Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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´something else that also pisses me th` fuck off?

´seeing all the [fuckers] say self-righteous shit in their Personals ADs like i am not here to hook-up, and you had better not send me a message asking for That, either.

or i'll keel↕haul ya.
...who then turn around and post pictures that, at their best, leave little for your Imagination to wonder over about them or, at their worst, let you see their whole Kit`n´Kiboodles.

don't You just hate that?

i do.

Hypocrisy generally annoys me to no end.

it is this simple: irregarding whatever fuckin' service you're using, if all you seek is Chat Companions or/and Friends, (even a [monogamous-]Relationship), then all you can reasonably post is just pictures of your face as accompaniment for your AD.

That's it.

(you're pushing it, extremely, if you elect to show off an image of your Torso, as well..

..but, as long as you're not posturing yourself in a sexually-suggestive_manner at that time, then, i s'pose i can overlook your Display.

{i mean, shit ─ i'm a sexual, sensual being ── i can appreciate the presentation of [good-looking] flesh when it is in front of me.})

you can't be posting pictures of your Frank`n´Beans, or/and your Great Divide; say ah, but, don't come over here hittin' me up to trick around wit'cha, mayne; and then get mad when a guy,──who's usually just an illiterate horne↕dogue anyway,──comes a-barkin' up your tree anyway.

what in the fuck else did you expect to have happen??


and do you know whom else i love?

those guys who put up all sorts and kinds of pictures of their Hooty↕Hole, and then defend their right to have that up, while stipulating

just because i have pictures of my Arse all splayed wide-open does not mean i am a slut or even a Big Old Bottom, for that matter.

oh yeah?

well.. .."you might not be a Whore, but.....
.....you certainly are wearing a Whore's Uniform!"


you would think I'd be the fucker who's more prone to utilizing such cheap tactics to draw peoples' attention to me, in considering that, at the moment, i advertise myself as a person who seeks only sex or/and friends; however, as is consistent with my contrarian-approach to a lot of things, i don't.

it's always been my Mug↕Shots, with just a couple of uses of Bared Torso peppered in there, over the years, for what apparently is an Indequate Measure, for these fags.


_\↕/_ _\↕/_

while i'm ranting about Pics: if i get accosted by another muther↕fucker who has files that are obviously from [1998] who talks about all of the varying ways in which he wants me to fuck him or, worse yet, how he wants to Fuck My Face, then i will scream.

what is it, in his demented little-mind, that is making him believe he has the right to pursue That?

these days, i rarely hold on to images for longer than 3-4 months(♫)..
..and, once them months have passed, them fuckers are replaced with New Shits.


no ifs, ands, or butts.



´them bastards who say oh, but, [Rex], i look the same, then-as-now; so ... who in the hell do you think you are asking me to supply you a new pic??.


´fuckin' bitches.

all i want is just for there to be an even-playing field; it's only fair that if you are able to see what I,──with no more than 4-months' difference on it,──look like, then i should have the same opportunity availed to Me from you.

i don't think i'm askin' for too much.

nor do i feel that it is especially-cumbersome for you to come to me with an image that i can actually review properly: ´niggiz be like 500-feet back in a picture ... wit` a base↕ball cap, Fake Mustacchio and shades on and shit, having the gumption to counter-query me with you said you wanted something recent didn't you?

well, i took that sum↕bitch just two weeks ago.

ha ha.

´smart ass.

´kiss my ass, ya fuck↕wad.

´fuck outta heah wit` dat none↕sense!

´niggas be all shady and shit..
..like they got some Murky Intentions they wanna surprise me with, or sump'n`.

but i don't even know what the point of going through all of That is.
i mean, i should like to think i have more going for me besides my penis...
...and, i feel that i am not unattractive.
so, i don't want guys goin' after me just for my dick...
...´similar in the manner how i like to treat prospective-Sexing Partners.

ya know?

i mean, fuck, if i all I wanted was an orgasm, my left-hand is more than capable of capturing That Flag for me ─ even without foreplay: [in the presence of] the right kind of [Erotic Imagery], i can bust_a_nutt® in as little as 40-seconds.

or sooner.


jiminy crickets..
..how hard is it to just find a guy [who is {minimally-}compatible with me]??

and what, precisely, is the Major Mental Malfunction of the individuals who just refuse to put a decent-damnèd photo of their Faces up?


(♫) (and i have an overall_good-track_record of keeping m'self Up-to-Date as such, too.)

The Opinions of Rex. (e.4)

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all of the starving fuckers that there are, all around the world(♫)..

..yet, how often do Americans waste food anyway?

it is extra-disturbing, for me, to see that shit happen on Tee↕Vee, where people surruptitiously fuck-over all sorts of viable food↕stuffs ... and i really wish They would do away with that Sports Tradition of dunking [Gatorade™] on people as their means of Celebrating A Victory.

That Ain't Cool.

this, not to even mention how much perfectly good food [that Homeless People wouldn't mind having some of, if persons with Stable Domiciles wouldn't necessarily be inclined to ingest That] routinely gets tossed by Hotels, Grocery Stores, etc.


(and the Anorexians who, if they really feel so_fuckin'_bad about eating Shit, should just let themselves starve, or, just relegate themselves to eating Bread ─ ´let the rest of the people who ain't got that Psychosis have at the food that They would merely puke-up {for recreation} later, anyway.)

to know that all of This goes on while simultaneously being aware that I, more or less, am powerless to stop Its perpetuation bothers me, a little bit.

(♫) (´not to mention right here in our own Country...)

defending Hillary.

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Dr King’s dream began to be realised when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It took a president to get it done.

well ... didn't it?
i mean, i myself am not especially inclined towards voting for Mrs. Clinton..
..but if i were to come up with a reason for why not?, that would not be it.

any [black] person with a set of Functioning Eyes & Ears should be able to easily find the truth in that proclamation of hers ─ i myself find it very hard to believe that white people, in majority, would have let go of their Prejudgatory Ways if no one had compelled them to.


in addition to the obvious-undercurrent of Racism/neo-Jim Crowism that's remained even after CRA1964, there are still individuals who are quite proud of their ignorance, and would love nothing more than to be granted even the slightest of opportunities to flaunt their hatred of and disrespect for blacks, et al.(♫)


why would you want to try to pretend That doesn't exist?

why would you want to try to pretend that it wouldn't require some kind of Outside Force to get fuckers to civilly act right?

so, give the chick a break ... take her apart on something that matters, please.

(♫) (i also have my eye trained on those non-caucasians who, in their desperate attempt to

  • escape that Wrathful Grip of The White Anger;

  • try to gain acceptance from Those Whites Who Do, Actively, Practice Discrimination,

actually adopt those Racist Attittudes, themselves.

´pussy wankers.)

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