Sunday, October 28, 2007

workin' out from The Pen.


there are so many things [even within] just the first 30-seconds [starting from The Title Sequence] of this clip(♫-1) which i could Lay Comment on...

...but, i won't.

i cannot.

Workout from The Pen: EXERCISE WITH CONVICTION! is a series that is hosted by; once i determined that This Series wasn't being filmed with ACTUAL CONVICTS from an ACTUAL FACILITY, i would then spend the longest time trying to figure out whom the fuck "Jesus" was.(♫-2)

i'm sure you can imagine why i would make such an attempt.


ironically, this fucker has already been in The Game for quite some years..
..albeit, basically, mostly in Bit Roles.


using my rudimentary-level ability in Statistics & Analyses, i was able to determine that this actor seemingly has his own affinity: an affinity for Playing Prisoner.

which is cool ─ that nigga, et al., is stupid as shit, in Workout from The Pen.
him, and Ramón.

ah, pinche Ramón...

...seriously ─ he is the type of muther↕fucker upon whom you have to keep An Eye, regarding shit He might be doing "in the background," whilst Jesús talks to you about developing your Triceratops, and Chesticulars.(♫-3)


frank alvarez..
..this is the fucker who portrays Jesús.

this is the fucker who ... whose crotch i wanna bury my face in ─ verdaderamente, quiero chupar su verga, malamente...
...i am kinda shocked that i am just discovering Him, but ..... maybe with time, Ese will gain even more exposure: he's actually appeared on an episode of how i met your mother(♫-4) just a few weeks ago (if my chronology is correct).

but, yeah.
you have no idea ─ to me, this cholo is like a heart↕throb(♫-5) ── and a fucked-up heart↕throb, to boot.. ..given the sheer number of Quotables one has the potential to derive from him, from any of the 5-short, available clips They currently have up.

this is why i cannot wait for Them to come out with more episodes...
...i need to see some more of Lil' Midget and Tyreese.
i need to see more of those cute-ass Mugs that frank will be prone to making at The Cam'ra, from out of nowhere.


b'tween This, and...

(♫-1) (at the moment, there are 4 others like It)
(♫-2) (and by "the longest time" i mean about an hour ─ this, after i stumbled across WORKOUT FROM THE PEN, "accidentally", on the 24th of this month.)
(♫-3) (however ... i get this feeling that the dude who portrays Ramón is actually straight.

where do i get this from?

well, i get it from listening to him talk, and watching his Face, in A Particular Bit that he was in; when i do this OBSERVING, i glean "str8-boi who's just Fuckin' Around" consequently.

and from whence, exactly, do you get This?, you ask?

well, you'll just have to root around and see, for yourselves ─ maybe get back to me, with your results.)
(♫-4) (which is another CBS-fave of mine ─ that which i would rather watch, than pro-wrestling, these days.)
(♫-5) (one of many, of course..)

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