Monday, January 14, 2008

the Opinions of Rex. (e.3)

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maybe there is something in The Water.

what else can account for all of these peoples' acting as nuttily as Fruit↕Cakes?

it's just.. ..i never estimated that things will have gotten as endemically-bad as They have, so quickly.

i... ...i actually heard the reports of those three gun↕shots that were fired at [the unspecified individual] at That Bus↕Stop, last wednesday evening ... with Ambulances and Po↕Pos zooming over to the scene,──thereby cordoning off Traffic from that side of the island,──just minutes later..

..and i had to be across the street from That Very Stop just a couple of hours later so i could try to get to work!

damn it.

(you can imagine I wasn't very pleased.)

i hate to be all about the Doom`n´Gloom, but, prospects really aren't looking very good for man↕kind.


consider the multi-tiered issues that Marylanders have with the various-Tax Increases mr. o'malley recently pushed through, for instance:

one thing i can never be in support of is Members of Congress, and the like, consistently giving themselves raises while opposing the implementation of an all-across_the-board Living Wage-initiative for the rest of us ─ They're telling me they get to be able to [have the opportunity to] maintain their own Qualities of Lives while approving all these little "increases" in myriad-Living Expenses, but we apparently are expected to continue to live. . . . .from Paycheck to Paycheck?

with nary an objection to be made about That, no less?

is That right?


i see.




on the other hand, if there truly is An Problem with our budget, well, that sum↕bitch needs to be dealt with, in short order. i'd rather there be an increase of Taxes than a cut in Vital Programs, Yobs, etc. but, as i've said before ... i maintain the preference for obtaining the monies for resolving That Matter from They who can afford to cough up some extra pennies; in addition to That, it truly would be nice if there could be a significant-reduction in Bureaucratic Wastefulness, and Pork, in the first place ─ i'd like to imagine that a few more Pennies could be found, thither-hencely(♫-1).

failing That, we need to go after mr. erlich for his having clandestinely-pooped out this Rotten Egg, and then leaving it hid for another fucker to find, dispose of, and sanitize after; then we need to raid His pockets to recover some of the clean-up costs ... then we need to raid the republikans' pockets for their putting into office the Big Stinker who'd lay the ground↕work for that future Short↕Fall...


...then we need to have Shut The Fuck Up, those other people that are bitchin`n´complainin' about:

  • what ostensibly needs to be done, and

  • that person who, indeed, is putting his neck out onto The Line to, y'know, git'r done ™.

we don't need no pussy niggas runnin' The Show ─ by definition, a Bitch Nigger ain't gonna make no kind of effort to run a show, no↕ways; he would just be A Lame, caving in to the fuckin' dumb-assèd_Public's Opinion for everything [that The Public says it believes is best for It].


don't shoot the messenger: shoot The Originator.


so, a few centuries ago, some Whities left from europe, to come to what shall eventually be named america. okay. what would happen, from that Fateful Day and onward, bore genesis to the chain of events that lead... ...almost everyone in the world to where We are, now.

i don't suppose i should be really shocked that Things are like They are, in considering what this lovely country, its self, was built from; basically:



a little while after "settling", The White Man proceeded to do a bit more robbing, via the Mexícan-American War; what That means is, we took something from Mexícans ─ their land.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

so, in the year 200[8], when Americans talk about Illegal Immigrants, they really refer to Mexícans; i s'pose That's fair enough, in considering that it seems a majority of those individuals are, in fact, from Mexíco.

(and the words made from the root Mexíc, themselves, admittedly are somewhat-strange, and strong-sounding; so i, just a smidgeon, can understand why They'd rather say "The Illegals" than "The Mexícans".)

the original problem Americans seem to have with Mexícans is the, uh, Third World Shennanigans(♫-2) that a sizable-number do bring with them, south from The Border; actually, this Apprehension of ours can, successfully, be applied to any third-world fucker who comes here on the sly ..... it's just, coïncidentally, most of this country's illegals are of Latino/Natural American-descent.

if i have interpreted Shit properly, then the next problem that plagues the Americans entails [undocumented] individuals having the ability to partake of resources that should be reserved only for They who, uh...
...and when you remember what happened to the Natural Americans, you──if you have any conscience──will then feel at least awkward, when you proceed to say "...They who were here first."
(which, actually, included some of the very Mexícans who were living in areas that The White Man eventually snaked ´em for.)


a country ... that was, more-or-less, built[-up] by Illegal Immigrants(♫-3), having a problem with other immigrants showing up, here.

how quaint.

quaint but, somewhat, valid; by no means am i happy with the means through which I & My Predecessors got here, but, seemingly,

Possession Is Nine-Tenths of The Law

and, ´extremely-fucked as It was,

what's done is done

i want to be able to enjoy the shit that The Enslaved, and their future progeny, had created, and set the foundation for creating ..... i do not want to be told, the reason that [XYZ] is unavailable for you is, we felt sorry for This [Undocumented] Bloake, so we just let that person have It.

sorry, Chief.

you can imagine how That would make me feel.

with the exception of providing the bare minimum of Medical Care necessary to help a fellow human being get from out of Harm's Way, i really don't want Our Shit being ... liberally-handed out to fuckers who.. ..presumably won't pay their Fair Share for living in this fucked-up mess of a Country of ours.(♫-4)

how is this for a question:

Should Drivers' Licences Be Issued To Illegal Immigrants?

i'd imagine that, to an average person's ears, that query would sound quite absurd; but, just a few mornings ago on a News Broadcast, that was the very thing posited to viewers to call in about.


i don't care what the ethnicity of that sum↕bitch is...
...fuck-no he can't get any sort of Driving Privileges!

if he has no intention of ever being a productive member of This Society..
..if, especially, instead, he intends to be a destructive member of This Society, then, i cannot, in Good Conscience, sanction his flourishing here.

actually.. ..i'm not sure i can feel good about any other new non-native indiwidual setting up shop in This Country, now...
...illegally-present, or otherwise: there's already enough competition just from the fuckers already extant Hither for me to contend with, as it is.., i really don't need some additional Hot Shot Fuckers coming over and, in mere weeks or months, snatching up shit that individuals who have already been here for generations should be able to have First Dibs on.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

´speakin' of, actually: the third-most prominent Point of Contention americans say they have with the illegalents is those peoples' taking jobs from the natives.


That is a good one, in considering that these "jobs" that you are referring to are ones that, succinctly, were the ones that Slaves used to do: Menial/Manual Labour(times)2,000.

yal fuckers(♫-5) don't really want those Jobs; as integral as They are [to keeping this particular system of things running], it seems like CEOs will never part ways with enough of the profit they reap [from off your Back↕Breaking Efforts] to pay you what you'd deem your fair share; and even if They did.. ..well, an average american, frankly, pro'ly fancies himself too good to work such occupations "so beneath" him anyway ─ especially-more-so, if they're ones that don't, ([may the] Heaven[s] Forbid), fall within that so-heterosexually_constrictive/typical time↕frame of 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday(♫-6), (♫-7).


thereïn lay The Quandry:

let The Undocumented Mexícans, et al.,──who don't really want to strive for much else besides just keeping A Roof over their heads,──stay so they can continue to perform the crap jobs, or give them y todos sus familías the boot de aquí?

should the united states try to pay off at least some of the debt it immediately owes Mexíco by pumping funds down into It so they can, eventually, gain enough footing to be self-reliant, and, theoretically, no longer have a need to come up here, except for just to visit and get laid/drunk?

and what about Reparations?

all of This and more(@)5!

(♫-1) (i guess you'd say, good luck with That One, eh?(♫-1a))

(♫-2) (That which stems from the poverty that befell Them, ironically, after The White Man paid ´em a visit.)

(♫-3) (i suppose i should say, a country that was built, mostly, by the captives of Illegal Immigrants...)

(♫-4) (if someone absolutely must be a Terminal Mooch, here, i'd rather he die ..... failing That, i'd rather he be a bona fide citizen.)

(♫-5) (the White {Conservative/Red↕Neck⌠/Sister-Humpin'⌡} Ones, specifically...)

(♫-6) ("no week↕ends, please!")

(♫-7) (´can't get in the way of my Party Time neither, of course!)

(♫-1a) (plus, in keeping with my overall theme of Doom`n´Gloom, besides, it don't look like Our Government is ever meant to reform its self like that, anyway.)

(gunshots that, eventually, lead to that person's dying)

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