Monday, January 1, 2001

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alright: welcome to my ´b'log.

i wrote this thing with the intention of offending as many muther↕fuckers as i can.

(tee hee.)


actually, i write this with the intention of EDUCATING as many Individuals as i can ─ for if i do not Edify, then, i do not Live.



one of the first things you might notice when reading through my literature is, i handle our English Language in a manner that is rather differently than from what most of y'all are pro'ly used to; unlike with most other sum↕bitches, though, my shit is executed conscientiously and purposefully, though.

(there are almost No Mistakes here.)

anyway, i will mention two three Conventions that i utilize in my ´b'log:

  • the convention of End↕Note

  • the convention of Mouse↕Over

  • the convention of HIGH↕LIGHT

´regarding end↕notes, you'll know if you're about to encounter one by seeing This: (♫); if you want to enjoy My Tribulations properly, then you will need to click on these hyperly-linked beamed-Eighth Notes as you encounter ´um, so as you can be taken to that particular bit of Extra Commentary which i am having in place for whatever-in-the-fuck-else it is i am saying of a given moment ─ never fear losing your place, though, for i am such a nice guy (b'neath my undeniably-Gruff Exterior) that i even give you the ability to jump back up to the text you were just reading via a "reverse-track link"!


you'll know it when you see it.

´regarding my mouse↕overs, well ... they're just that: any text that be writ in a certain shade of green will be text that, when you move your mouse's pointer over them, will generate another type of Special Message that i chose to include, for that selection, for you to read over.

´regarding my HIGH↕LIGHTS, well.. ..this is something experimental that i am trying out. when you see some shit highlit like this, that means i am trying to signify to you that AN EDIT [to {text within} an existing post] HAS BEEN MADE; until otherwise-indicated, every other colourant of High↕Light is being used either to accent text for better readability or as another means of adding Emphasis or annoucing Distinctness.
This will probably be the most cumbersome thing i take on.., we will see how It works out.


on That Note, every_now-and-then, some of my posts will go missing; don't worry, though ─ those absences are but merely Ethereal: occuring because i am fucking around with those posts, Adding Shit or Tweakin' Sump'n', so i can make them look or read better (in my opinion).



i use Internet Explorer──for better or for worse──when i work with this blog; i have had the occasion, recently, to see that my blog appears differently when [enjoyed] in a Fire↕Fox-browser.

there is only so much magic i can perform ... i don't know what to do to make this thing compatible with Fire↕Fox, for the moment; so don't be thinkin' poorly of me because of something that, for all intents and purposes, is out of my hands.

(additionally, my note↕book's monitor has long ago been set to a viewing-resolution of 1200px-by-840px, or something to that effect: good things can come in Little Packages, y'know.)

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