Monday, June 30, 2008

La ..... Muerte.

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don't get me wrong: my household is far from filthy — and my own room has been relatively empty since i had moved in to it, last year's spring (on a rainy thursday, i think it was)..'s just, Mice are desperate opportunists; plus, if my neighbours are in fact the ones that are creating Conditions favourable for their promulgation, then, there really isn't much of anything we, ourselves, can do to prevent their roaming through our space and nibbling up and pooping on whatever they find, while in transit.


at the moment, i feel rather Ambivalent; i want some Dick, but no one who i want is giving it to me for my consumption.

and.., i went [to Best Buy] and got me one of those Converters for my "analogue television" — Government-issued 40-Dollour Coupon utilized, me having to shell up 23 Bucks for the balance, i only saw just one kind of device there.

(i do not know what that signifies.)

(while there, i actually saw a lap↕top that seems way sexier than the one i am typing this post on: after Taxes, it should set me back around A Thousand; i'm hoping that it'll still be around by the time i'd be able to afford it..
..but i reck'n by that time, The Next Big Thing that was previously more expensive should be at that target price.

speaking of taxes: due to a Hold Up at IRS, my Earned Income Credit-situation still hasn't yet been rectified..
..and i do not know what to expect, in a few days, either: Unkah Sam might make me cough back up the previous money he had given me; or, i might get the rest of my Refund.

i had filed my taxes long ago, in february.)

i hooked my Converter up..
..but it told me "No Signal" — which was pretty anti-climatic, if i might say so, myself; a phone call to the manufacturer (made in short order after i saw there was nothing further [which was intuitive] i could do) revealed that this problem stems, perhaps, from there being no Digital Signals yet broadcast in my area.

i guess we will just have to see what happens, in a few months.


it certainly is a nice night, now: rather Autumnal, me↕thinks.

although readers from the Mid-West pro'ly wouldn't agree with this sentiment: i am able to appreciate this rain we've been getting.


notably, (two nights in a row {over The Weekend}, one per night), two especially-volatile bolts of Lightning struck down very close to us; both had startled me, of course..
..but, overall, i think i bore them out pretty well — a sacrifice i am willing to take on, if doing so means i can enjoy a lovely Thunder`n´Lightning Storm:

i mean..
..i do, strongly, believe in "cuddling weather". . . . .


meanwhile, it doesn't seem as if my Gaki no Tsukai(♫) Project is really taking off — as i had expected.

what i think i might have to do is, get someone who is fluent in Nihongo to go ahead and just send those guys an e-mail directly on my behalf: point them to the popularity of their videos on you↕tube, as further incentive for them to go on and internationalize their DVD Releases.


meanwhile, i am feeling so disenchanted with my Job..

..i don't think the Store Manager is even going to care if i just mysteriously "disappear," without any advanced notice: but, Ed, if you're going to let a guy (Adrian) who, basically, comes in when he pleases, and perpetually beefs with our Immediate Supervisor, stay..
..and you're going to let a lazy chuckle↕head who apparently presumes he works harder and accomplishes more than I, like Albertas, stay...

...all because they have more "seniority" than me..

..then you need to experience the Full Brunt of loss-in-sales from my being completely gone from the ranks.

what are the chances of your being able to hire an experienced stocker, who is willing to deal with the risks of working in that crap neighbourhood and take the presumably-substantial Cut In Pay, all at once, anyways?


almost every employee is expendable; but, you should remember that amongst a company's primary goals is keeping around the people it already has, to prevent [Excessive] Turn↕Over.


i realized, today, that the only way The Poor can stop the abuse of power by the rich is to get themselves backed-up by someone who is rich.


i really can't think of a good way of justifying the existence of homosexuality; what i can do is proclaim we should stop saying "sexual preference" — the better term might be Sexual/Erotic Disposition.

you see, because "preference" implies purposeful choosing, in my opinion; i had been aroused by [other peoples'] Phall[i] for as long as i can remember: my own tiny little penis, profoundly rock hard, when i had looked through my mom's copy of The Joy of Sex, 20- or 21-years ago — long before i had the ability to make conscientious decisions/realizations about what had turned me on (and potentially pleasure myself in thinking about them).


for the "purists" out there: no other sexual act besides standard-Heterosexual Intercourse can be considered O.K. [in god's eyes] — that includes said intercourse when it's initiated for Recreation, not Procreation; everything else has to be considered a "perversion" and "deviation".

as far as the Anal Sex goes: that is a pretty strange practice, isn't it?

heh heh.

i really cannot think of how it could have occured to someone to put his penis up someone's poop↕chute, except..
..i'd reck'n it was probably a dude who was heterosexual before the unforeseen lack of Females, and a realization of one or two similarities between [his] anus and a woman's Snatch, made him "explore some alternatives".


i mean..
..if you think about it. . . . .

. . . . .pussy, also, is "nasty" by default, if it isn't [cleaned out].

and, like Pussy, ani don't automatically respond favourably just because someone's dick is inside of it — y'all guys ain't all that, now.


[to be continued?]

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