Thursday, August 7, 2008

Marijuana, and you:

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one more of those Futile Causes i've championed; i make myself sound more naïve than i actually am, n'on?


so what?

i don't give a fuck.

that's the beauty of being human:

wanting shit that's not feasible.

oh well.



i don't advocate people walkin' around high — but i know that is what even more people would do if we'd let ´em; Anne Franklie, i'm just not comfortable seeing people like that.


and i'm certainly not in the mood for having High Conversations with muther↕fuckers: that being one of those other rights i have as a[ World] Citizen.


most of the time that i've smelled The Smoke, it stunk similar of mildew; that is certainly not an attractive-odour, to be sure — and damn sure not incentive enough for me to be supportive of [public usage of] it: i got enough issues just with regular-tobacco fumes blowin' up in my face, second-handedly.


y'all are going to continue to try to make me feel guilty about wanting to minimize exposure to that which has been proven to seriously harm not only the user, but others around him — in addition to its normally smelling foul?



on the other hand. . . . .
. . . . .i face a conflict regarding priorities:

you see, although i might not be able to speak favourably of the [unseen {activities} of the] peddlers, i really don't give an especial Rat's Petoot about the tokers (18+) who puff just to chill out after having accomplished most or all of the duties for the day.

(i'm not able to say i believe Puffing Js is good for one's health either; but doesn't everything we love that we put in our bodies kill us? {if tofu burgers and wheat grass juice also tasted of Pumpkin Pies and Strawberry Milkshakes, then—i do believe—we would consume more of that.})

i don't actually know how many Marijuana Possession (non-"Intent To Distribute" type) Arrests are made, but i imagine they're enough to warrant their being evaluated as a nuisance.

similar to the way i don't really care about what sexual activities people partake behind closed doors as long as all parties are consenting and no Ill Effects are to be suffered [by non-participants] by their execution, people can smoke a stick or two, or make some bubbles with The Bong — moderation being key, because it's not fun being strung out just for no reason. (almost every person in society has a role to play; we wouldn't want people unnecessarily incapacitated, not being able to do their fair share, yes?)

other than that, i think that Police & Government really need to shift their focus; i am much more afraid of an Axe Murderer, Rapist, Republikkkan, and Mildew Stains, than of a miscellaneous Toker.

and, perhaps, if it does ever become legal to have it, a significant number of people would, in an ironic twist, lose their incentive to deal with Marijuana: for no longer would they be "bucking Authority"; when, even, Mom and Dad stop past their crib talkin' about hey kidd-o let's go get baked for an hour or so!..

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