Friday, December 28, 2007

2 girls...

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...and, yeah, ONE CUP.

i've seen It.

...i actually wish i knew the name of that music which plays in it .. for, of Its Self, that is something which can relax me.

although i reck'n, Now, i can't turn the sound of It up too loudly, lest i face some sort of Retribution, from those [other {unfortunate souls}] in The Know, later.

it's pretty fucked-up that i can't enjoy Good Music in peace.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

...and just when you thought that This was the apex of our degradation, there are actually 2 new Scat/Puke Clips like it, into which you may sink your collective teeves.


these do not have quite the same [psychological] impact as its' Predecessor, just because they don't use That Song but, rather, other out-of-place muzaks; all-the-same, if you're not as hardcore as i am, you probably won't be able to sit through 20-seconds of these clips.


by no means do i find any of That appealing: as a matter-of-fact, if That Stuff was happening with All Dudes instead of All Chicks, i'd probably like The Ideology of it even less.
(maybe it's something to do with me having the innate-understanding that, perhaps, those Chickies you see in those clips were in desperate need of Money, which is why they were partaking of such abomination ─ i was even able to observe their numerous attempts to mask their own natural repulsion from contact with the Excrement.

females don't do That for fun ... but i can bet you that Dudes would do it, for recreation.)
all the same, i guess my program of Toughening Up is still working.

i can probably sit through almost anything, now, as long as i don't have to actually smell The Action ─ no matter my training, my stomach/sinuses will never be able to endure Rank Odours.

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