Thursday, November 15, 2007

and another one...

...on this day, i will be exhibiting some pictures of the inimitable-Mathew St. Patrik.

(i've been feeling bad because i had been afraid it might appear to you-all that i don't find any black men Sexy; i want for you be At Rest, with assurance, that this indeed is the farthest thing from the truth, regarding your Dear Friend, and Humble N'rator.


the best part about this particular exhibition is, this brotha i'm gonna be showin' ya is just that:


there ain't really nothin' White-, or even Mixed-, looking about this dude, whatsomnever.

so, none of you can proclaim well while you talk a good game, mane, about how you ain't limitin' yourself to just whites, [Interracial {Nikkiz}](♫-1), and [hispanics](♫-2), this dude you're showin' us is basically just a glorified White Boi WITH TAN.)

anyway: as with Eric Dane, i haven't ever looked at the show in which Mathew starred(♫-3), either.

uh.. ..i haven't had Cable in my room for years.



and i still don't.

but, honestly, even if i did.. ..i pro'ly might notta watched, anyway.
unless, y'know, Mr. St. Patrik regularly did nude scenes.(♫-4)


anyway, here is yet another presentation of SELECT IMAGES of a guy who hath catch my eye:

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick

mathew st. patrik/matthew st patrick


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, indeed.

if i were a Bottom, i would definitely let him fuck me up my arse.


he might could ´suade me to do it now.

i mean.
you know.
if he were an actual [MSM](♫-5).

(♫-1) (Six Feet Under.)
(♫-2) (or, properly, Black/White-mixed)
(♫-3) (i, personally, prefer to use the term Latino ... even though i know that is limited in scope, too.)
(♫-4) (i don't know if he had ever, or no.)
(♫-5) (this term stands for Man-Seeking-Man.. ..although the more official way to say it is "Man who seeks {or would not reject, D'pending On The Circumstances} SEXUAL RELATIONS with other Men."


as i typed that, i remembered.. ..that Gender really is fluid.


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