Thursday, November 1, 2007

a Quick Post!

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(for realz!!)

..well, since i'm talking about "handling the english language" in a Differing Way, i also just wanna let y'all know that i have no ..... dilemna about spelling "dilemna" dilemna.

fuck it.

i, too, was taught to spell That Word in That Way; and, i was taught This, long ago.

v'rai: That Spelling has stuck with me, 'since'.

and i am satisfied with It.

just as i am satisfied with pronouncing the "l" in salmon: what in the fuck are you gonna have An L up in a muther↕fucker if it ain't gonna be utilized?!

given my own proclivities.. ..if i am to Drop That L, in enunciating It, then, i will also fucking drop That L in spel-ling "salmon": to be transformed into sa'mon sa'm`n.


certainly, if you [fuckers] will want to try to be all picky'n'proper about spellin' fuckin' "dilemna" with -mma, then, yenz better also have some qualms about ... silently accepting the traditonal-manner of saying SALMON too!

fuck That Shit..
..i'ma do things my way, hither.


(♫) (Amen.)

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