Wednesday, January 30, 2008

what's the point?

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what is it?

this is the era where Good is not meant to prevail over Evil.


although i don't have to accept It, it certainly behooves me to acknowledge It.

but i don't want to sink to those very depths that i see My Fellow Man regularly submerse himself in: no matter how tempting.. matter how often it appears that He is able to wallow around, Down There, without incurring any [earthly-]consequence unto himself.....
.....i want to continue trying to live life on the Positive-side of the spectrum, up until the day that someone forcibly ends my life.


(granted, I don't want anyone to muder me──i'd rather it be at my own hands that i die──but, given what goes on, in This Day & Age, it would be in my best interest not to delude m'self: i will also continue trying to exercise Due Vigilance, and employing as much common sense as i have been imbued with, in order to stay alive..
..but there's only so much i can do, on my own.

on top of all the other factors that might shorten my time Here, i'm just not a popular guy: not especially since i have Unpopular Opinions i like to express .)

i'm tired of having to hide...
...if I'm going down, i will do my best to take at least 5 or 6.. ..-thousand other cock↕suckers with me.


so, you mean to tell me...

0 Commentaries/Bashings mean to tell me, that although i am expected to continue paying taxes,──for fear of Severe Penalty if i opt not to,──i won't be able to enjoy the same privileges that my heterosexual brethren & sistern get to have with those monies?



we should see what kinda additional-Economic Impact every cock-suckin' & carpet-munchin' person can make by not spending another dime in the country that continues to allow us to be bashed for something as inconsequential as our choice of Sex Partners.

i feel so used..
..i actually have to make a contribution to the [exorbitant] salaries of the very Congressional/Judiciary Members who deign not even consider lifting a finger to shape legislation that can make my and my kins' lives a bit more peaceful, and safe? to the coppers who might actually help some homophones beat my head in?


todos puros, don't be a fuckin' hypocrite: if you don't like The Gays so much, then don't take our fuckin' money.



i don't want to fund Terrorists anyway.

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