Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gee Willikers

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i feel kinda bad, talking only about all this negative stuff.

(ironic, yes?)

for, surely, Life is not all Piss'n'Vemmiker.



even if it was kinda a "cheat": there is still much commendation to bestow upon that german shepherd who knew enough to call for the Paramedics when his [????], Joseph Stalnaker, experienced another of his paralytic seizures.

(now, Buddy is the kind of dog i believe i would want to have by my side:


Ride or Die


_\↕/_ _\↕/_

and, on another side of the spectrum: more than a few previously-smug {white} folks found themselves jobless when The Lehman Brothers' Conglomorate had, more or less, folded, yesterday.


so maybe they, too, now, can experience what it's like having to choose between paying for medicine or for Food, for the month.

having to wait out Profound Tooth↕Aches because you don't know what someone might charge you to extract those mother↕fuckers.

(am i bitter and vindictive?

you're god-damnéd straight i am.

and, in considering the circumstances: i know i am more than justified in reserving the right to feel so — indubitably.)

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