Saturday, November 24, 2007


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i hope THESE WORDS won't come back to haunt me, later(♫-1), but..


i would like to think that, overall, i am a fellow with relatively-normal Sexual Tastes(♫-2):

  • ´suckin' Cock;

  • ´gettin' m` Cock sucked, when appropriate;


  • ´eatin' out PROPERLY WASHED-ASS;

  • ´kissin';

  • ´spankin' Ass, just a little, if the person i am with assumes the "subordinate"-role, between the two of us, if he doesn't otherwise want to act as my EQUAL;

  • ´cuddlin'/spoonin'(♫-3)


verily: that, in essence, rounds out my Repertoire.


now, obviously, i can throw in justa-coupla "extra things," if the person i'm "with"(♫-4) consents...
...i wouldn't mind it if a dude:

  • ´takes out 2 [pairs of {hand↕cuffs}] [that] he's, personally, [acquired];

  • [´places one of their respective {Keys} somewhere accessible];

  • ´has me [bind] both of his wrists to [something];

  • and then lets me fuck his ass (facing either t'wards or away from me) that way

, for example.

. . . . .


and i can't, actually, think of any-other-thing which be especially SPECIAL to tell you, regarding my Intimacy Jutsus.(♫-5) least, ´not anything that i feel i need to go At Length about, anyways.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_


i will bitch about this, now, because i had been wanting to do so, for a while.

basically: this will be another one of those posts where, of course, i will be quite capable of going off on A Tangent..
..and shall do so, indeed.

you see: i've almost never met-up with a dude for a Sexual Encounter from any-other-place besides THE INTERNET; it's easier for me to screen Niggers, that way ─ and if a Cracker, or whomever, wants to get uppity with me, or whatever, thence, i can usually-merely just :: click on Dat X ::, or submit


, (if the fucker forces me to escalate It to that level), to solve Problems.

if the person i'm peepin' has already made it transparent, in his [Personals' AD], WHAT HE'S INTO. . . . .i can otherwise just bypass the sum↕bitch if i see he likes undertaking some Gnarly Things: i won't even have to ask the fucker anything.

which is good.



at my second-to-last job, i would eventually lay m` eyes upon A Dude.

what kinda Dude?

´the kinda DUDE who'd go on to be my ... 2nd-ever crush.

that's whom.

what can i say about the fucker, but, he just was a Handsome Guy?

which is cool and all, but..
..i still didn't, ´still don't know JACK SQUAT about his affinities.

you may, once more, with Assurance, be able to place yourselves AT REST via the knowledge that if i were able to have gotten to the point where i could discover that This Fucker, after all, was into shoving rusted-needles through his partners' Genitalia, and, otherwise, can only ACHIEVE ORGASM through:

  • forcibly-defecating into someone's mouth;

  • compelling said [presumably-unwilling] person to ingest these fæces and then have the w'indiwidual eventually regurgitate That into his mouth;

  • eating this Vomitus(♫-6), thus

, then, well... ...that nigger would, eventually, have become a DEAD NIGGER.(♫-7),(♫-8)


actually, i would ensure he'd've not even gotten past The Needling Phase, with Me.

for That Matter.


i am bitching about this now, because i had been wanting to do so, for a while, anyway.


you see: to date, i almost never meet-up with dudes for Sexual Encounters from any-other-place besides THE INTERNET; it is easier for me to screen out Unscrupulous Niggers, through that medium ─ when Insipid Crackers, or whomever, want to get pissy with me, or whatever, thence, i will, merely :: click on Dat X ::, or submit


in order so i may restore some sort of Peace for m'self, once again.

i am sort of reluctant to try to proposition niggas en personum because, well..
..i really am a Puss, primarily; secondarily. . . . .i just am not in the mood for finding out, Face-to-Face, the fact that, yeah, this fucker whose crotch i said i had been wanting to bury my face in, so much, is in fact a cracker that..'ly, feels he would much-betterly benefit from the oral-services of his Golden Retriever than from ME.



now, how in the Blue Holy Hell am i supposed to deal with that, huh?

´be as awkward as shit for me, that's for sure.


the fact that you, presumably, did severely-misjudge a person's character:

´that while your mind is on executing something as low-impact as licking Whipped Cream from off [of] one another's nipples..
..this fucker you've had your eye on would rather yenz,─l.o.l.,─lick Whipped Shit(♫-9) from off´n' each other's nipples.


...´[having the real{ly-}high potential to come across] crap like That really makes me afraid to try to be a Social Butterfly, in person.

as beautiful as those Hazel Eyes are... ...if he can't get It up without thinking about HIS MOM, for 7-minutes(♫-10), first...
...then that fucker needs to be burned at The Stake.


(♫-1) (yeah↕yeah; i know, i know: i guess you'd say, it's a bit too late for that, bro, eh?)

(♫-2) (at least, for a Homosexual, anyways.)

(♫-3) (THIS ACTIVITY would probably be bestly-executed once we're both fuckin' tired ... after i've gotten through showing an individual the surprising amount of prowess that a 5-foot-7 Fucker, such as m'self, has.)

(♫-4) (your quintessent-Cute Euphemism for that nigga whom i'm gonna be bonin', in a lil' bit)

(♫-5) (i might elabourate on THESE, at a later point-in-time ... ´pending on What Happens.


(♫-6) (4-part SAT-word_utilization link-combo: +3,444 points; +17 INT)

(♫-7) (one for whom there can be no storage.)

(♫-8) (actually, the fucker looks more like [----] than [----], if you must know.)

(♫-9) (3-hit Stiff-Upper Lip-Rhyme_combo: +3,782 pts.)

(♫-10) (obviously, it will never be okay for a nigra(♫-10a) to think about [any of] his Family Members in a sexual manner whatsommever.)

(♫-11) (i think you might have just bore witness to the reason i was hesistant to write this LITTLE NUMBER up.


(♫-10a) (or crackra, if you must [enforce EQUALITY].)


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oh dear god, why??

indeed: only in Japan.


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