Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pride and ... Politics? (e.2; part 1 of 2)

an over-night change to all this Foolishness just ain't happening: it is rather obvious that shit is gonna be getting worse before it gets better.

it legitimately pains me,──especially as A Pisces,──to have to acquiesce like That, but, our idealism can only be taken so far before we finally have to just knuckle-up and be realistic; i actually am far from Religious(♫-1) yet, i keep finding myself asking for G.O.D..

the god who, of course, will pro'ly show himself just when the BREAKING POINT has been reached by the last person around [who'd qualify for {an After↕Life of Peace}] who had managed to hold on to Sanity.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

actually, i'm writing this little entry up because i want to throw in my acknowledgement that, yeah, this whole issue with [Alternative{, non_Male/Female-based} Sexualities(♫-2)] obviously is nothing but a seemingly very-effective Smoke↕Screen for distracting the average person from tackling the issues that really matter.

Famines; [Plagues]; [Homo]sexuality; Natural Disasters, and, yeah, Wars.

i hate the fact that This has to be included amongst those five, but, yeah, These are the ostensive, ever-present devices put in place to try to curtail the Human Population from burgeoning out of control: i can imagine that there are quite a few Bitches around who'd love to lap up some of my sperm, or/and, get bred by me, for example; and i know there are many more traditionally_heterosexual-seeming Men and Womyn out there, too, who don't want nothin' to do with The Opposite Sex, and never will have Sexual Relations with it, either.

´fuckin' Heterosexual Idiots: do you know just how much more competition you would have to deal with if all these fuckers you seem to insist on bashing were converted into fuckers who suddenly ... felt THE NEED TO BREED?

have you seen how good-looking a sizable-number of us [non_exclusive-Heterosexuals] are??


y'all niggiz wouldn't even see It comin'.

even with those 4-other controls set firmly in place, if every person of normal_physiologic-function were, from The Beginning of Time, genetically-focused solely on Procreating, one of at least two things will have happened by now:

  1. our current population would, somehow, be closer to a minimum of 8-billion;

  2. the destruction of This Planet may have already commenced, due to all the Natural and Artificial Resources having long been consumed.
_\↕/_ _\↕/_

furthermore, one of the few things i would be willing to bet money on, is the fact that, even if You were to somehow-otherwise totally, and completely [segregate out] all people who [just don't have an interest in procreating and pursuing those individuals of the Contrary Sex who choose to, at least almost exclusively, espouse(♫-3) those base-{æsthetic ⌠and behavioral⌡ traits} universally-recognized to be associated with that Sex], and, furtherly, remove all possible "[Gay] Influences", y'all would still eventually find some fruit among you.

and what would you say, then?

no one's told that girl anything about pussy-eating..
..nor has she even ever had any thoughts about undertaking such an activity.
..but, what does she find herself wanting to do, now, after she's watched that heterosexual porn?(♫-4)


how crazy of an idea is That, anyway?
the limiting of further productions of porn to just solo-performances, and disallowing all possible references to Opposite Sex within these, just so future generations won't be able to risk "getting any `Ideas´"?

but, That is what eventually will have to be done ... in a totalitarian-world like That, to preserve such an ... "ideal".

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

for, obviously, deviations from Heterosexuality are, mostly, genetical.

(even within the non-human clans, there are Faggies; tell me: upon whom will you Homo↕Phones blame this phenomenon? Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? {them ⌠animal⌡ niggers don't get that show out in the middle of the Fuckin' Congan Jungle!})

and, it's been said that few, if any, can be completely Heterosexual or Homosexual, anyway.
or, it's been said that few, if any, can be exclusively attracted to, uh.. ..their [Gender] Opposite, anyway.(♫-5)

if you'd like to case-in-point me: if you're a self-identified Heterosexual [Male], just think back to the first reäction you had when i told you the only type of porn you would be truly-entitled to enjoying(♫-6).

as a matter-of-fact, i probably don't even have to go that far: for those of you who have The Porno On Video, think about how many of them involve:

  • man-on-woman;
    • man & man-on-woman (with no sort or form of contact between the two bloakes [{captured} on camera]);

  • woman & woman-on-man;
  • woman-and-woman using toys only;
    • woman-on-woman, toys optional;
  • woman;
    • woman with Toys
    • woman without Toys

easily, i could, with little error, extrapolate the results i'd get from That Poll to the rest of you who would have porn, if not for fear of something that Gays, themselves, are quite familiar with:


(♫-1) ;-).

(♫-2) (or, worded more plainly, Homo- and Bi-sexuality.)

(♫-3) (sosumi for the fuckin'-split-infinitive.)

(♫-4) (This, as being the other reason why, if i were a true-Heterosexual, {and especially one who is against anything that deviates from It}, i'd be interested only in watching solo-female mastubatory action ... i'd even go so far as to disallow her the use of any object that even remotely-resembles an anatomically-correct penis.
This, as being the basis for the next issue I'm going to broach in a bit, after you reverse-link back to the regular text.)

(♫-5) (this is one of the reasons i'm having a bit of difficulty with writing this entry: Gender & Sexuality is far from easy to explain, especially in layman's terms, without my being compelled to spend many words on It.)

(♫-6) (remember, your God doesn't like Hypocrites, so ... you can't be the dude who tries to get around my restriction by saying well, how about two chickies [goin' at It] instead of just the one? but be that same guy who says if i even ever fuckin' think about two dudes Doin' It together i will beat someone's fuckin' ass!: dykin' It and fudgepackin' It are no worse than the other ... you selfish muther↕fuckin' slimy-rain↕coat_wearin' bitch.)

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