Monday, November 26, 2007

Pride.. ..and. . . . .Politics? (e.1)


not really.

actually, i had wanted to share Two Things with you:

  1. some Russian Names that i think are nice;

  2. a picture of a Mystery Feller, from nelly furtado's PROMISCUOUS GIRL-video.
(now, i acknowledge that with the current-level of readership of my ´blog, it will likely be quite a while before This Mystery becomes ... not a mystery for me, anymore — if That can ever be resolved at all.

but, i can still try, anyway.


´actually looks like a dude who went to the elementary school that i had attended...

i ... i had tried to conduct a search for the identity of The Dude, m'self..
..but, you know how that goes: plus, i'm just not willing to go to Stalker Lengths for getting the name of a dude whom i'll pro'ly-never-even-fuck-'n'-see anyway.

(although my luck in finding Quality Cocks to suck has, basically, been as abyssmal as the chances are of George Dubya Bush's finding LUXEMBOURG on a map [in less than 20-seconds], i am sure Things Will Pick Up, soon.)

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