Saturday, October 6, 2007

"the Jena 6." (part 2.)

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i do not, and cannot, condone the gang-bank ─ but, i would have turned a blind eye to the matter if it was just a one-on-one (or, tops, a two-on-one) altercation, because the "victim" said something Racially Insensitive; in That Case, it wouldn't be a JENA SIX.

it would be a JENA ONE.

and i woulda been cheering that black fucker on, THUGGIN' PATHOLOGICAL NIGGER or not, too.


..while i do believe that all parties who were involved in the beat↕down of Justin Barker need to be convicted (albeit for Aggravated Assault, or, at the most, aggravated-Attempted Manslaughtering), them three white boys who executed that Bright Idea need to have some other Penalties imposed, upon them.

other penalties, besides being perpetrators of Hate Crime.


Two-Thousand-... ...and -Fucking-Seven(♫-1), and you mean to tell me you, as a white person, don't know what kinda Pandora's Box THAT is??

either Today's Youth really are fuckin' oblivious, or..

..They really are fuckin' STUPID.(♫-2)

but, actually, the other main issue at hand, for me, is this perceived Inequality of Application of Judicial Sanctions, to the, ─ahem,─ "prankster[z]".

That, i am inclined to go along with.

i am inclined to believe that The Courts were intentionally harsher on the black fuckers, specifically because the[ir skin was] Black; whereäs the White Perps were given that rote Slap On Wrist, pro'ly not so much because the[ir skin was] white, in this instance, as it was because They just weren't BLACK.

if all these Famous Black Figures are going to be fighting for something, it had better not be for freeing The Jena 6.

none of them deserve FREEDOM(♫-3): at least one of them already had "priors"; presumably, the rest of them already committed punishable-offenses that They just ain't had documented, yet; if that's not the case, for some of them, then.. ..well, They shoulda known better than to be hanging out with The Wrong Crowd, anywayz.

anyway, i'm going to just wait until i hear something else definitive, about This Case, before i formulate any other Words to spare..

..i think I pro'ly've said enough about It, by now.(♫-4)


(♫-1) (and in the south, no less.)
(♫-2) (i guess you'd say, both, huh?)
(♫-3) (or, i guess, Restitution for Time Already Served.)
(♫-4) (on the bright side: there won't be a[n immediate] 3rd Part to this!

"the Jena 6." (part 1.)

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my turn:

i just did a bit of reading up on This Little Matter, from WIKIPÆDIA; from That Reading, i have come to this conclusion:

whether you like It or
not, them niggiz need to be locked-up,
for gang-bankin' a mutha↕fucka.

but, the crackiz who went on
ahead and did something as charming as
hanging actual Nooses(♫-1) from
The White Tree ... them fuckers need
to be locked-up thrice-as-long.

´for doing some stupid shit as That ─ knowing that Niggas be lookin' for a reason to BLOW SOME SHIT UP.

i guess it might just be as simple as That.

but, of course...

...I don't want for It to be that way.

i really am glad that i held off on forming Complete Opinions about this matter until i had more facts about it; i went into It thinking one thing, but, came away, leaning t'wards another.

i mean, Assault is ASSAULT ─ period.

especially-more-so, when 6 muther↕fuckers beat up on one?

come on, now.

no rational, reasonable person can defend That ─ Justin Barker probably wasn't even one of the fuckers who put up Those Nooses, in the first place!

ah, but.. ..That is to be an issue dealt with at another time ─ maybe even by another blogger.

so far, all I've read was, basically, a bunch of Speculation.

a bunch of Speculation, about some pretty serious fuckin' shit.

(i am not satisfied by This.

i am not satisfied about the fact that People believe they can actually commit malicious deeds against innocent people, and not have to Pay Penalties for it ─ that These Fuckers(♫-2) have actually made STOP FUCKIN' SNITCHIN' be somethin' cool and acceptable to the point where ... Blood can, and will, be shed, in enforcing one's continued ability to na'er-do-well; and that The Meek, and Misguided, will conscientiously turn a Blind Eye to WITNESS INTIMIDATION ─ or even encourage the promulgation of It.)

the only things i can be sure of, be: that some nooses got hung, directly after (but, not necessarily because) a black student, passively/aggressively, brought up the fact that White Students were hogging a nice-asséd tree; and that, not too longly afterwards, a white fucker got Rodney Kinged by 6 black fuckers.

(♫-1) (i don't care if it was two or three.)
(♫-2) (irregarding Ethnicity ─ as Wanda Sykes would put it, i am probably as afraid of a White [Nigger]{♫-2a} in a Business Suit with a comb↕over and a Wall Street Journal in his hand as i am of a Black [Nigger] with Sagged Pants, White-T, and Dreadlocks ─ if not even more so)

{♫-2a} (or Cracker, if you must.)

ah, Oscar, mi corazon...

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...mi corazon quién, para ahora, esta infamoso.(♫-1)

well, Long Story, shortened:

basically, i don't believe Those Pics are of señor Oscar de la Hoya; and even if they were: a man's engaging in CROSSDRESS isn't automatically indicative of his also willfully-engaging in Sexual Contact with other males, anyway.(♫-2)

i certainly wouldn't judge a person, adversely, based on [the sex of the individual he wants to screw{ around with}].


and, in considering just whom, exactly, Oscar is...
...i really wouldn't want to, either.

calling that person Oscar de la H[---](♫-3) might be cute, fer summa'yiz..
...but, really: i'd like to see you make an attempt to say That to his face.


please, try It.

at any rate, i have no opinion, one way or another, about the bloake, since i don't follow Boxing; in appraising the photographs which That Certain Site(♫-4) provided, in backing up its claim, i came to the conclusion that it is very likely said images were DOCTORED.

so, put your tongues back in your mouths, fags..
..and, don't you dare feed That Falsehood which is being perpetrated about PAPÍ.(♫-5)

i mean, for The Sakes of Christ, THIS is a person's rep-...
...-putation, and Family, at stake, here:

pinche, ¿¿saben ustedes cuánto Machismo que mexicanos típicos tienen??

just in considering That, alone, i don't think Our Little Pugilist would consider undertaking such an activity.. ..but if he were to. . . . .well, i am almost certain he'd be very proäctive in being Public about that "peccadillio," actually: This, so that, over time, you fuckers would learn to not make That be such a big deal anymore.

i guess.

(♫-1) (shut up.)
(♫-2) (i didn't just say "...of his being homosexual" because, for ONE, one's pursuit of dressing up in typical-Opposite Gender's Clothing {or, CROSSDRESSING}, etc., is not relegated to just gays; for TWO, in speaking about Men, there are indeed others besides gays who, willingly, engage in sexual-acts with other men.

thank you, very much.)
(♫-3) (this will be one of those few times when i censor something.)
(♫-4) (one that i will not, at the moment, publicize)
(♫-5) (3.24-hit Technical Alliteration-combo; +5,992 points)

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