Monday, December 24, 2007

Economics, and You.

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ya know ... based on the way Things are shaping themselves, right now, i really should be feeling fuckin' Legitimately Scared.

as in, SHAKING IN MY FUCKING BOOTS, and, unable to even type anything.

because, yeah, there is A Problem; there is a Problem, and, not too much longer from Now, there ostensibly will be an even bigger Problem, from that preceding one's Logical Extension, to contend with.


i will continue trying not to make it seem to you guys that i possess even a remote-idea of the WORKINGS OF ECONOMICS...
...on the other hand, i suppose you guys need only take a quick gander at What Goes On Around You, as you read these words, to understand that, perhaps, these so-called "experts" haven't been exhibiting an especially-keen sensibility for managing That, either.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i really don't even know what to say, about It.

´dumb-assèd Bush, acting as quite the perfect Agent of Leviathan, after all: sinking Us──what was it?──one-trillion dollars down The Hole, for a cause that at least half of The Country, upon whose name It is being fought, doesn't even want anything to do with in the first place...

...i would not be shocked if another Great Depression soon rears its head once more.


greed; envy; gluttony; lust; sloth...


..and, to some extent,


i can see, hence, how Those Sins will be the down↕falling of many who, otherwise, fancied They were actually above Spiritual Law.

it's all coming together, now... ...this "correction"; unfortunately, untold numbers of lives will be lost, in the ensuing chaos that shall come from its unfolding ─ oh, it'll start off on a relatively-small enough scale, though...
...but all this Latent Anger that, presumably, shall be the vehicle for this Correction will, indeed, eventually build up to a quite-visible CRESCENDO.

and this Money──[the pursuit of] which thing I had been insisting was the root of Most Worldly Evils──will begin to not mean much of a damn, anymore, with at least 71.23% of the Materialistic Bull↕Shit here all [destroyed], thereby rendered UNSALEABLE, and what↕not.

(the battle of Macs vs. PCs, suffice-it-to-say, wouldn't be relevant for quite a long time, thereäfter.)


now, how will this Apocalypse really play out?

i have to wonder about that.

i can be fairly certain that the NOT UNITED STATES will have a central role in its execution, though; i also get the feeling that ... the individuals who falsely-present themselves as being representatives of the Islamic Faith shall be pivotal, too.



but there really isn't much I can do about it.

seemingly. many times, though, can the more-sensible amongst Us keep warning you muther↕fuckers about the prat↕falls of Your Ways?

one of my main Pet Peeves is being compelled to undertake repetitive, unnecessary, unprofitable, actions(♫).

(♫) (that Money Cloak can only shield y'all for so long, you know; to top That off, i predict that there will probably be an actual reëmergence of Robin Hood.)

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