Saturday, August 9, 2008

the Chronicles of Rex. (e.1)

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i mean, it's really a damn shame: first it was Khia Edgerton,(♫) just three weeks ago; this morning, it's Bernard Jeffrey McCullough.(♫)

what else is there for me to say, though?

death is irreversible — words are powerless against it; (funerals aren't for the dead — they're for The Living).

the circumstances under which those shyning black stars were taken from us i cannot abide by: both were painful, graphic, traumatizing; my soul feels angry about it.


all-the same, That was a part of god's will, yes?

death is life — irregarding our own sentiments about it; (death seems better than living — if only we could know what's happened with all the souls of the departed that's accumulated since the dawn of time.)


George Carlin, also, died rather unexpectedly, not that long ago this year; it is to He whom i must ascribe a majority of my awakening (around age 16 or 17; whatever it was, i had certainly written about it in my journal).

on top of his intellectuality, he just was a plain-funny, artfully-vulgar muther↕fucker.


UPDATE (8/11/08; 8:29 a.m.): isaac_lee-fuckin'-hayes died, yesterday — his was an ascension to heaven which was profoundly premature, as well this is some bullshit!


i can always appreciate a summer day that feels like a spring day; this is one such day: one where i might, freely, just take a walk around — to get some of the nice, relatively-unpolluted air in m`lungs.

i mean,──i don't think y'all have any idea,──the importance of such weather as this is damn near critical for me: there aren't many things in [my] life from which i might derive even a modicum of Happiness..
..the sun mostly obscured by clouds, thereby giving off just enough heat to make The Air comfortable; a slight breeze blowing; (no humidity): undoubtedly i would take a stroll to the park that's just a few blocks from me and unfurl a blanket and lie on it, reading [Giovanni's Room].

if it weren't for all the bugs crawling around.


oh yeah: of course i had noted the rather-substantive decrease of Honey and BumbleBees, over the years; even though i am not an especial-fan of them, i can still appreciate the role they play in our food chain..


...if it is something that should be Genetically Engineered, it should be They:

most bees die, anyway, a little after they put their stinger in you, right so why not just create some with no stinger only us humans would be the wiser: most of the other animals would still follow their instinct, avoiding them because of their distinctive striping..
..go and put an Innate Poison in them for all the birds, et al., that want to try gobbling them up.


ain't nothin' is sacred, is there?

morgan freeman, himself, had gotten into a major car wreck only a few days ago — it seemed as if his shit was touch'n'go, for a while, too.

i wouldn't want to see him summarily taken from us, either..
..this is Morgan Freeman we're talking about, here.


i mean, just the Burritos from Chipotle, alone, can be pretty filling; the meat that i prefer most is its Barbacoa — perversely-tender, spicy, shredded beef that, sometimes, tastes like roast beef: that which also [almost] never has errant pieces of Fat or Ligament strewn in through it.

so you can imagine how profound my disappointment when i noticed that the burritos i got, from the Charles Village-branch, began tasting funny, starting a few weeks ago; confirming my fears, i eventually isolated the cause of the anomaly as being the Red Tomatillo-salsa.

i prefered-the-fuck out of that sauce, y'all.

but, until i get someone from over there to investigate, i won't be able to have the line [cook] slather that over my shit.


i have to keep my eye seth rogen, some more; he looks kinda hot with his hair all short, now, don't he?

and.. ..what is this about him being in an Explicit Flick?

(♫) (also known as DJ K-Swift — a seemingly-permanent fixture and one iconic-representative of Baltimore)
(♫) (better known as Bernie Mac: a comedian who wasn't "for everybody," but, certainly, was an impactful fella to those who he had reached, none-the-less)

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