Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sadness of Rex.

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she's so young.

she shouldn't be having to go through this.

i like [some of] her work.

but where did This come from?

were these Psychoses already in her, from birth..
..or did they come from Chemical Influences?

i really wish i knew The Reason.

even if you went ahead and dropped the [non-toxic] herbicides over all known marijuana/opium/Coca crops, we'd still be left with the controlled substances that The Government sanctions, and permits continued manufacture of: we're going to get high, one way or another, no matter if the drugs are [of] legal[-status] or [of] illegal[-status].

i say all of this, even though i know i am merely howling into the wind when i do so ─ but i definitely appreciate my nearly-unrestricted ability to express such sentiments, none-the-less.




God Speed.

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