Friday, September 19, 2008

deleted scenes: the Ruminations of Rex, ed. 1 — take 1.

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do you know who {most of} the people are who disagree with Joe Biden's assessment that it would be the patriotic thing for the Well-Off to do by going ahead and absorbing a tax hike while allowing there to be a decrease in burden borne by .. the rest?

(need I even say it?)


once again, i am able to enjoy the view of the sky from my room, as i type: on this day, i think i should note, these clouds don't seem in an especial-hurry.

not↕withstanding, but how i wish i could just lie on one of them for a few hours, to continue remarking at all i'd be able to see, up there...

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

overall, i can't really complain about my current Domestic Situation: i only suffer through a few nags, and miscellaneous pokes, here.

and it is because of this Relative Tranquility i am able to look out of my window without worrying that some bastard is chomping at his bits to disturb me, most of the time.




..unno. . . . .

. . . . .i guess he, simply, had made a miscalculation.
one which, upon my reflecting, a day later, on the resulting Unfortunate Event, would start to strike me as being rather humour'us.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

that saturday which i just got through telling y'all about in a previous entry was also the saturday where i was Being Good, minding my own business in the living area while EZ E was [----], downstairs: i was actually into watching the Black List — an HBO Special i had read about on Black Voices (an AOL Media Feature).

EZ E's house↕mate, whom i'll deem LL Cool L, came up to get something (coffee, if i am not mistaken), and chit-chat with me.

after a while, EZ E himself joined us, also partaking of the coffee that he personally made; etc.

the two of them had their conversation,—speaking at a volume that obviously evinced no particular regard for my actually being engaged with the program i had on the tellie(♫),—and, if memory serves, they both eventually went back to their respective areas, downstairs.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

after a while, LL and E returned to the living area — LL dressed to go out, E still dressed in his Players' Robe.

Cool L departed as expected, Mr. E having already taken his seat with me on the couch.

it might just be my imagination, but i'd swear that this individual must have been feeling rather Amour'us: i could not keep his head away from my Private Area.

(the fucking pervert.)


at any rate, that's how it was: me holding him (as how Cuddle Monsters should), as i was trying hard to exhibit some form of my rarely-displayed [----] Pride via watching that god-damn programme; after a few minutes of this, EZ E decided i should slick him up and massage him — to that end.. ..he went downstairs, retrieved his favourite Massaging Liquid(♫), came back to where i was, took off his Players' Robe,—thereby allowing me to see him in his Turkish Blue-jockstrap, once again,—and laid on his stomach.

i was relatively-fixed where i was, sitting on the couch; EZ E wanted me to start on his broad back, so he faced himself towards me — using that as a convenient excuse to rest his skull on my crotch ── but as it so happened, Mr. E had earlier "commanded" me to be fully dressed while in the 1st (and penultimate) floor of his house, so as to not offend the sensibilities (or.. ..incite the Lusts?) of any Passers' By.


which means there were to be no Suckings of My Cock while his face was in that area.

(meanwhile, i was doing my best not to let that all of that distract me from listening to all the stories and absorbing all the messages that these Influential Black Americans were sharing.

{i did get to watch it to its end, though The Lively Environ made me miss quite a bit of data...})


when he felt satisfied that i had moisturized his back, sufficiently, he next bade me lotion up his legs and, i suppose by extension, his Buttocks.

i did so.

given that his attire consisted only of a Jock Strap, obviously i was compelled to engage in some Counter Mischief; my left-thumb having had the most-worn_down nail. . . . .

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

. . . . .of course, it was precisely during this time where [{i was}] enjoying [{my}sel{f}] most when LL Cool L unexpectedly returned.


actually, my ears picked up L's foot↕steps around 1.01-seconds before he opened the rear door — so i was able to extract my thumb long before his own "Sensibility" could have been "offended"; EZ E, himself, must have been deep in It, because he didn't instantly teleport into an upright-position until that door had announced the intruder's presence.


i had never seen the big muther↕fucker move so quickly, before.

it seemed like he was finna suffer a Heart Attack, was how adverse his 1-second reaction struck me.

of course, i wasn't fazed: based on how the door was opened, my subconscience was already fairly-confident it wasn't going to be A Hostile Force eventually stepping across the thresh↕hold; after that, i knew there could have been but only so many possibilities, whoever our unexpected company was going to be — i was fairly-confident, that person probably would not have cared if we were both actually Buck Nekkid™, bonin'..

..he probably would have said something to the effect, "¿enjoying ourselves much, are wemy amalgamation of the Comma and the Question Mark" and then went about with his business while we, respectfully, waited for the individual to complete it before resuming ours.


´nigger wasn't paying us no mind — i mean, if i gotta feel scared about being judged or rebuked for having my bit of Intimate Fun by another msm, then: there is going to be a problem.


i felt Mr. E needed some calming down,(♫) so i bade him Resume The Position and rubbed his glutes som'more, hopefully imparting my implication that what happened was of little consequence to me.

(´no need to re-don the Players' Robe.)

then i made the fucker quiver some more with my previous Mischevious Undertaking.

(♫) (Sad Face.)
(♫) (yes, it was a Viscous One.)
(♫) (but, given his Usual Disposition,(♪) it pro'ly wasn't necessary...)

(♪) (a rather frisky one, if i might proclaim so, myself...)

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