Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Made in China." (part 3 of 3.)

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This is the other entry that i am going to make an attempt to finish, before i Hit The Showers.

i believe i, as with the "a Dirty Sanchez" series, probably said most of what I had wanted to, in the last two parts of This.. ..so, i guess i'll just, y'know, keep This One relatively-short, as well.

the greed of The Capitalists seems to be impacting Americans in yet another adverse way.


for all this money That is being made.. ..how come those Soulless Bastards still aren't happy?


the second-to-last job i worked?

i got to have some momentary glimpses into the actvities of the Rich, of the Affluent, and of The Wealthy, sometimes.

from what i saw, i did not come away, especially Impressed.

all the Pretensions, and Façades...
...the overall Fakeness, i bore witness to.

these strange, meaningless Rituals, these white people (mostly) undertook...
...These, which, apparently, was supposed to make me believe made these fuckers "refined".



than.. ..i?



for This, they sacrifice the Health and Well-Being of themselves, and their Fellow Man.



what the hel─what the fuck is going on, in China, anyways??

what is yal FUCKIN' PROBLEM?

for, i ... i'm not Feelin' It.

i'm not feelin' all this mutha↕fuckin' bullshit y'all exposin' us to, 'n' shit.

not unless..
..That, which apparently had been good for The Goose, has indeed also been good for The Gander.

y'know.. ..i can totally see The Government of China, et al., being open to a multi-...-billion dollar LawSuit, under the right circumstances.

well into the 21st Century.. ..and you mean to tell me you still don't motha↕fuckin' know Lead is a known [neuro-]Toxin, for Humans??


the sheer number of People you affected...
...you didn't just fuck over the primary consumers of The Tainted Product ─ you also fucked over the people who have to live around those who, presumably, have suffered all sorts of Developmental Disabilities, thence.
those consequences are Far-Reaching, man.

and I cannot condone That.


fuck The Taliban: the Chinesethey've been waging Biological Warfare against America, for, only God knows, how long.

i don't claim to be religious...
..i really am hoping for A Day of Reckoning to come real soon.

i just want for all this bullshit to STOP.

i'd rather it be Our Creator to put an end to Humankind.. ..not actual Humans.


(and, as always: if you want to know my stance on some other things, related to This Matter..
..well, give me a buzz, here.

and, i will be sure to Whip Somethin' Up, when i can.


Rex OUT.)

a ... Dirtier Sanchez. (part 3 of 3.)

0 Commentaries/Bashings
(it had to come, some time.


i guess most of the fuss about This had already died down, long ago; but, i had made a commitment to Finishing This Shit Off.. ..so, i'm going to make an attempt to do just that, hence.

Matthew can live his life, conservatively; i am okay with That.
i am not that thrilled that he aligns himself with Republicans .. but, only because, as a general rule, Republicans try to impose Their Views on others who "just ain't feelin' it".
and.. ..because... ...Matthew aligns himself with a party who, lately, has been exposed as being Profound Hypocrites ─ the "do as I say, not as I do ... ´less we judge you as we continue to do our own Dirty Shit"-variety.

(i am neither Democrat nor Republican; i am neither Conservative nor Liberal.
for That Matter, i am not Moderate, either.
every issue that is put in front of me to consider, i try to evaluate, on a case-by-case basis.)

I don't care about Matthew's reverting to his previous homosexual ways.. ..but, on the provision that He is in fact sucking That Cock(♫) again, he's gonna have to GET IT TOGETHER ─ he shalt not put up a Heterosexual Front..
..he shalt not commingle with Outspoken, Proud Homophobes, either ─ not especially more so, when he's A Fruit, himself.

basically, That is the extent of It, for me.

I can't think of anything else to say, at the moment.
(i will be needing to get ready for Work, in a few more minutes, and, I actually want to close out one other Entry that is currently "outstanding", anyway.)

if any of you would like for me to, y'know, Elaborate on anything you believe I had left out ... then, you may feel free to leave some comments asking me to do so.



(but, when would These Comments come, anyways?)

(♫) (and, possibly, taking It up the arse, sometimes?)

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