Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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any bone.

my bone: is with C & S Wholesalers, of Aberdeen, Maryland.

if you want to successfully describe to someone an overwhelming-example of Incompetence, you need only bring up this entity; and, upon doing so, you'd immediately gain nods and expletives of Agreeance.

those fuckers.. ..They simply make my already unnecessarily-difficult job so much more harder than it has to be; but, sadly, it doesn't appear as if anything can be done about Them.

i'll eventually go in depth about the kinds of issues i regularly face, as a Grocery-store Stocker, when the time is right; when i do, you'll definitely be seeing C & S liberally-sprinkled in there, amongst my many complaints.

incidentally, i have moved on to making my second pasta-type dish,—and my 2nd-ever Major Entreé—last thursday: with tomato-based Pasta Sauces; preparing It my way, it came out rather nicely. there was some room for improvement, but, i didn't burn anything, and it does seem adequately-seasoned. i look forward to making more, some time in the near future.


pretty much, That was all i wanted to share, at the moment. given the fact that no one's really reading this blog, anyway, i'll be only sporadically-posting Entries, until i feel like doing something different.


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