Thursday, February 7, 2008

i don't want to fight no more.

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god, man: i really don't.

i've never felt such hopelessness before, as i am right this moment.

the insignificance, and meaninglessness, of our lives: the fact that some truths,──as harsh as They might be for an average person's ears,──indeed are undeniable, and inescapable: i ought to slap the fuck out of Eve for biting into that apple: if my options were Freedom of Will or Eternal Happiness, Peace, and Security, it should be obvious which i'd select.

you'd have to be a fool to pick the former: i'd rather be the “Sheep” who almost absolutely-cannot ever come across any harm than be the the person whose freedom is limited only by the pre-set maximum capabilities of his Body & Mind.. ..and can also be subject to meeting a Gruesome Death at, potentially, any time: fuck that shit.


there's not a thing i can do about This..
..there are no fixes that i can proffer for our fucked-up situation, that you would like implemented.

really: knowing what i know, there is no way i can, in good conscience, ever be Truly Happy.
and none of You should try staking a claim to being of That Status either: not unless you want to be ignorant & oblivious.
the entire continent of africa its self is, more-or-less, fucked over, for example; on top of Its current dire straits, there are probably some people who'd still, even to this day, refer to africa as being a "country"! (´dumb fucks.) how can you blithely lay about in comfort, and luxury, when overall-inflation in zimbabwe is currently near 25,000%: to buy a single newspaper would set you back +$3,000,000; a whole chicken? currently +$15,000,000. (and those prices are liable to spike upwards several-hundreds' per cent within just a couple of weeks' time.)

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