Sunday, October 28, 2007

before i forget...

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i believe the proper chr'nology is:

Al Roker;
Tracy Morgan;
Brad Garrett;
Ross Mathews


when composing Skinny Bitches, i guess i had a sort of Eurocentric-type of Mindset going.

which is unfortunate, because, actually, it was [me seeing] Tracy Morgan [on the Conan o'Brien show] who that had sparked the Impetus within me to write about the Comfortably Plump converting turning themselves into the UNFORTUNATELY BONY in the first place.


i know that there are other Kats, just in general, who've also undergone such a conversion, but.. the moment, i can't think of them.

but, while i am talking about Famous Fuckers:

a.) no, bobby brown.. self-respecting Homosexual would be interested in ... attempting Prison Moves on you.

so, you need not worry about That happening.

and when you'd shown us that even-nastier Little Side of yours to Us, on national TeeVee, anyways...

...well, i, myself, had lost even more fuckin' r'spect fer ya, brah.

b.) y'know?

there was an episode of According to Jim that had our Jim Belushi SPORT A MUSTACHE.



...jim looked so macho, didn't he, with That Fucker?

with that ´70s Porne Starre Mustachhio?

fancy A BUM?

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...and this muther↕fucker..

..really, how could one expect for me to be able to keep my fuckin' Britches on?


en effet.


i wound up being sooooooooooooo.. ..fuckin' horny, after having watched all i could, of Frank, and ... The Big Gay Following. . . . .

. . . . .i think i actually wound up beating off twice That Day.

(to get me to masturbate twice in even three days' time is highly unusual..., THENCE, those two dudes must have had An Effect on me.)

if my Chronology still properly maintains its integrity..

..The Big Gay Following(♫-1) came after Workout from The Pen (EXERCISE WITH CONVICTION!).(♫-2)

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

anyway: the reason i chose to show you guys this particular clip is, is because of The Event that happened thither at position 2:07; and the 2nd Event which had occured, as a consequence, at position 2:08.


i .. believe that this 1st event was what sent me over The Edge(♫-3), although, based on this 2nd Event, even in Merry Old England, i suppose Some Things, for the natives, are still considered IRREGULAR.


eric page is a rather cheeky lad, râight?

indeed He is.

and, yeah, one of those dude whose bum i would Fancy, verily.


i suppose he just hasn't found a peaceful-looking black guy to molest...

...i know niggers live in England, after all. would need only leave it up to me to swoop in there, when one of those White Boys rejects you, Mr. Page..

..and thus take you into An Alley and give ya The Shagging you seem to want, so badly.

i need only make sure you are already All Cleaned Out, inside, before i commence The Fucking...

...´less i turn a bit violent and kick ya in the Bollocks m'self.

i shall need to pay A Little Visit to great britain, some time..

..i need to pillage some Red↕Heads, y'know?

(♫-1) (a subsidiary, indeed, of BALLS OF STEEL.)
(♫-2) (that is to say, i happened upon The Former after The Latter.)
(♫-3) (and reaching for The Lotion and DREAMCATCHER.)

workin' out from The Pen.

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there are so many things [even within] just the first 30-seconds [starting from The Title Sequence] of this clip(♫-1) which i could Lay Comment on...

...but, i won't.

i cannot.

Workout from The Pen: EXERCISE WITH CONVICTION! is a series that is hosted by; once i determined that This Series wasn't being filmed with ACTUAL CONVICTS from an ACTUAL FACILITY, i would then spend the longest time trying to figure out whom the fuck "Jesus" was.(♫-2)

i'm sure you can imagine why i would make such an attempt.


ironically, this fucker has already been in The Game for quite some years..
..albeit, basically, mostly in Bit Roles.


using my rudimentary-level ability in Statistics & Analyses, i was able to determine that this actor seemingly has his own affinity: an affinity for Playing Prisoner.

which is cool ─ that nigga, et al., is stupid as shit, in Workout from The Pen.
him, and Ramón.

ah, pinche Ramón...

...seriously ─ he is the type of muther↕fucker upon whom you have to keep An Eye, regarding shit He might be doing "in the background," whilst Jesús talks to you about developing your Triceratops, and Chesticulars.(♫-3)


frank alvarez..
..this is the fucker who portrays Jesús.

this is the fucker who ... whose crotch i wanna bury my face in ─ verdaderamente, quiero chupar su verga, malamente...
...i am kinda shocked that i am just discovering Him, but ..... maybe with time, Ese will gain even more exposure: he's actually appeared on an episode of how i met your mother(♫-4) just a few weeks ago (if my chronology is correct).

but, yeah.
you have no idea ─ to me, this cholo is like a heart↕throb(♫-5) ── and a fucked-up heart↕throb, to boot.. ..given the sheer number of Quotables one has the potential to derive from him, from any of the 5-short, available clips They currently have up.

this is why i cannot wait for Them to come out with more episodes...
...i need to see some more of Lil' Midget and Tyreese.
i need to see more of those cute-ass Mugs that frank will be prone to making at The Cam'ra, from out of nowhere.


b'tween This, and...

(♫-1) (at the moment, there are 4 others like It)
(♫-2) (and by "the longest time" i mean about an hour ─ this, after i stumbled across WORKOUT FROM THE PEN, "accidentally", on the 24th of this month.)
(♫-3) (however ... i get this feeling that the dude who portrays Ramón is actually straight.

where do i get this from?

well, i get it from listening to him talk, and watching his Face, in A Particular Bit that he was in; when i do this OBSERVING, i glean "str8-boi who's just Fuckin' Around" consequently.

and from whence, exactly, do you get This?, you ask?

well, you'll just have to root around and see, for yourselves ─ maybe get back to me, with your results.)
(♫-4) (which is another CBS-fave of mine ─ that which i would rather watch, than pro-wrestling, these days.)
(♫-5) (one of many, of course..)

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