Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Says:

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Barack Says:

Barack Says:

Barack says: "fuck y'all white niggas! **ah ha ha ha ha!**"


i mean, the republicans had been fucking up so badly that People of Sense who otherwise normally would have just sat back and watched shit continue to fall apart actually felt compelled to get their asses up and vote, this time around.

it could have been anyone ... i mean i don't believe most of us voted for Barack, for his own merits.. was more of our having gotten profoundly tired of the Republican Bull|Shit.

(it did help his cause, that Mr. Obama seems like a substantially-more intelligent person.

of course.)


it was unfortunate that his grandmother couldn't hang on long enough to see her baby get The Top Prize..
..but, astrologically, it probably had to happen that way.

(meaning, that's how The Stars had to align themselves, in order ensure Barack's victory.)

it is regrettable that she wasn't able to hold out until at least she'd seen The Victory with her own eyes.. ..but, maybe she let herself pass because she already was assured he'd become our newest president?


i still say that Barack/Hillary would have been a dream team..
..for, even if someone were to assasinate them both, Nancy Pelosi would become the Prez by default.

instead, it will be a White Man who'd fill in that seat..

...i'm still convinced that it would be to The Whites advantage not to try anything funny.

because i, too, would look for any reason to stab'n'slice any [flag-waving] Republican: especially one who'd deign gloat over Mr. Obama's murder.

if only we could get the thug niggers to focus their energies on the right people, this time.....

(added 7:28 a.m., 11/8/08)


i mean, obviously Rock has to watch his fuckin' back for White Terrorists.. ..but he might also want to ensure he stays on his Ps'n'Qs while he's in office, as much as possible: for, i know that there will be several million black people who will be pissed with him if he fucks shit up even worse than Georgie Boy ever had.

blacks don't need their reputation fucked up any worse than it already is.

and i know Whites merely look for even a whisper of a reason to crucify him.

(if an intern even *looks* at ´Rack cross-eyed, it's going to be a Scandal.)

so, keep your Nose clean, kind sir...

(ended 7:35 a.m., 11/8/08)


this futon is sorta like a God Send for me.

my back hasn't had any real complaints..
..i just need to get An Ultimate Mattress, some time... that is just like me: not too firm..
..not too soft. . . . .


i don't understand: why is it that the only full-time Stocking Positions that i can be offered, by safe|way, are all ones that aren't muther|fuckin' accessible by Regular Bus?

this is bull|shit.

as if i feel like tiring myself out before i even get there, after walking two or three miles from the closest possible bus|stop.



I have no interest in butchering you, Sir.

i'll tell you what: this new Castlevania game, certainly, has been giving me a run for my money!

and Shanoa, certainly, is not who someone who'd i'd ever expect to be able to play as.

which is just fine by me.

things needed to be shook up.


furtherlymore: all that i have been seeing has merely given me more reason to want to see a new 2D Castlevania released on a GD-ROM (preferably for the Playstation 2, since that's the only current-gen console i have — although, certainly, it can be released on others as well).

i would love to see a large-scale version of Order of Ecclesia.

i have so many ideas...

(added 7:35 a.m., 11/8/08)


one other thing i have a problem with is the guys, (who prefer to primarily act as "the inserting agent," {otherwise known as "The Top"}, between a given set of Sexual Participants), who feel that since no one is going to be messing around with their back|side, they aren't obligated to warsh back there, or only warsh at a bare-fuckin'-minimum.

so when you go to give them oral sex, you smell their funky nuts and their funky arses.

i cannot consider such an individual to be a "man" if he doesn't have the common sense or the common courtesy to clean that shit yet maintains his sense-of-entitlement_based desire to put his cock in everyone's faces.

as if he is all that.

with his dove-scented ass juices burning my god-damn nose.

what audacity!


ever since i started this blog, i had been compelled to use "↕" to act as separator between Select Words — because the programming of this site apparently prohibited me from using "|" as i had been accustomed to, everywhere else.

when i looked back at the original version of this post, around 7:20 this morning, i saw something interesting: the mid-slash that i accidentally, Out Of Habit, put between "safeway" was left intact, instead of having been deleted entirely.

which compelled me to conduct a little experiment..

..upon its completion, i discovered that i can, apparently, write in my blog much in the way that i am used to, now.

i don't know when Blogger fixed that problem but, i am glad it's fixed.

(ended 7:54 a.m., 11/8/08)

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