Thursday, October 14, 2010

"that was Yesterday.

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"now yesterday is Gone.."

..yesterday, the 13th.

was that when i'd begun implementing the next phase of renovating this site's look?
or was it the 12th¿

(i believe it was the 13th.
although it could have been the 12th, as well.)

and it seems..
..those nice folks over at Blogger had, some time ago, finally realized that they needed to start thinking from outside of The Box — their giving us the ability to work with those Three Columns, themselves.

which is cool of them to do.

(although i still had to go "behind the scenes" to tweak the maximum width of my blog, personally: 1000px just wasn't enough.

thankfully i was able to remember how to do that much..
..but if i ever get the opportunity to resume posting on a semi-regular basis, i'm going to need to review a few things, in order to get me back up to speed with those elements of HTML which i had previously familiarized myself.

so, who knows?

either way, i hope you fuckers will finally start taking to my web logue — i mean, i'm not doing this strictly for m`health, y'know.

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