Thursday, December 20, 2007

i finally ``got 'some'´´!

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(it went down late tuesday night.


and he was such a fan of my Cock being in his ass, and the technique i utilized thereöf, thence, it didn't take him an especial-long time to, uhh.. ..CLIMAX from it.

he apparently liked said Cock so much that, just before i left, he even felt compelled to try to get us to Rub One More Out: with my tongue back on his nipples, his hand on my Meat, he jacked his uncut-pinga and got off in ..... about 4-minutes?(♫)

thereby c[o]ming on His Carpet, for the second time.



i don't know what to make of It, though ─ this fucker, more-or-less, lives "right down the street" from me; or ..... i don't know what to make of It, though ─ this fucker lives quite within The Walking Distance of me.

and,─speaking for myself anyway,─i'd definitely be interested in another Go Around with him ... only, i don't know if I can, again, under his current set of Circumstances.

(i really am surprised i even agreed to go through with It, this first time, in considering them; i reck'n i pro'ly went and did The Horizontal [Love↕Seat] Dance wit` ´im only because i assessed Papí as being relatively-Low Risk.)

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

..and to top It off, he's the type of PERSON OF COLOUR i dig:


(´americanized, and not stupid.
´reck'n ah might could even say r'sponsible, too.)

´which is something else that'll contribute to my further disillusionment: let us just say that i won't foreseeably be able to snuggle up with this one.

´which woulda been nice especially on That Night, since i was all fuckin' todo tirado, m'self: ´not really having gotten all the sleep i was entitled to, what-so-ever, earlier in the day.. ..because i needed to accomplish some Grocery Shopping, and knew that if i didn't do it some time after i came back in from work that day, i pro'ly would not have been able to snag another viable opportunity (that wouldn't put me from out of my Comfort Zone) for quite a while.

oh well.

i'll take anything reasonable that i can get: and this dude was cute, with an adequate amount of Body Hair to balance out the admitted-surplus Adipose Tissue on his torso.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

so, a tiny portion of My Thirst has been slaked: if i didn't have to feel like i had to be ON MY GUARD, emotionally; and if i had been able to procure the proper amount of BED REST prior-the-meet, then, there woulda been an additional 0.57% of That taken away, for me ... and, in the process, pro'ly woulda also wound-up upsetting this fucker's world, if not at least Just A Little.

(♫) (i, personally, elected not to bust any additonal Nutts: i really wanted to get back in The House before it had gotten too much later, and .. if i were going to be doing something like That again, it woulda had to've been in a more proper manner ─ one which certainly would not have had me with all of my Clothes plus my Winter Gear still on.)

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