Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pride and ... Politics? (e.2; part 1 of 2)

as far as I am aware, it probably just does not occur to the average of You to be so purely-Straight that you conscientiously opt for acquiring only the least risky of Adult-oriented Media; surely, you are aware of the presence of such Media, though?


but if That were to be the case, then, why don't more of you mini-fruits just acquire Them, instead? just whom is it, amongst you Breeders, that make these male porn-stars so fuckin' ... "star-like," anyway? (i really just cannot imagine an average Heterosexual [American] Woman concerning herself with such lascivious, prurient things).

...what makes a Porn Dude legendary?

  • how many Nutts he can bust on a Bitch?

  • the number of PEARL NECKLACES he can bestow upon multiple chicks?

  • ´just HOW FAR he can blow his wad, and the volumniousness of This Ejaculæ, thence?(♫-1)

  • how many Eyes he can burn, for the night, with the Baby Batter this fucker firehosed around without regard for anyone or any-other-thing but his own fucking pleasure??

That's pretty gay, worrying about the carnal exploits of another [nigger](♫-2), y'know.


no one person can be only exclusively attracted to its opposite sex. that much is apparent, to me. even if you were to try to eliminate all traces of [Gay],──environmental and personified,──from the human population, and succeeded: some time down The Line, more of those people [who, in this hateful-assèd Society, bear the unfortunate-disposition of wanting to experience That Love Which Dares Not Speak Its Name,] will eventually emerge, once more; two things would have to come of That Development, though:

  1. from the moment you begin to re-kill all of them, you surely will have guaranteed the creation of your own cozy spot in Hell; and the suffering you'd undergo, there, will be a lot worse than anything that which can be inflicted upon that civil-minded dude who just wanted to lick the scrotum of some other dude, and had been acting only as such, while still living;

  2. when you begin to embark upon further research on these new gays' Genes to determine if These were the cause of their .. coming out as They had, you shall have already admitted that, no, [the desiring for the flesh of {The Similar}] is almost never a choice.



and don't even get me started on the Bible Thumpers, who use these fanciful-Religious Texts to justify our continued persecution.

this Bible of yours says a lot of things ... but i don't exactly see you fuckers being especially consistent in following those precepts, either.

frankly, this Bible,──as utilized by most variations of the Christian Faith,──and Kōran,──as utilized by most variations of Islam,──seems to ask you fuckers to do & believe some pretty silly things; but ... it goes back to something I realized, about 7-years ago: the fact that most of you ..... well. i'll be nice, here:

it goes back to that thing i realized, some years ago:

that most of you need some[thing {mystical ⌠and OTHERWORLDLY⌡}] to guide your actions.
for, verily, without such an influence, you surely will be lost.


next to what, basically, amounts to the continued pursuit [and conquering] of Pussy, religion(♫-3) has also been quite the successful-Historical Instigator of Strife.

i have also heard that it's probably not so much the thoughts of the actual Acts of [Male-on-Male] Coupling which be the thing that, for any given [heterosexual-identified {male}], gives rise to the feelings of Repulsion so much as it might be the deeply instinctual-impulse of being fearful for seeming, to other indiwiduals, like a Weakling, Deviant, or a SYMPATHIZER: in that, being the Receiver/Insertee is the task which is to be handled by the "weaker"(♫-4) of the two [standard] sexes ─ Females.

it's very understandable, actually.

this neanderthalian-mentality.

especially These Days, when said-weaker individuals will, indeed, be surruptitiously-squashed, with little-to-no after↕thought; additionally.. ..well, Ignorance continues to breed Fear & Hate, and ... muther↕fuckers, to be blunt, are quite Cruel ─ just on a psychological-level, alone, can one of these 1995-born Demon Spawn easily, thoughtlessly-yet-premeditatedly, CRUSH another, otherwise-decent person. for just the slightest of [perceived] infractions.(♫-5)

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i've long ago already spared more words on This than y'all A.D.D.-muther↕fuckers will be willing to sift through; yet, there is just so much more i can come up with, to gripe about. but, at the moment, i just don't feel like doing it. so i won't.

the quintessent moral of My Yarn is, just be nice to The Gays, because you will never be able to get rid of them using a methodology that Your Lord will sanction.

but if you really do want to find out, in Hades, for yourselves the consequences of those actions i am trying to steer ya from taking, then, go ahead..
..just remember, during your Journey, that all "fags" you try to poach won't, so easily, go down: the quiet-seeming Book Nerd might be the one who finna take a few of you gay-bashers Six Feet Under with her.
and i feel pretty confident that a just god would go on ahead and give Her the pass to eternal happiness, in spite of her man↕slaughter, while You who took that poor lass down for something as fucking stupid as ..... whose crotch she elected to bury her face in will, indeed, be given the pass to rot away in the sulphurous depths, forever↕more.


(♫-1) (3-hit unintentional-STUFF OF LEGENDS-rhyming combo: +7,801 Kudos bonus points; +57 Style Points.)

(♫-2) (feel free to, yet again, substitute that slur with "Cracker", if you so desire it ─ it doesn't really matter to me, since i wasn't referring specifically to black men, and almost always don't, when i use "nigger", anyway.)

(♫-3) (or, rather, man's continued misinterpretation and misapplication of It)

(♫-4) (or "less [obviously-]dominant")

(♫-5) (remember what i've said about the effects of Lead Poisoning! amongst all the other various, mind_altering-toxins that [select] children have been administered, over the decades ..... centuries...)

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