Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dai Ikkai Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende (Chiki-Chiki):

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komenretsu saibon ga rahonjin saikya raidonte ii gamanaji-heretai!!

(or, something like That.)


so, a little while back, i posted a short blog entry for a miscellaneous video clip i ... stumbled upon while messing with some other shit; i have long ago learned more about the source of This Clip.. ..and i have not been the same since.

the ring-leaders of this funny little operation are Hitoshi Matsumoto & Masatoshi Hamada — the entity known as Downtown; their main show is Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!. with this duo are Hōsei Yamasaki, Naoki Tanaka, and Shōzō Endō. if you're curious about what these guys do, you can look them up on you↕tube; you may even start Here, if you'd like.

(as much as i'd like to put other actual Clips here, that would definitely be violating some Copyright Laws; maybe Nippon TV won't say anything about that one thing i have showcased, already, because it might recognize that because of it, Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! is, indeed, slowly gaining exposure, state-side..
..but to put other things Here would probably be pushing It, greatly.)

Naoki Tanaka!

Masatoshi Hamada!

Hōsei Yamasaki!

Shōzō Endō!

Hitoshi Matsumoto!

Jimmy Ōnishi

Jimmy Ōnishi 2

i won't take too much longer with getting into the point of my writing this: not too long ago, a dude on you↕tube who saw that I have as much an appreciation for Down↕Town and its various antics as he does had, more-or-less, challenged me to do a Petition sort of thing in my blog — we both love These Guys so much that we want them to bring their show all around the world. So to get started with that, I need to see how popular of an idea this is, with you guys. I'm going to put up a poll about it, and I want for you to cast your vote there, okay?
the Challenger, himself, says he's doing his own part to gather support for making This Idea come to fruition.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

if nothing else, i'd definitely like for Them to get some muther↕fuckin' Official English Sub↕Titling goin' on with that shit: kna'mean?
(actually, sub↕titling for the episodes for all languages of the people who are interested — to be Fair.)

i think it'd be lucrative for Hamada and Matsumoto, et al., to venture outside of Japan with their ideas, on a wider-scale..'s already self-evident that they be pullin' shenannigans similar to those which can be found in America's Jackass anyway: D.n.G.n.T.y.A.!! and Jackass are pretty much the same, when i think about it..
..although, at least with Gaki no Tsukai, the perps aren't being entirely mean-spirited.

anyway, i hope It works out ... we need more laughs — i had never seen anything go on like That before, ever. :-). and i am such a fan of Higashino(♫), Ōnishi(♫), and Yamasaki(♫)..

(♫) (sexy face)
(♫) (´too muther↕fuckin' funny: like a Jōnin of comedy)
(♫) (oh-so-fuckable, sometimes...)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evolution? Intelligent Design?

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at one time, i was a rabid Evolution proponent; now, not so much: at the moment, i'd rather go for a compromise, by proclaiming that [the basis for] Life as we know it was indeed Plotted least initially, but that after maybe one or two mouldings, it was left to flesh its self out ─ evolve, in other words.

i am required By Law to have a hard time accepting, without Question, that All Of This could start from nothing/one atom, without some sort of Intervening Force having set a guide for the eventual progression of All Of That from it, in the first place; on the other hand.. was it possible for The Universe to form from nothingness, anyway? (it would be a Herculean Effort for one of you to be able successfully explain that one away, for me.)


the very notion that, somehow, Nothing spawned Life is one helluva concept for my mind to unconditionally embrace.

(p.s.: The Chicken came first.

what would have been around to first inseminate The Hen, and then sit on The Resulting Egg so as it could maintain appropriate Incubation Temperature?)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

i don't want to fight no more.

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god, man: i really don't.

i've never felt such hopelessness before, as i am right this moment.

the insignificance, and meaninglessness, of our lives: the fact that some truths,──as harsh as They might be for an average person's ears,──indeed are undeniable, and inescapable: i ought to slap the fuck out of Eve for biting into that apple: if my options were Freedom of Will or Eternal Happiness, Peace, and Security, it should be obvious which i'd select.

you'd have to be a fool to pick the former: i'd rather be the “Sheep” who almost absolutely-cannot ever come across any harm than be the the person whose freedom is limited only by the pre-set maximum capabilities of his Body & Mind.. ..and can also be subject to meeting a Gruesome Death at, potentially, any time: fuck that shit.


there's not a thing i can do about This..
..there are no fixes that i can proffer for our fucked-up situation, that you would like implemented.

really: knowing what i know, there is no way i can, in good conscience, ever be Truly Happy.
and none of You should try staking a claim to being of That Status either: not unless you want to be ignorant & oblivious.
the entire continent of africa its self is, more-or-less, fucked over, for example; on top of Its current dire straits, there are probably some people who'd still, even to this day, refer to africa as being a "country"! (´dumb fucks.) how can you blithely lay about in comfort, and luxury, when overall-inflation in zimbabwe is currently near 25,000%: to buy a single newspaper would set you back +$3,000,000; a whole chicken? currently +$15,000,000. (and those prices are liable to spike upwards several-hundreds' per cent within just a couple of weeks' time.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


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and tasty.

and correct: now, you can't escape the vegetables, or the meat.


on this go-around, i used Farfalle-pasta, and added crushed_Red-pepper; with the abundance of Carrots there, my broth has a bit of a kick to it, in addition to being slightly-sweet, as a result.

once again, the stew looks like it will hold up for a few days..
..there's plenty enough of It to go around, so That shall be a Plus, for us.

even my mom wants some..
..i reck'n she'll be impressed by my latest effort: it's Air Apparent that i've, indeed, learned from My History.

now, i'm going to go for my Traditional Seconds.


Friday, February 1, 2008

please pardon my dust:

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but, at the moment, i am overhauling my Blog.

...i had some issues with my previous layout, so..
..after beating my head against the wall for so many weeks, trying to figure out a way to fix It.. ..i finally just said fuck it, and ditched the entire god-damn messed-up code.

i went Here to get something that seems like it should work for me.. the meanwhile, it shouldn't be an actual problem to get things back to the way I had them, before i hit the showers, and head-off to work for the night.


we shall see.

(update: 2/2/08, 9:22 a.m. -- it turned out that, nope, i couldn't fix It all before i absolutely had to wash up: and i was just 2-minutes from missing my bus, fuckin' with this thing, too.

but, it's cool.. ..Old Rex will take care of it, soon enough.)

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