Thursday, August 13, 2009

in The Night...

0 Commentaries/Bashings unfolds, the - - - - - - - - - Story ever told..

..and somewhere far along this road i - - - - my soul: to you mother|fuckers that are so heartless.........

.........and i do have Some Stories.

i just hadn't had The Will to relate them.

for all these months whereïn i'd maintained my Silence, i've been seeking some sort of Interaction with you-all, from my blog; although It is, indeed, but of a mere "penny a pound," i still say, after almost 3,000 Hits, i should have more greeting me, at least once or twice every two weeks, than what i had been netting, up to this point: which, for the exception of one person, is nothing.


but It's cool; i'm not worried about this being Post|Humous Gold: more than anything, i might predict this as being a Body Of Work that some fuck|wit would deign try "using against me" once i finally begin attaining some Notoriety, via some of my other pursuits.

(he might try It — i would fuck his shit up.)



i have some stories to tell.

but what motivation had i, to share?

even to this day, my blog generates hits mostly only because of "philip-anthony rodriguez."

(with his probable-Pank Ass.)

such being the mind-set, and attention span, of my "patrons."

but it's cool: for, one way or another, it shall be i who comes out on top.


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