Thursday, December 27, 2007

must see TeeVee!

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on a lighter note, i just wanna fire off some of the names of my favourite current
prime-time programming (mostly, but not exclusively, prime-time) in no particular order(?):

  • scrubs

  • The Office (US)

  • 30 Rock

  • house

  • Criminal Minds

  • MAD TV

  • reno 911

  • Family Guy

  • [my name is earl]

  • American Dad!

  • Saturday Night Live

  • late night with Conan o'Brien

  • Rules of Engagement

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • the Tonight Show with ***Jay Leno***

  • [back to you]

  • Fox 45's News (varying time↕slots)

  • [sex and The City]

  • girls behaving badly

  • cheaters

past recent-favourites have, in no particular order, included:

  • the George Lopez show

  • My Wife & Kids

  • the King of Queens

  • Frasier (!!)

  • the Drew Carey show

  • Becker (!!!!)

  • [Chappelle Show]

  • that 70's show

  • WWE [and Friends] (before i finally got tired of being expected to accept all these ludicrous things It consistently tried shoving down my throat ─ That which i still plan to write about, some time down the line)

there are others..
..but, for me to list Those would be getting a bit too deep.

If You Know What I Mean.

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