Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yo te explíque, 2.

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Jonathan Rogers.

a former student of the baltimore polytechnic institute.

he was supposed to graduate with me, back in the year 2000..
..but i don't think he did.

i think he got himself expelled for bringing a knife to school (and actually getting caught with the muther↕fucker).

well, anyway: that is the guy who haunts my dreams — who was one of two of the black males i've had Primary Crushes on.

it is he who.. ..perplexes me.


i don't know what's happened with him since late 1999.

if any of you know, please give me a holler.

i am curious about him.

is he still attractive?

did he manage to keep himself with a good crowd?

or, as i fear, had he already succumbed to The Street Life?


actually, i don't have a problem with the concept of church; it's just, that element of Orthodox Religion is what i believe does not belong with it.

as i've said before: we need each other — there is no getting around that.

merely, all churches should serve as a religion-neutral meeting place for guiding people into the general right path; otherwise, it can serve as a respite for those trying to stay out of trouble.


and, no, we don't need Reverend soliciting donations from anyone, either: how dare he build his fortune from off the backs of the already poor?

what about the Vow of Poverty, and Humbleness?

(as long as God is with him, whatever meager accommodations he has should be more than plenty: hot, clean, running water; a Bed; a Private Room; Food, etc.: these are all that is needed for a comfortable life.)


i used to pride myself on being a loner; i was profoundly misguided in my personal assessment, of course: i am not a loner.

i fancied that i was, because i wanted to be "cool".

(but, i need people.)

such being one of {the} many pratfalls of {my} youth.

it's not so much that i don't like being around people as it is, i know that there really are few people that i can find even a minimum of compatibility with.

(this is because of my own unique personality Traits and Quirks.)

i am probably too lazy to be able to fake my way into relationships..

..i really am probably not a good liar.

i am smart enough to know all of this, but not smart enough to know how i might surpass these hindrances.

how do i overcome the overwhelming stupidity of my fellow man?


how do i overcome our having advanced ourselves so profoundly.. ..and so prematurely..
..and incompletely?


the poor atheists.

i believe they reject the concept of there being (or having been) an entity who, for all intents and purposes, would be known as God.

these atheists are headed in the right direction, but, they also are misguided: for, there are too many statistical similarities shared just between all the living organisms, alone, for me to be able to think that it was executed by Happen↕Stance.


what does the exhaust from expended energy feel like? it is {almost} always hot, right?

whether it's a human being sweating, or a computer venting..

when almost anything bleeds, for starters, some form of Life & Nourishment-carrying Fluid is escaping; after that shared characteristic, this fluid will be coloured red.

almost every complexly-built living thing has a central nervous system: that which, if functioning properly, will certainly allow for them to feel fear, and pain, when stimulated under the proper conditions.

i suppose you have taken for granted, the fact that things could be very different, if all had been left to chance, from the beginning.

there are so many variables.. ..this world could easily have undertaken an alternate path, long ago, if some Intervening Force hadn't taken control, and made the appropriate allocations & adjustments.

if it were to have been decided some people exhale grass, and some others exhale wood chips: if "normal" would be [the penultimate species] having been a combination of what would have been a lion, an ant, a peony, and concrete, with 7 functioning eyes growing out of the genitals, then it might have been so.

for that matter: "eyes" might not even had been necessary; we could have been granted extra senses besides Smell, Touch, Audial, Taste, and Sight..

..or no standard-living organism might have been granted any.

basically, i am trying to paint for you a picture of how abstract this the occupants of this planet could have turned out.

concepts and notions we had taken for granted, no longer relevant.


so, Atheists.. may continue to reject man's conceptualization of God; but, i do not think it would be responsible of you to entirely reject the possibility for there having, at the very least, been, (as i like to deem the entity), a Master Creator.

that which, obviously, would be the master↕mind of Intelligent Creation.


so, one or both of the schools of thought is wrong, then: either we humans evolved from Apes or God crafted us, personally..
..or it's neither.

i am still inclined to go with the amalgamation of the two theories..
..but i am finding it rather hard to believe my ancestor was once that which is prone to randomly-flinging its fæces.

and, was it ever accounted for, the reason that those Primates, and their ilk, themselves, still exist?

(i do not believe many predecessors were able to the survive Progression of Time and retain their original form..)

..would God, personally, have intervened in such a way that, eventually, Humans would be the result of the procreations of those animals?

(an all-seeing/all-knowing God must, necessarily, also be deemed a "rather sick fucker" to allow us to have taken the path we have..

..there simply is no good reason to allow all of us to suffer through such pain as we do.)

will you mother↕fuckers...

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i don't know what this "Philip" character has been doing these past few months to get himself as noticed as he apparently has been..
..but i am feeling much more used than i can be comfortable with, in your pursuit of gaining more information on him: information which currently seems very scarce.

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