Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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´fine by Me.

i'll just watch more You↕Tube, and Pr0ns, in lieu of the Tee↕Vee, until muther↕fuckers get their shit back together again.

it sucks, though, that apparently the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is so fucking greedy It doesn't even want to give what seems to be just a nominal share of non-traditional_media-profits to the individuals that make The Shit possible in the first place.


do you realize what an average production would look like if there were no words for an actor to recite or ... a set of Actions scripted for this actor to execute?

it.. ..it would just be a n***er standing around staring blankly, into the camera; looking down to the floor; or, miscellaneously, picking in his Nose, and shit; if you want to get technical about it, that person really would be limited to doing either That, or, exhibiting actions/reactions that are involuntary: an actress, herself, can easily be classified as a writer, even for making up things on The Spot, "unscripted" ─ once she meets That Condition, she is essentially functioning under the capacity of a writer ── albeït a writer who is composing material just for herself in her head ─── setting-up the bases and guidelines for what she(, and, by extension, possibly her cohorts,) does and says specifically for the audience's Intake/Enjoyment.

now, This, of course, is not the same thing as what goes on with true-Reality Programming, where the expectation is that, for the most part,──if not entirely,──nothing may scripted/rehearsed/planned for on-air use for the people you're watching [by a {third-party}]: meaning, no person, who will not be getting filmed, will be getting paid to advise a person on what to do/say: for, once that person makes such directives that the People You Watch are to follow, he must be considered a script-crafter.

(this is how you get to be a writer/director, by-the-by ─ when you have a vision that is so complete, you can not only put It to paper but are also able to orchestrate how It should play out, visually.)

i believe the same thing may be applied to Documentaries..
..the subjects may pre-plan what They want to say to us, but, the autologue generally is limited to Self; not including The Mockumentary, you can't really make up Facts.. ..´just how you choose to present these facts for our consideration.


what galls me is the fact that there are still actually people who just don't get what the Writers are trying to fight for; ´not a lick of Empathy from the fuckers.

(from what i've observed, the lack of {or unwillingness to employ} Empathy is one of the other main causes of Human Strife.)

to say something like them writers is jus` bein' greedy ´cause they already git paid enuff az It iz is, frankly, fuckin' ignorant and appalling.
(writers are to Actors as teachers/Law Enforcement Agents/housekeeping staff/house↕-wives/-husbands are to, uh.. ..[successful] Actors/Base↕Ball- & Foot↕Ball-players/CEOs:

ridiculously-/disproportionately-overpaid fuckers.


as if you wouldn't be saying the exact-same-thing They are: when you realize that someone is still making money from off'n somethin' you had a pivotal role in crafting..
..but They're not letting you share in the proceeds, (no matter how negligible)...
...presumably, you will propose undertaking some Corrective Actions to fix this over↕sight, yourself.

no matter where your work is being exhibited.

it would be like the Host/Coördinator taking all accolades & kudos given by the people at a Banquet for the food that was served there ... especially when he had lain nary a Finger upon anything in the prep-area: not even the Dijon Ketchup; and then continues to shamelessly accept future benefits of that successful outing without properly-distributing that shit to all those fuckers who were Behind The Scenes.

as a chef, you're not going to ask for every penny generated by the event..
..but, certainly, you will want that Fair Share from it; if the host decides to replicate one of your recipes, for example, i believe you'd be the first to remind Her, hey now, just make sure you tell these people where you got that Tasty Idea from in the first place!.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

even if writers, individually, get paid a total of A Million Dollars-per-exhibition_of_Work on Television and Theatre Showings, well, let them get paid a few ten-thousands more, if the other players are getting an extra hundred-thousand dollars from the "alternative media"; if you experience Cognitive Dissonance for being paid what you feel is too much for a contribution you believe is seemingly miniscule in importance/exertion, just donate that excess to A Worthy Cause, and don't seek a Tax Write-off for that sum↕bitch.

a matter that should be easy to fix isn't being handled as such.

i'm really not seeing what the problem is ─ if my r'c`lection works properly, a disturbing number of these [successful] [Actors] don't know what to do with all the [millions] they have been paid, anyway: so, why not just redirect 7-10% from the total earnings to the writers, huh? if Shit was good enough, everyone else will still be able to take home a nice pay↕check, at the end of The Work Day.


“the Stockers' Hustle + the MTA's Suckiness”

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..i've been meaning to write about the trappings of My Job for quite a while, now.


oh yes, there will be much Bitching and Cursing in that post: because there are things going on Over There that piss me off...
...and i need to get That Shit from off m` chest.

i also plan to whip-up a little something on the varying-inadequacies of our Public Transport-system: it's like dealing with Baboons over here, getting the bus coaches to arrive ±2-minutes when they're scheduled to; i also don't like having to fear for my Safety while riding select-lines, neither.

so ... look out for These, in the coming weeks.

revisiting The Past.

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before i forget ... i just want to mention that, on the 6th of This Month, i got together with That Guy i mentioned to you from a few weeks ago, once again. ; and i actually broke a sweat, this time around..

..so i guess i was taking this particular session more seriously.


the most-noteworthy_thing i can think of to share with you about our latest rendezvous is, This [Gentleman] really seems to like gripping heads and fucking faces!

jesus h. christ.

he actually made my head involuntarily bob back`n´forth for a few seconds after he, uh, "got through with me."
(if he hadn't been so piggish he coulda actually unloaded in my mouth(♫) instead of on The Carpet {yet again} but i needed to catch my god↕damn breath at some point-in-time so i reck'n he lost out on that opportunity now didn't he?)
and you know i am going to have to pay his ass back for This, suffice to say: me giving him The Pearl Necklace when it was My Turn just wasn't enough..

..´next time, i might have to leave him with a sore ass.
and a Gullet full of My Sticky Stuff.

(♫) (before you get any Ideas, i want to remind you that i am definitely a Spitter and not a Swallower; additionally, it is a seemingly-rare event when i allow someone to jizz in m` mouth, in the first place.)

these are a few of my [????] things.

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Spontaneous Combustion: what apparently happens to someone when he tries to make an exit as if he were a Ninja

Old Timer's Disease: when you acquire Alzheimer's in the ghetto

Electronically-transmitted Diseases: your computer has Vaginosis ─ there are worms everywhere. :-\.

"Euripides: Eumenides!": one of the most gangster-Puns around

Trans Fats: :-\. an oft-misunderstood Lipid that just wants to live its life without having people make fun of It for wanting to dres──oh.


that's not what It is?

my bad.

Trans Fats: the primary reason that Food used to taste good

Homophones: that ain't cool, the fact that we got actual Parts of Speech discriminating agains──?



(i need to put that Tequila down, i think. . . . .)

Monotonous Relationship: a relationship where two people are sexually-exclusive only to each other

Viagra: spanish for allows Old Men to get and throw a bone..
..and contract Electronically-transmittable Diseases.


Beer Goggles: "the only means through which some people could ever get laid, i am afraid"


Dumb Ass: George W. Bush

"heron": ´not a Great Lake but, actually, a substance that you may snort or inject, intravenously, if you live in Baltimore City

The Jungle: how you may, correctly, describe the pubic hair of an average_Heterosexual-identified [Gentleman]'s

beautiful faces are a dime a dozen; a beautiful mind is but one in a million: something that just Came To Me, earlier this afternoon...

Wal-Mart: french for, a great place to get your Lead Paint fix, all while supporting Gay Discrimination, Worker Abuse, and Monopolization/Small Business-screwing

Targèt: french for, a great place to buy some Timberlake Boots and Nikó Tennis!

the Salt Mines: another name that may be given for a heterosexually-identified_male's Private Parts.


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