Monday, October 1, 2007

a Dirtier Sanchez. (Part One.)

..Rod, Rod, Rod.........


a little rumour has been floating around, these past few months, about you; that rumour being, You, matt, having been back on-Line, CRUISING FOR COCK, even though you had just gotten through telling Us that, yeah, you had renounced [your previous] Homosexual Ways.

(i'll touch upon a select couple of your other Issues, later; but, for right now, i'll focus on just this One ─ it won't take me long to do.)

now, i'm not even really as concerned about whether or no you had fallen from off your wagon, as i am, the fact that the AD which you allegedly penned contained the following line, and what the implications of That Line are.



..with a priceless, and oft-uttered, line like That, and, keeping in mind the manner in which Mr. Sanchez currently chooses to present himself to others, æsthetically, and publicly; in conjunction with that picture which That Person said was e-Mailed to him, when responding to that Advertisement:

matt sanchez/wrist thick/rod majors;

i have little-to-nothing stopping me from vesting full credence into this Little Rumour.


also, in considering the manner which That Advert was worded, at the time (and, for that matter, the way That AD is worded, now), i'd not be surprised, whatsomnever, if this was our old Mateo, "slumping" back into his old, cocksuckering, Ways.

besides the former Minimalist's Approach, and the current Religious Approach, of wording, which typically would be used by a person who, y'know, wanted to maintain anonymity(♫-1), and then, albeit unintentionally/inferrentially, convey Dismay at either hs potentially-Newest "Bad" Situation or/and with the very group people he .. was trying to lie in bed with, one other element seems to make all of This point, relatively clearly, to The Mystery Fag being him:

this person having (just as a certain-type of White Person would) said, at one time, the fact he wants nothing to do with Blacks/Asians.

This ties in to my opinion that Mr. Sanchez does think he is [a certain-type of] White.

That Sentiment [which was expressed in the AD], plus the Current Outward Appearance of Matthew, plus That Photo which THE SNITCH procured (which has some Valid Elements of Culpability:

1. the fact that, yeah, basically, That was a picture of The Cock↕Sucker, and that, yeah,

1a. That Image has to have been taken at least around 2004;

2. the fact that This Image isn't just some generic one that just any old fucker could have Snapped Up of him, walking around The Park or eating some Dairy Queen, etc.: but that, almost certainly, This smegma-cheesy picture could have been captured either by himself, using the handy little Auto-Timer Feature {on the obviously high-quality digital camera which someone of Corporal Sanchez's standing should be able to afford}, from within the privacy of his own domecile, or by "a bud" of his;

3. the fact that, even then, Matthew styles and postures himself, as if a White Conservative, [Nut↕Job/über-Patriotic], Jarhead)

makes me feel as if i can be at least 82.58% Certain it is You, dude.

to review all of This:

  • he already aligns himself with conservatives, and republicans;

  • he hasn't, based on what I know, been acting like the non-white that he is, but, rather, like That Certain Type of White(♫-2) of whom i'm not a fan;

  • he makes himself look like your quintessent [Jar↕Head] White Boy, but, only with Tan(♫-3);

  • in 2007, a rumour of there being a Sex AD created by Mon'signior Mateo surfaces;

  • a certain statement in the originally-cited version of That AD reads like one which Certain White People, and those who pattern themselves after Those Individuals, would─and do, regularly─say;

  • That Very Statement circularly links its self back to Matthew, because he looks like, and takes up activities of, one of those ignorant fuckers who'd come from out of his face with something that would so summarily, and conscientiously, dismiss every dude, Asian and Black, from his FUCKING POOL;

  • that The AD, its self, was rather.. ..conservative, with Details ─ as how a person who tries not to snitch on himself, would have It; also, for this person's response to Ethnicity, it's Ask Him ─ obviously you don't want to outright lie and put, say, MONGOLIAN, so when the fucker sees you, and you look like Julia Childs, he can go back and tell other fuckers, no, this fucker is, at the very least, not MONGOLIAN:

to wit, even now, i can't rightfully identify Mr. Sanchez's ethnicity..
..i was gonna call him LATINO, as how his Wiki would place him, but ... He does look like he has some other Blood mixed up in him, now don't he?

The Current Iteration of his AD simply quotes an actual Verse from The Bible(♫-4): of course The AD's Wording shall have changed, after the The Author presumably caught wind of THE SNITCH'S having posted a screeen↕capture of the version he first came acrost; that Bible Shit sounds exactly like some shit that A Fucker Who's Gonna Be Busted, is under pressure, and is, *ahem,* Christianly-influenced (as Mr. Sanchez, presumably, is(♫-5)) would say, too.


the point of all This is, i'm just mapping out The Reasons there are which lead me to believe the rumours of his "relapsing" be true.

and that, i'm trying to generate some Page Hits.


(♫-1) (as also evidenced by there being no Public Picture, neither open nor private, then-as-now)
(♫-2) (MILQUE-TOAST, i believe is The Term i look for.)
(♫-3) (you can be in the military and still retain the æsthetic-qualities of your core ethnicity)
(♫-4) (imagine: actually Proselytizing on a site where the only Kneeling that would willingly be performed would be for a purpose that'd normally make Jesus blush...)
(♫-5) (´nice way to represent Your Tribe, eh guv'nah?)

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