoulders!!

classic mario lopez

more mario lopez

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

the thing about It is.. if i were to be [a}n actual{ female], then i would have to put up with a different, perhaps even more-injurious sort of Bull↕Shit ─ presumably as the trade↕off for my being able to enjoy the easier-access to all this Macho Dick.

why-oh-fuckin'_why can't mutha↕fuckas just be normal?
and why can't a chick who simply likes Sperm Baths just be left alone about it?

(and why do i have to tell some of You that you can click on those Question Mark Boxes above to see additional photos of ... fellas who have crotches that i also have an interest for burying my face into, but didn't want to immediately-reveal the identities of their respective owners ─ so as to signify that these are not the fellows for whom this Entry was originally-crafted?)

(♫) (as dictated by TRADITION, this Immediacy extends down through 7°-of-removal from Source.)

Friday, December 28, 2007

2 girls...

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...and, yeah, ONE CUP.

i've seen It.

...i actually wish i knew the name of that music which plays in it .. for, of Its Self, that is something which can relax me.

although i reck'n, Now, i can't turn the sound of It up too loudly, lest i face some sort of Retribution, from those [other {unfortunate souls}] in The Know, later.

it's pretty fucked-up that i can't enjoy Good Music in peace.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

...and just when you thought that This was the apex of our degradation, there are actually 2 new Scat/Puke Clips like it, into which you may sink your collective teeves.


these do not have quite the same [psychological] impact as its' Predecessor, just because they don't use That Song but, rather, other out-of-place muzaks; all-the-same, if you're not as hardcore as i am, you probably won't be able to sit through 20-seconds of these clips.


by no means do i find any of That appealing: as a matter-of-fact, if That Stuff was happening with All Dudes instead of All Chicks, i'd probably like The Ideology of it even less.
(maybe it's something to do with me having the innate-understanding that, perhaps, those Chickies you see in those clips were in desperate need of Money, which is why they were partaking of such abomination ─ i was even able to observe their numerous attempts to mask their own natural repulsion from contact with the Excrement.

females don't do That for fun ... but i can bet you that Dudes would do it, for recreation.)
all the same, i guess my program of Toughening Up is still working.

i can probably sit through almost anything, now, as long as i don't have to actually smell The Action ─ no matter my training, my stomach/sinuses will never be able to endure Rank Odours.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

must see TeeVee!

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on a lighter note, i just wanna fire off some of the names of my favourite current
prime-time programming (mostly, but not exclusively, prime-time) in no particular order(?):

  • scrubs

  • The Office (US)

  • 30 Rock

  • house

  • Criminal Minds

  • MAD TV

  • reno 911

  • Family Guy

  • [my name is earl]

  • American Dad!

  • Saturday Night Live

  • late night with Conan o'Brien

  • Rules of Engagement

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • the Tonight Show with ***Jay Leno***

  • [back to you]

  • Fox 45's News (varying time↕slots)

  • [sex and The City]

  • girls behaving badly

  • cheaters

past recent-favourites have, in no particular order, included:

  • the George Lopez show

  • My Wife & Kids

  • the King of Queens

  • Frasier (!!)

  • the Drew Carey show

  • Becker (!!!!)

  • [Chappelle Show]

  • that 70's show

  • WWE [and Friends] (before i finally got tired of being expected to accept all these ludicrous things It consistently tried shoving down my throat ─ That which i still plan to write about, some time down the line)

there are others..
..but, for me to list Those would be getting a bit too deep.

If You Know What I Mean.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pride and ... Politics? (e.2; part 1 of 2)

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as far as I am aware, it probably just does not occur to the average of You to be so purely-Straight that you conscientiously opt for acquiring only the least risky of Adult-oriented Media; surely, you are aware of the presence of such Media, though?


but if That were to be the case, then, why don't more of you mini-fruits just acquire Them, instead? just whom is it, amongst you Breeders, that make these male porn-stars so fuckin' ... "star-like," anyway? (i really just cannot imagine an average Heterosexual [American] Woman concerning herself with such lascivious, prurient things).

...what makes a Porn Dude legendary?

  • how many Nutts he can bust on a Bitch?

  • the number of PEARL NECKLACES he can bestow upon multiple chicks?

  • ´just HOW FAR he can blow his wad, and the volumniousness of This Ejaculæ, thence?(♫-1)

  • how many Eyes he can burn, for the night, with the Baby Batter this fucker firehosed around without regard for anyone or any-other-thing but his own fucking pleasure??

That's pretty gay, worrying about the carnal exploits of another [nigger](♫-2), y'know.


no one person can be only exclusively attracted to its opposite sex. that much is apparent, to me. even if you were to try to eliminate all traces of [Gay],──environmental and personified,──from the human population, and succeeded: some time down The Line, more of those people [who, in this hateful-assèd Society, bear the unfortunate-disposition of wanting to experience That Love Which Dares Not Speak Its Name,] will eventually emerge, once more; two things would have to come of That Development, though:

  1. from the moment you begin to re-kill all of them, you surely will have guaranteed the creation of your own cozy spot in Hell; and the suffering you'd undergo, there, will be a lot worse than anything that which can be inflicted upon that civil-minded dude who just wanted to lick the scrotum of some other dude, and had been acting only as such, while still living;

  2. when you begin to embark upon further research on these new gays' Genes to determine if These were the cause of their .. coming out as They had, you shall have already admitted that, no, [the desiring for the flesh of {The Similar}] is almost never a choice.



and don't even get me started on the Bible Thumpers, who use these fanciful-Religious Texts to justify our continued persecution.

this Bible of yours says a lot of things ... but i don't exactly see you fuckers being especially consistent in following those precepts, either.

frankly, this Bible,──as utilized by most variations of the Christian Faith,──and Kōran,──as utilized by most variations of Islam,──seems to ask you fuckers to do & believe some pretty silly things; but ... it goes back to something I realized, about 7-years ago: the fact that most of you ..... well. i'll be nice, here:

it goes back to that thing i realized, some years ago:

that most of you need some[thing {mystical ⌠and OTHERWORLDLY⌡}] to guide your actions.
for, verily, without such an influence, you surely will be lost.


next to what, basically, amounts to the continued pursuit [and conquering] of Pussy, religion(♫-3) has also been quite the successful-Historical Instigator of Strife.

i have also heard that it's probably not so much the thoughts of the actual Acts of [Male-on-Male] Coupling which be the thing that, for any given [heterosexual-identified {male}], gives rise to the feelings of Repulsion so much as it might be the deeply instinctual-impulse of being fearful for seeming, to other indiwiduals, like a Weakling, Deviant, or a SYMPATHIZER: in that, being the Receiver/Insertee is the task which is to be handled by the "weaker"(♫-4) of the two [standard] sexes ─ Females.

it's very understandable, actually.

this neanderthalian-mentality.

especially These Days, when said-weaker individuals will, indeed, be surruptitiously-squashed, with little-to-no after↕thought; additionally.. ..well, Ignorance continues to breed Fear & Hate, and ... muther↕fuckers, to be blunt, are quite Cruel ─ just on a psychological-level, alone, can one of these 1995-born Demon Spawn easily, thoughtlessly-yet-premeditatedly, CRUSH another, otherwise-decent person. for just the slightest of [perceived] infractions.(♫-5)

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i've long ago already spared more words on This than y'all A.D.D.-muther↕fuckers will be willing to sift through; yet, there is just so much more i can come up with, to gripe about. but, at the moment, i just don't feel like doing it. so i won't.

the quintessent moral of My Yarn is, just be nice to The Gays, because you will never be able to get rid of them using a methodology that Your Lord will sanction.

but if you really do want to find out, in Hades, for yourselves the consequences of those actions i am trying to steer ya from taking, then, go ahead..
..just remember, during your Journey, that all "fags" you try to poach won't, so easily, go down: the quiet-seeming Book Nerd might be the one who finna take a few of you gay-bashers Six Feet Under with her.
and i feel pretty confident that a just god would go on ahead and give Her the pass to eternal happiness, in spite of her man↕slaughter, while You who took that poor lass down for something as fucking stupid as ..... whose crotch she elected to bury her face in will, indeed, be given the pass to rot away in the sulphurous depths, forever↕more.


(♫-1) (3-hit unintentional-STUFF OF LEGENDS-rhyming combo: +7,801 Kudos bonus points; +57 Style Points.)

(♫-2) (feel free to, yet again, substitute that slur with "Cracker", if you so desire it ─ it doesn't really matter to me, since i wasn't referring specifically to black men, and almost always don't, when i use "nigger", anyway.)

(♫-3) (or, rather, man's continued misinterpretation and misapplication of It)

(♫-4) (or "less [obviously-]dominant")

(♫-5) (remember what i've said about the effects of Lead Poisoning! amongst all the other various, mind_altering-toxins that [select] children have been administered, over the decades ..... centuries...)

Pride and ... Politics? (e.2; part 1 of 2)

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an over-night change to all this Foolishness just ain't happening: it is rather obvious that shit is gonna be getting worse before it gets better.

it legitimately pains me,──especially as A Pisces,──to have to acquiesce like That, but, our idealism can only be taken so far before we finally have to just knuckle-up and be realistic; i actually am far from Religious(♫-1) yet, i keep finding myself asking for G.O.D..

the god who, of course, will pro'ly show himself just when the BREAKING POINT has been reached by the last person around [who'd qualify for {an After↕Life of Peace}] who had managed to hold on to Sanity.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

actually, i'm writing this little entry up because i want to throw in my acknowledgement that, yeah, this whole issue with [Alternative{, non_Male/Female-based} Sexualities(♫-2)] obviously is nothing but a seemingly very-effective Smoke↕Screen for distracting the average person from tackling the issues that really matter.

Famines; [Plagues]; [Homo]sexuality; Natural Disasters, and, yeah, Wars.

i hate the fact that This has to be included amongst those five, but, yeah, These are the ostensive, ever-present devices put in place to try to curtail the Human Population from burgeoning out of control: i can imagine that there are quite a few Bitches around who'd love to lap up some of my sperm, or/and, get bred by me, for example; and i know there are many more traditionally_heterosexual-seeming Men and Womyn out there, too, who don't want nothin' to do with The Opposite Sex, and never will have Sexual Relations with it, either.

´fuckin' Heterosexual Idiots: do you know just how much more competition you would have to deal with if all these fuckers you seem to insist on bashing were converted into fuckers who suddenly ... felt THE NEED TO BREED?

have you seen how good-looking a sizable-number of us [non_exclusive-Heterosexuals] are??


y'all niggiz wouldn't even see It comin'.

even with those 4-other controls set firmly in place, if every person of normal_physiologic-function were, from The Beginning of Time, genetically-focused solely on Procreating, one of at least two things will have happened by now:

  1. our current population would, somehow, be closer to a minimum of 8-billion;

  2. the destruction of This Planet may have already commenced, due to all the Natural and Artificial Resources having long been consumed.
_\↕/_ _\↕/_

furthermore, one of the few things i would be willing to bet money on, is the fact that, even if You were to somehow-otherwise totally, and completely [segregate out] all people who [just don't have an interest in procreating and pursuing those individuals of the Contrary Sex who choose to, at least almost exclusively, espouse(♫-3) those base-{æsthetic ⌠and behavioral⌡ traits} universally-recognized to be associated with that Sex], and, furtherly, remove all possible "[Gay] Influences", y'all would still eventually find some fruit among you.

and what would you say, then?

no one's told that girl anything about pussy-eating..
..nor has she even ever had any thoughts about undertaking such an activity.
..but, what does she find herself wanting to do, now, after she's watched that heterosexual porn?(♫-4)


how crazy of an idea is That, anyway?
the limiting of further productions of porn to just solo-performances, and disallowing all possible references to Opposite Sex within these, just so future generations won't be able to risk "getting any `Ideas´"?

but, That is what eventually will have to be done ... in a totalitarian-world like That, to preserve such an ... "ideal".

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

for, obviously, deviations from Heterosexuality are, mostly, genetical.

(even within the non-human clans, there are Faggies; tell me: upon whom will you Homo↕Phones blame this phenomenon? Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? {them ⌠animal⌡ niggers don't get that show out in the middle of the Fuckin' Congan Jungle!})

and, it's been said that few, if any, can be completely Heterosexual or Homosexual, anyway.
or, it's been said that few, if any, can be exclusively attracted to, uh.. ..their [Gender] Opposite, anyway.(♫-5)

if you'd like to case-in-point me: if you're a self-identified Heterosexual [Male], just think back to the first reäction you had when i told you the only type of porn you would be truly-entitled to enjoying(♫-6).

as a matter-of-fact, i probably don't even have to go that far: for those of you who have The Porno On Video, think about how many of them involve:

  • man-on-woman;
    • man & man-on-woman (with no sort or form of contact between the two bloakes [{captured} on camera]);

  • woman & woman-on-man;
  • woman-and-woman using toys only;
    • woman-on-woman, toys optional;
  • woman;
    • woman with Toys
    • woman without Toys

easily, i could, with little error, extrapolate the results i'd get from That Poll to the rest of you who would have porn, if not for fear of something that Gays, themselves, are quite familiar with:


(♫-1) ;-).

(♫-2) (or, worded more plainly, Homo- and Bi-sexuality.)

(♫-3) (sosumi for the fuckin'-split-infinitive.)

(♫-4) (This, as being the other reason why, if i were a true-Heterosexual, {and especially one who is against anything that deviates from It}, i'd be interested only in watching solo-female mastubatory action ... i'd even go so far as to disallow her the use of any object that even remotely-resembles an anatomically-correct penis.
This, as being the basis for the next issue I'm going to broach in a bit, after you reverse-link back to the regular text.)

(♫-5) (this is one of the reasons i'm having a bit of difficulty with writing this entry: Gender & Sexuality is far from easy to explain, especially in layman's terms, without my being compelled to spend many words on It.)

(♫-6) (remember, your God doesn't like Hypocrites, so ... you can't be the dude who tries to get around my restriction by saying well, how about two chickies [goin' at It] instead of just the one? but be that same guy who says if i even ever fuckin' think about two dudes Doin' It together i will beat someone's fuckin' ass!: dykin' It and fudgepackin' It are no worse than the other ... you selfish muther↕fuckin' slimy-rain↕coat_wearin' bitch.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Economics, and You.

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ya know ... based on the way Things are shaping themselves, right now, i really should be feeling fuckin' Legitimately Scared.

as in, SHAKING IN MY FUCKING BOOTS, and, unable to even type anything.

because, yeah, there is A Problem; there is a Problem, and, not too much longer from Now, there ostensibly will be an even bigger Problem, from that preceding one's Logical Extension, to contend with.


i will continue trying not to make it seem to you guys that i possess even a remote-idea of the WORKINGS OF ECONOMICS...
...on the other hand, i suppose you guys need only take a quick gander at What Goes On Around You, as you read these words, to understand that, perhaps, these so-called "experts" haven't been exhibiting an especially-keen sensibility for managing That, either.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i really don't even know what to say, about It.

´dumb-assèd Bush, acting as quite the perfect Agent of Leviathan, after all: sinking Us──what was it?──one-trillion dollars down The Hole, for a cause that at least half of The Country, upon whose name It is being fought, doesn't even want anything to do with in the first place...

...i would not be shocked if another Great Depression soon rears its head once more.


greed; envy; gluttony; lust; sloth...


..and, to some extent,


i can see, hence, how Those Sins will be the down↕falling of many who, otherwise, fancied They were actually above Spiritual Law.

it's all coming together, now... ...this "correction"; unfortunately, untold numbers of lives will be lost, in the ensuing chaos that shall come from its unfolding ─ oh, it'll start off on a relatively-small enough scale, though...
...but all this Latent Anger that, presumably, shall be the vehicle for this Correction will, indeed, eventually build up to a quite-visible CRESCENDO.

and this Money──[the pursuit of] which thing I had been insisting was the root of Most Worldly Evils──will begin to not mean much of a damn, anymore, with at least 71.23% of the Materialistic Bull↕Shit here all [destroyed], thereby rendered UNSALEABLE, and what↕not.

(the battle of Macs vs. PCs, suffice-it-to-say, wouldn't be relevant for quite a long time, thereäfter.)


now, how will this Apocalypse really play out?

i have to wonder about that.

i can be fairly certain that the NOT UNITED STATES will have a central role in its execution, though; i also get the feeling that ... the individuals who falsely-present themselves as being representatives of the Islamic Faith shall be pivotal, too.



but there really isn't much I can do about it.

seemingly. many times, though, can the more-sensible amongst Us keep warning you muther↕fuckers about the prat↕falls of Your Ways?

one of my main Pet Peeves is being compelled to undertake repetitive, unnecessary, unprofitable, actions(♫).

(♫) (that Money Cloak can only shield y'all for so long, you know; to top That off, i predict that there will probably be an actual reëmergence of Robin Hood.)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

i finally ``got 'some'´´!

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(it went down late tuesday night.


and he was such a fan of my Cock being in his ass, and the technique i utilized thereöf, thence, it didn't take him an especial-long time to, uhh.. ..CLIMAX from it.

he apparently liked said Cock so much that, just before i left, he even felt compelled to try to get us to Rub One More Out: with my tongue back on his nipples, his hand on my Meat, he jacked his uncut-pinga and got off in ..... about 4-minutes?(♫)

thereby c[o]ming on His Carpet, for the second time.



i don't know what to make of It, though ─ this fucker, more-or-less, lives "right down the street" from me; or ..... i don't know what to make of It, though ─ this fucker lives quite within The Walking Distance of me.

and,─speaking for myself anyway,─i'd definitely be interested in another Go Around with him ... only, i don't know if I can, again, under his current set of Circumstances.

(i really am surprised i even agreed to go through with It, this first time, in considering them; i reck'n i pro'ly went and did The Horizontal [Love↕Seat] Dance wit` ´im only because i assessed Papí as being relatively-Low Risk.)

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

..and to top It off, he's the type of PERSON OF COLOUR i dig:


(´americanized, and not stupid.
´reck'n ah might could even say r'sponsible, too.)

´which is something else that'll contribute to my further disillusionment: let us just say that i won't foreseeably be able to snuggle up with this one.

´which woulda been nice especially on That Night, since i was all fuckin' todo tirado, m'self: ´not really having gotten all the sleep i was entitled to, what-so-ever, earlier in the day.. ..because i needed to accomplish some Grocery Shopping, and knew that if i didn't do it some time after i came back in from work that day, i pro'ly would not have been able to snag another viable opportunity (that wouldn't put me from out of my Comfort Zone) for quite a while.

oh well.

i'll take anything reasonable that i can get: and this dude was cute, with an adequate amount of Body Hair to balance out the admitted-surplus Adipose Tissue on his torso.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

so, a tiny portion of My Thirst has been slaked: if i didn't have to feel like i had to be ON MY GUARD, emotionally; and if i had been able to procure the proper amount of BED REST prior-the-meet, then, there woulda been an additional 0.57% of That taken away, for me ... and, in the process, pro'ly woulda also wound-up upsetting this fucker's world, if not at least Just A Little.

(♫) (i, personally, elected not to bust any additonal Nutts: i really wanted to get back in The House before it had gotten too much later, and .. if i were going to be doing something like That again, it woulda had to've been in a more proper manner ─ one which certainly would not have had me with all of my Clothes plus my Winter Gear still on.)

Monday, December 17, 2007

´seems like it's covered already.

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if reading This Article is to be of any indication.

so ... the problem might just be enforcement: ´having an additional-third of your shit taken for taxes, over the 350,000-dollar_mark, seems more than fair enough, to me.

all you have to do is continue not to live above your means.

That should be simple enough.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

don't worry.

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i got lots to say.

i feel like i just gotta fire on someone's ass.

because i'm not getting any ass..
..and people have been acting like jack↕asses.



it's just, at the moment, i don't fuckin' feel like committing to anything — i guess my last few entries took a lot more from out of me than i had originally given Them credit for.
additionally.. ..well. . . . .your DEAR FRIEND, AND HUMBLE N'RATOR, has not gotten "any" since septemer.

(´since fuckin' september.

and that "some" from September came from a dude who refused to believe me when i told him he did an inadequate job of washing his ass.


so, my Faith is beginning to get shaken to its core — i try to be an individual who doesn't all-across-the-board discriminate against any particular: ethnicity, age, weight ── i be discriminating on case-by-case bases, solely on Looks ─── but apparently that isn't good enough for these fuckin' fags.

(♫) (6-part, singulaire/vulgaire-word combo: +2,117 Kudos bonus points; +33 Style Points)


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well, there is some justice left up in this world:

even though ... the ravens actually fuckin' lost to the dolphins (thereby breaking its 12-game losing streak), and, on the 4th of this month, it was discovered that Chad "Pimp C" Butler had died...

...James, (the token black dude from this season's Survivor), did get to win the $100,000 "Popularity Contest" after show-thing; i guess that's like ... $76,000 after taxes, huh?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Taxes, and you:

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while i continue to let my Creative Juices recharge, i would like fer y'all t` take a gander at the following;

of course, this has to do with some of the States of Affairs, regarding OUR TAXES.

(i would like to just copy'n'paste This Article directly, so as to insure I won't have you guys linking to some empty content, later, but..
..i'm not trying to Push My Luck; this article is copy_writ-material from the Associated Press, after all...
...and, frankly, it seems like it would take a long time just to get its approval for my reprinting shit for the edification of Cock↕Suckers, Carpet↕Munchers, the Indeterminates, Sympathizers, et al, from them.., my having you Click-a-Link will be the method-of-delivery of This Information to you-all.)

obviously, i am always for reasonably-increasing taxes for those who can afford to pay more (as always, That would go for both friend & foe alike); i am never for people flagrantly trying to [duck out and put more of the burden on He who is already burdened enough].

so.. ..congress: you fuckers are gonna hafta figure out some shit as soon as you can..
..i do not want to be compelled to get my refund Late.

you hear me??

a Removal.

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i don't know what i am going to do with Blog↕Spot.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

basically i just lost "Tomo Yo (my comrade)" from this blog because, 1.), the original video,—which was the reason i made THAT POST in the first place,—was taken down by its author; 2.), when i tried to upload another copy of The Video [one which i happened to procure, through "certain means"] to that post, about 20-minutes ago, well..
..a couple of [other] Undesired Events occured — ones that, in the end, would lead to my being shorted one entry.

and, ye, These Events i speak of ostensibly were spawned by some faulty-coding in blog↕spot.


of course they were.

and. . .even if i could, in fact, overcome One Hurdle, anyway..
..i would, still, have a problem with that other hurdle — my getting the actual Feed to display: at least, in my browser, the only thing i got out of it was An X, where the video would be.

This is bad.

so, until i can find a way to get That back to you guys, i suppose i will have to leave yinz with AN ALTERNATIVE:

(in the interim, i will do some sleuthing, for Answers.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i find it strange.

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i do.

i find it strange, the fact that it is possible I have an actual heart lying somewhere within me.

i am supposed to be a heartless bastard, but..

..obviously, even I have my weakness; it is THIS:

what made me mad was the. . . . .´was the fact that.. ..´was the fact that a woman who looked so innocent.. matronly... warm:

´was the fact that a woman who sang such a beautiful-fuckin'-song had her god-damnèd life stripped away from her, like That.

no human being, who can know all of This, but still not shed at least [2] tears to think about It, when watching That Song performed, deserves to live.

i will probably not want anything to do with you, irregarding whatever other qualities you might have, unless they extraordinarily-compensate for your apparent lack of compassion.

i never fuckin' cry, but, even such a monster as I had to let some water drop.

once i finally saw Ms. Riperton perform this song.

i actually don't think i want to make myself that vulnerable, so suddenly, again.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Farce! More Farce!

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´speaking of Influential Things...

...have a gander at THIS:

in case you didn't know this about Old Rexxie:



and this son-of-a-bitch was chocked-full of ´um.

ooooooooh-daaang she called you a 'ho'!!


my favourite:


´such good, innocent times.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pride.. ..and. . . . .Politics? (e.1)

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not really.

actually, i had wanted to share Two Things with you:

  1. some Russian Names that i think are nice;

  2. a picture of a Mystery Feller, from nelly furtado's PROMISCUOUS GIRL-video.
(now, i acknowledge that with the current-level of readership of my ´blog, it will likely be quite a while before This Mystery becomes ... not a mystery for me, anymore — if That can ever be resolved at all.

but, i can still try, anyway.


´actually looks like a dude who went to the elementary school that i had attended...

i ... i had tried to conduct a search for the identity of The Dude, m'self..
..but, you know how that goes: plus, i'm just not willing to go to Stalker Lengths for getting the name of a dude whom i'll pro'ly-never-even-fuck-'n'-see anyway.

(although my luck in finding Quality Cocks to suck has, basically, been as abyssmal as the chances are of George Dubya Bush's finding LUXEMBOURG on a map [in less than 20-seconds], i am sure Things Will Pick Up, soon.)

swingin' it ***My Way.***

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do any of you fuckers remember this j'int, right´chyea':


That was da shit, n'on?

and, yeah, this was the first time i had been introduced to the concept/existence of GHETTO WHITE GIRLS(♫).

also, i really don't remember hearing anything about "chrump" before this shit came out; any of you may feel free to correct me, if i am in fact wrong about it, but... ...i'm getting the feeling this shit, right here, was the one that had lain the foundation for the mainstream-concept of



if you were to ask me: Shorty Swing My Way was a rather-pivotal song, indeed.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_


i was such a mess in middle school.. ..i would go around singing that song, ´trying to be Funny, and what↕not.

and it worked, too.

´such Macabre Pursuits of mine...

(♫) (although, to be fair, i don't believe i could classify Envyi, herself, as being such; rather, she would be more Urban than Ghetto.)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

ah.. ..what a fool I am...

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...´for, obviously, ONE CONCEIT cannot exist without THE OTHER:

i coulda made Normalcy even longer.. ..only, uh, i was already 8-hours past due taking my [lovely little-]ass off to bed, by the time i finally finished that post; also, i guess, i couldn't think of any appropriate place to stick THE FOLLOWING at, anyway:

i was talking about my [----], yesterday...
...well, the thing that goes with [----],
obviously, is My Sexual Disposition!

although This, neither, is really any of your damnèd business, for knowing: yet again i am finding m'self in a GIVING MOOD.


i believe i'm a vanilla-typah dude, really.

i believe that, now, and into the foreseeable future, Vanilla-type Sexual Activities will always be enough to get me off: and that i shouldn't ever need anything extra-ordinary to excite me.


i will own up to having some interest in participating in three-way action, and some interest in being A Voyeur ─ ideally, the entit[ies] upon whom i spy be already cognizant of my "intrusion"...
...although, obviously, on the other hand, if some BIG BEEFY DUDE seems to like walking through his [crib] au naturel, without the Appropriate Shielding being placed ´pon his windows to obscure Outsiders' Sight(♫) of this, thither, and, while flourishing in my own Pad, i happen to be one of those Outsiders who eventually gets to bear witness to This Event, then..
..yeah, i'ma be one of them fuckers fwappin' away... ....´enjoyin' m'self.


to go with this [mundanity] of mines, must needs be the manner in which i prefer to conduct my affairs, while getting m`freak on.

basically, my default is to be laid-back wit' It.
i like having fun ... i don't feel the need to put pressure on me or the other person.

however,─with me being That Pisces, and all.....,─i do have the ability to tailor my disposition upon my partner's; the specific chemistry that is being formulated between us, at the moment, will also influence how i carry my shit.

i can laugh at myself, if i make a mistake ... it ain't be no big thing, as long as i didn't draw blood from the muther↕fucker or nothin' like that.


(and, no, i only rarely make Individuals bleed.)(♫)

one thing i really like is fore↕play; actually, if i can help it, i won't mess around, COLD TURKILY, at all: that shit can be jarring, when you wake up with a dick in your mouth, and you weren't expectin' It.

(the catch is ... fore↕play isn't relegated to just physiologic-preparation; actually, fore↕play almost always begins in The Mind.

one don't even gotta receive direct-stimulation to the genitals, to already have Raging Hard-On, indeed:

rock-hard Cock;
rock-hard CLIT


_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i'm a vanilla-guy (as far as i know) who really just wants to have fun, and can be quite playful, but, I can adapt my demeanour to that of my partner's, and of the current situation's — also, this adaptability of mines does apparently have some very finite-limits; in order to really get my gears crankin', fore↕play is the way to go — this fore↕play i speak of almost always starts off in my mind. . . . .this psychological-fore↕play seems like it's required in order for me to be able to Enjoy Some Shit, the way God intended [for {me}] to, more than anything.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

That seems to be the gist of it.

(♫) (that was some sort of Alliteration & Rhyme-combo, although i don't know how to classify It, or, how many bonus points i am to give m'self for it.

:: shrug ::)
(♫) (.)

Saturday, November 24, 2007


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i hope THESE WORDS won't come back to haunt me, later(♫-1), but..


i would like to think that, overall, i am a fellow with relatively-normal Sexual Tastes(♫-2):

  • ´suckin' Cock;

  • ´gettin' m` Cock sucked, when appropriate;


  • ´eatin' out PROPERLY WASHED-ASS;

  • ´kissin';

  • ´spankin' Ass, just a little, if the person i am with assumes the "subordinate"-role, between the two of us, if he doesn't otherwise want to act as my EQUAL;

  • ´cuddlin'/spoonin'(♫-3)


verily: that, in essence, rounds out my Repertoire.


now, obviously, i can throw in justa-coupla "extra things," if the person i'm "with"(♫-4) consents...
...i wouldn't mind it if a dude:

  • ´takes out 2 [pairs of {hand↕cuffs}] [that] he's, personally, [acquired];

  • [´places one of their respective {Keys} somewhere accessible];

  • ´has me [bind] both of his wrists to [something];

  • and then lets me fuck his ass (facing either t'wards or away from me) that way

, for example.

. . . . .


and i can't, actually, think of any-other-thing which be especially SPECIAL to tell you, regarding my Intimacy Jutsus.(♫-5) least, ´not anything that i feel i need to go At Length about, anyways.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_


i will bitch about this, now, because i had been wanting to do so, for a while.

basically: this will be another one of those posts where, of course, i will be quite capable of going off on A Tangent..
..and shall do so, indeed.

you see: i've almost never met-up with a dude for a Sexual Encounter from any-other-place besides THE INTERNET; it's easier for me to screen Niggers, that way ─ and if a Cracker, or whomever, wants to get uppity with me, or whatever, thence, i can usually-merely just :: click on Dat X ::, or submit


, (if the fucker forces me to escalate It to that level), to solve Problems.

if the person i'm peepin' has already made it transparent, in his [Personals' AD], WHAT HE'S INTO. . . . .i can otherwise just bypass the sum↕bitch if i see he likes undertaking some Gnarly Things: i won't even have to ask the fucker anything.

which is good.



at my second-to-last job, i would eventually lay m` eyes upon A Dude.

what kinda Dude?

´the kinda DUDE who'd go on to be my ... 2nd-ever crush.

that's whom.

what can i say about the fucker, but, he just was a Handsome Guy?

which is cool and all, but..
..i still didn't, ´still don't know JACK SQUAT about his affinities.

you may, once more, with Assurance, be able to place yourselves AT REST via the knowledge that if i were able to have gotten to the point where i could discover that This Fucker, after all, was into shoving rusted-needles through his partners' Genitalia, and, otherwise, can only ACHIEVE ORGASM through:

  • forcibly-defecating into someone's mouth;

  • compelling said [presumably-unwilling] person to ingest these fæces and then have the w'indiwidual eventually regurgitate That into his mouth;

  • eating this Vomitus(♫-6), thus

, then, well... ...that nigger would, eventually, have become a DEAD NIGGER.(♫-7),(♫-8)


actually, i would ensure he'd've not even gotten past The Needling Phase, with Me.

for That Matter.


i am bitching about this now, because i had been wanting to do so, for a while, anyway.


you see: to date, i almost never meet-up with dudes for Sexual Encounters from any-other-place besides THE INTERNET; it is easier for me to screen out Unscrupulous Niggers, through that medium ─ when Insipid Crackers, or whomever, want to get pissy with me, or whatever, thence, i will, merely :: click on Dat X ::, or submit


in order so i may restore some sort of Peace for m'self, once again.

i am sort of reluctant to try to proposition niggas en personum because, well..
..i really am a Puss, primarily; secondarily. . . . .i just am not in the mood for finding out, Face-to-Face, the fact that, yeah, this fucker whose crotch i said i had been wanting to bury my face in, so much, is in fact a cracker that..'ly, feels he would much-betterly benefit from the oral-services of his Golden Retriever than from ME.



now, how in the Blue Holy Hell am i supposed to deal with that, huh?

´be as awkward as shit for me, that's for sure.


the fact that you, presumably, did severely-misjudge a person's character:

´that while your mind is on executing something as low-impact as licking Whipped Cream from off [of] one another's nipples..
..this fucker you've had your eye on would rather yenz,─l.o.l.,─lick Whipped Shit(♫-9) from off´n' each other's nipples.


...´[having the real{ly-}high potential to come across] crap like That really makes me afraid to try to be a Social Butterfly, in person.

as beautiful as those Hazel Eyes are... ...if he can't get It up without thinking about HIS MOM, for 7-minutes(♫-10), first...
...then that fucker needs to be burned at The Stake.


(♫-1) (yeah↕yeah; i know, i know: i guess you'd say, it's a bit too late for that, bro, eh?)

(♫-2) (at least, for a Homosexual, anyways.)

(♫-3) (THIS ACTIVITY would probably be bestly-executed once we're both fuckin' tired ... after i've gotten through showing an individual the surprising amount of prowess that a 5-foot-7 Fucker, such as m'self, has.)

(♫-4) (your quintessent-Cute Euphemism for that nigga whom i'm gonna be bonin', in a lil' bit)

(♫-5) (i might elabourate on THESE, at a later point-in-time ... ´pending on What Happens.


(♫-6) (4-part SAT-word_utilization link-combo: +3,444 points; +17 INT)

(♫-7) (one for whom there can be no storage.)

(♫-8) (actually, the fucker looks more like [----] than [----], if you must know.)

(♫-9) (3-hit Stiff-Upper Lip-Rhyme_combo: +3,782 pts.)

(♫-10) (obviously, it will never be okay for a nigra(♫-10a) to think about [any of] his Family Members in a sexual manner whatsommever.)

(♫-11) (i think you might have just bore witness to the reason i was hesistant to write this LITTLE NUMBER up.


(♫-10a) (or crackra, if you must [enforce EQUALITY].)


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oh dear god, why??

indeed: only in Japan.


Monday, November 19, 2007

much ado about nothing.

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i do have plenty of things that i wanna gripe about, here..

..but, umm... the moment, i just don't feel like Bitching.

i guess i must be at a Wait'n'See-sort of mind↕frame.

or, i must just be feeling LAZY; one way or another, i don't know when i will next be posting An Entry.


maybe i can continue to fix up the old ones, as i said i would -- there are some loose-ends i need to tie up, after all.

so, REX OUT.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

yeah yeah.

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i know.

i know.


but, you wouldn't have it be any other way. n'on?


jason statham/english hunky bloake

jason statham/english hunky bloake

jason statham/english hunky bloake


i don't really have anything else to say about This Gentleman, at the moment..
..i just thought he, too, was PURTY.

to date, i've only watched Jason in Transporter 2.

i did enjoy that film..
..´thought it was pretty slick.

i suppose i could say i like mr. statham's [Work] Ethic, if nothing else.

and another one...

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...on this day, i will be exhibiting some pictures of the inimitable-Mathew St. Patrik.

(i've been feeling bad because i had been afraid it might appear to you-all that i don't find any black men Sexy; i want for you be At Rest, with assurance, that this indeed is the farthest thing from the truth, regarding your Dear Friend, and Humble N'rator.


the best part about this particular exhibition is, this brotha i'm gonna be showin' ya is just that:


there ain't really nothin' White-, or even Mixed-, looking about this dude, whatsomnever.

so, none of you can proclaim well while you talk a good game, mane, about how you ain't limitin' yourself to just whites, [Interracial {Nikkiz}](♫-1), and [hispanics](♫-2), this dude you're showin' us is basically just a glorified White Boi WITH TAN.)

anyway: as with Eric Dane, i haven't ever looked at the show in which Mathew starred(♫-3), either.

uh.. ..i haven't had Cable in my room for years.



and i still don't.

but, honestly, even if i did.. ..i pro'ly might notta watched, anyway.
unless, y'know, Mr. St. Patrik regularly did nude scenes.(♫-4)


anyway, here is yet another presentation of SELECT IMAGES of a guy who hath catch my eye:

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, indeed.

if i were a Bottom, i would definitely let him fuck me up my arse.


he might could ´suade me to do it now.

i mean.
you know.
if he were an actual [MSM](♫-5).

(♫-1) (Six Feet Under.)
(♫-2) (or, properly, Black/White-mixed)
(♫-3) (i, personally, prefer to use the term Latino ... even though i know that is limited in scope, too.)
(♫-4) (i don't know if he had ever, or no.)
(♫-5) (this term stands for Man-Seeking-Man.. ..although the more official way to say it is "Man who seeks {or would not reject, D'pending On The Circumstances} SEXUAL RELATIONS with other Men."


as i typed that, i remembered.. ..that Gender really is fluid.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

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Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

i just wanted to get These up to you, when i could.

i won't mention the trouble that i had to go through in finding/snagging These..
..but you, yourselves, can search for them directly hence at if you're interested in knowing the source through which i got these.

at any rate, i saw this fucker JUST BY CHANCE on CBS's Shark, In Absentia-episode, a week ago; i don't otherwise look at Shark, but, i reck'n there must notta been nothin' else better on for me to look at, which is why i caught it.

the most curious thing about Philip, for me,──besides the fact he seems to keep on taking roles where the characters he portrays also have English-first names & Spanish-last names,──is that, sometimes, he looks like Kurt Angle.
as illustrated by the first picture i've exhibited.

kurt angle is a sexy fucker too.


so many crotches i need to bury my face in...

´just a little somethin' i read...

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on Wednesday, the 3rd of October, of this year, an edition of City Paper was released; in City Paper's "The Mail," the following letter was published:

Bum Rush

Come on, Madam President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Why bother wasting the taxpayers' and the council's time, debating "why" men wear their pants hanging down revealing their butts in Baltimore City (Councilmania, News, Sept. 26)? Seriously, aren't there really more pressing issues concerning Baltimore? Like maybe poverty, guns, deaths, filth, abandoned homes, HIV/AIDS . . . HIGH TAXES!

I, for one, couldn't care less that these young men want to wear pants exposing their macho booties. It's all good to me, especially since gay black nightlife in Baltimore is all but nonexistent, and most Baltimoreans are not connected on the internet, leaving me little local fare to ogle. (To hell with The Wire, whatever happened to Baltimore's Wi-Fi initiative?) Since moving here from the D.C. area, one of my favorite pastimes is now sitting on my stoop watching all those thugged-out booties walking by. Ummmm ummmm! And you have to appreciate that if the booty is out, there is definitely no gun in the waistband of those flimsy briefs. So it tends to be a safe hobby, and way more appealing than watching "real birds"!

I think that most young men don't know that this fashion started from prison culture (regrettably, as do many fashions in African-American hip-hop culture). In prison, an exposed butt signals other inmates that the owner of said exposed butt cheeks was open for business--a prostitute. For a pack of cigs, a few dollars, some drugs, whatever, the exposed booty would do a trade. (Fair exchange ain't no crime, right?) It also signaled that the person exposing those luscious buttocks was taking it just there. I guess I can help Ms. Rawlings-Blake with her question about what those men are seeking--its formal name starts with the letter "P" (and its common nickname starts with "D")! Ponder that!

I think that if more of our youth actually knew where this fashion started, they would not only stop it, but they may stop being so hard on gay dudes. It is clearly evident, from the masses of exposed buttocks in the streets to the most high-fashion runways in Milan, that gay men have a powerful influence on fashion everywhere, even in thug gear.

Wallace Farmer

the contents, thereïn, probably speak enough for themselves.


Thursday, November 8, 2007


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so, those Points are the highest they have ever reached ─ i r'member back when DOW/Jones was below 10,000 pts.

they're as high as they've ever been..
..but, as lewis black sagely commented: "[you know that someone is getting rich], but it ain't-fuckin'-you."

i hope that the per-barrel Price of Oil keeps getting higher'n'higher; ´because when that condition gets met, then, presumably, even fewer people will be so liberal with their Dollars.
and when that happens, then, The Retail Industry will begin to lose more money.

It can increase all Its prices in response to OPEC's Activities all It wants to; if That happens, i do, unbelievably, think that The Average Human Being will have actual sense enough to know that he should just simply SAY FUCK IT: when The Working Stiff just can't afford them prices they're askin' for,──even for the minimum of types of goods,──anymore ... when what once was finally relegated to being Standard Fare (for modern times) will indeed be once again considered Items of Luxury, well, Retailers can either cave in, and restart charging Customers more reasonably, or ... They can hold steady, and, consequently, allow BEDLAM to ensue.

even at my mere 25-years of life, here, i already possess enough statistical knowledge to enable me to see that No Good Can Come from This Situation.

this is why i really, really despise Capitalism.
friend-and-foe alike,──i'm not givin' a fuck about It, right now,──one of the other ways i am betting we can begin to stem some of these other Finance Problems we have (especially the Haves and Have↕Nots one) is if a Personal Income Cap gets established: no one person, who is of Sound Body and relatively-Functional Mind, needs to have more than $500,000, annually, or a life↕time total of more than, say $2,200,000.(♫)
any money he earns in excess of That will need to go directly to the appropriate governing bodies, so They may apply the funds to Improving The Land & Human Condition, of his immediate jurisdiction, and the Overall Presiding Body (basically, taxes that go to his [city], the [state], and The Federality).

what that means for me is, if/when The Words that I Write ever gets me the moolah that i believe i want, then i will indeed be compelled to immediately direct all That which goes over $500,000/$2,200,000 to all sorts of Charities, and Disease-fighting Campaigns.



what the fuck am i going to do with A Mansion? i ain't gotta prove my motha↕fuckin' Worth-n-Value to you muther↕fuckers through Material Goods.

´to a degree.

as far as i can tell, all i need is just a reasonable-sized house to accommodate My Peeps, a coupla "Toys" here'n'there to keep [us] entertained, some decent food, and a simple [{fuel-efficient/environmentally-friendly} truck] that mutha↕fuckin' runs when i tell it to..
..and This should be enough for me to feel that i've met the condition of establishing relative-Personal/D'mestic Security.

but.. ..will i still be able to do That, a few years from now, if the mother↕fucking System has already long ago c'lapsed?
because, in considering The Track We, globally, Are On...
...i'm not entirely sure i'll be able to even establish that Minimum of Comfort for m'self.

(♫) (by extension, no one person really has the right to create more than 3 children; i will leave it at That, for now, although obviously there has to be more to it than just That.)

hell yeah.

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alright, so, yet another part of My World was shattered, just a coupla days ago, when i bore witness to erik hunter's latest Incarnation.


well, if i can't have him, then, i can always have eric dane.



no, actually.

this fucker, of course, is MARRIED.

well, at any rate.. ..i can still post Pictures that i've found, of Him, lain around The Internet; i need only tell you where i got these particular files from(♫) and That should probably be enough to cover my ass.


roman-hair eric dane/sexy hair/with beard + mustache

eric dane/no beard

eric dane/in chair/with mustache

eric dane showing some flesh/with beard + mustache

comfortable eric dane at home (?)/with beard+mustache

it's kinda hard to believe th` sum↕bitch is but, what?

34 (35, t'morrow)?

but, i guess he is.

he's pullin' off that Gray Hair, though.
i´tn't he?


i pro'ly won't be anymore specific about My Likes, regarding this particular Grey's Anatomy-cast member, at the moment, though...
...´not especially since i need to Eat Something ─ my Tummy rumbles.


my mom made some Meat↕Loaf yesterday.., i think i will use That, to complement some beans, rice, and Greens, that i have.

it will be A Process to cook, but ... This is the sort of thing i had been waiting for.

(♫) (hence, thirdly, and hither, restly.)

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