Monday, December 31, 2007

i ... had ***A Dream.***

´a pretty unfortunate dream.

´one with the ostensive-consequence of me waking-up with a throbbing erection(♫-1), (♫-2), to boot.

i'm just going to divulge the details about this Dream that i feel you, at the moment, should know.

me and [????] found ourselves simply hanging out, walking through a certain, common↕place Shopping Venue(♫-3) together ─ as how Friendly Acquaintances normally would.

apparently i had been very reluctant to tell this big fucker i wanted to Be Intimate with him but, i guess, i finally figured closed mouths don't get fed so i swallowed ... my pride, went ahead, and told him my Desire.

Surprisingly, he wasn't shocked or offended by my revelation; rather, he: picked me up from behind, bear-hug_style, in his... ...BIG STRONG ARMS; grabbed my hard dick, for just a moment
(♫-4); and then, (i think), told me he was considering letting himself indulge me ─ if not, at least, just a little.

it is self-evidently_sufficient for me to say to y'all that My Heart jumped when Dave Batista actually agreed to even that much ... but i really liked that part where my subconscience allowed me a simulation of what it'd be like to get affectionately/playfully-man↕handled ... by such a manly-man.


which makes It all-the-more cruel.....
.....´though i don't fore↕see my ever getting a sudden-feeling that i will want or need to be fucked or, even, dominated/[``]abused[´´] in any [other {major}] way, just because i am a bit on the short side ... well, there is, still, something pretty-fuckin'-nice about having a Big Butch Bloake(♫-5) want to strong-arm me like that: to feel his Warm, Soft, Supple Flesh against my own...


...and i have not been experiencing either of Those Sensations often enough, at all.


oh well.

happy new year, Fuckers.

(♫-1) (and i don't believe It had anything to do with a Full Bladder either.)
(♫-2) (additionally, i am not a Wet Dreamer: probably because my subconscience wouldn't allow such a thing, anyway.)
(♫-3) (one that, {albeit usually in different incarnations ─ although always in the same location}, quite often has appeared in These Dreams of Mine.)
(♫-4) (which is all that My Subconscience would probably ever allow me, i am reckoning; incidentally, this gropage of His felt very life-like, indeed.)
(♫-5) (3-hit Standard Alliteration-combo: +2,008 Kudos bonus points; +11 Style Points

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