Sunday, December 30, 2007

these are a few of my favourite things.

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and i don't give a fuck about it, either:

this is all being done simply in the pursuit of my furtherly
sharing, with yinz, some more of those Things that interest Me.


i have a definite affinity for EYE CANDY...
...although my affinity for Facing & Accepting Reality seems to be set even higher.


it be what It be ... and, for as long as i continue to place no individual in immediate physical-/psychologic-danger(♫), i'mma keep goin' at it, ´still not givin' A Fuck.

with That said:

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

David/Dave Batista/Bautista

Bill Goldberg play-kissing some dude i don't know

rick bassman lifting big-ass bill goldberg up onto his shoulders!!

classic mario lopez

more mario lopez

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

the thing about It is.. if i were to be [a}n actual{ female], then i would have to put up with a different, perhaps even more-injurious sort of Bull↕Shit ─ presumably as the trade↕off for my being able to enjoy the easier-access to all this Macho Dick.

why-oh-fuckin'_why can't mutha↕fuckas just be normal?
and why can't a chick who simply likes Sperm Baths just be left alone about it?

(and why do i have to tell some of You that you can click on those Question Mark Boxes above to see additional photos of ... fellas who have crotches that i also have an interest for burying my face into, but didn't want to immediately-reveal the identities of their respective owners ─ so as to signify that these are not the fellows for whom this Entry was originally-crafted?)

(♫) (as dictated by TRADITION, this Immediacy extends down through 7°-of-removal from Source.)

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