Friday, August 1, 2008

Marijuana, and you:

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if it makes you behave differently than before.....

.....then that thing you're swallowing; snorting; inserting up your Arse..'s {{ Dope }}.


and, given our stellar history just with Marijuana..
..even if its sale & purchase is legalized, then there would still have to be laws governing its usage ... and selling..

(..this, not to even mention the substantive-shift in dynamics when all the people who had been making their money Dope Slingin' on da corners won't have that to fall back on, any longer: i mean..
..there would have to be some impact, once── ..... hm.

heh heh.

niggers just can't do right, no matter what you do for them, now can they?

because, {actually, within time}, if It ain't executed properly, then the legalization of Marijuana would probably lead to an increase of those very crimes that the Measure was crafted to, partially, curtail — and i am thinking primarily of Breaking & Entering, Burglary, Robbery, Grand Theft[, Rape], Murder:

i reck'n it'd be de passé to continue distributing on The Streets; i wouldn't want the remaining-Undisturbed Patches of Land getting razed just to make way for Pot Shops — so, logically, the primary outlets for that should be those Bong Shops and those [Drug] Stores(♫); i suppose that, alternatively──...

...heh heh.


even that would pose A Problem, huhmy creation because there are a few "Upstanding [Users]"..
..but there are probably many more "Suck-Ass [Users]"; i cannot imagine the Average Joe wanting to see lines of them, waiting to make their little purchases from a Domecile-based Merchandiser, forming in his neighbourhood — it might have been possible to endure or overlook, between 1922 and 1943, and 1771 - 1809, but we human beings seem to have been dispossessed of the rather vital ability of "just doing what we have to do and moving the fuck on".

even if it is finally deemed Kosher, those of us who don't use The Drugs [in any form] and cannot relate to those who do won't want that exposure; so, immediately, most of the Drug Havens would be put in the "poor-sections".


{i, personally, cannot envision me going to the grocery store to get some ready-made Iced Tea and some Doughnuts ⌠on the quick⌡, and having to deal with a bunch of raucous College Kids, or Gangster [Niggers], or [Pathetic, Downbeaten "Professionals"], either — this is definitely one of those `rotten apple/spoiled bunch´-type dealios; period, no respectable establishment is going to want to be associated with [Crack↕Cocaine]/[Heroine] — how can it?

if, for whatever unearthly reason, Uncle Sam okays that, most businesses with some sort of Sense still wouldn't want "those sorts of clients" frequenting it: shopliftin' Shit on their way up to and away from The Window and shit.}

it's all about Logistics, and Reality.



i cannot believe how way-in over my head i am, with this subject — i was gonna say that the Street Sellin' would probably have to continue; but how to continuously verify that those vendors are only selling grass, and not the other substances that are still banned?

so, by default, it would have to go back to the preëxisting Bong Shops, and Drug Stores; open up some outlets in Malls..
..and set-up some government-subsidized Pot Houses in communities that express an interest for them; or, otherwise, issue permits for people who were interested in growing their own shit — because, of course, Marijuana {and its Paraphernælia} has to be taxed; just within the first year alone, i can see the government raking in at least 73-million in revenue from off of that; the punishment doled out for trying to skip out on paying up would have to be somewhat stiffer than usual: aren't They doing you a favour just by letting you finally deal in that shit without getting you all bunched up in ´cuffs?

for if you grow your own Pot, then there is the ever-extant possibility you, too, will be a seller.)

you silly bastards: you who think it could ever be as simple as the DEA just giving "the green light" and then letting y'all be.


hell no.(♫)

one way or another, this will have to be regulated — there is no getting around that; sorry.


because once you legalize possession of M. J., then it would make no more sense to continue criminalizing its sale — and the ramifications will be extensive, no matter how This is approached.


it might be "your life", but i don't need one more of your "Personal Decisions" fuckin' up my life and furtherly limiting the decisions i get to make.

(♫) (can you imagine actually getting your reefer from Wal-Mart? what High Quality Shit that would have to be...)
(♫) (4.71-hit ghetto/italian-style Spaghetti & Meatballs-rhyming combo: +2,088 Kudos bonus points; +7 Style Points)

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