Thursday, October 18, 2007

Skinny Bitches.

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skinny bitches.

i'm sorta like Mo'Nique, in a way, on this one.


don't git'r twisted, though: Morbid Obesity will always be just that, to me ─ Disgusting, Bologna-smell under The Multi-Folds, Obese.

That said..
..i really don't mind a bit of Fluff, on indiwiduals ─ [i feel, ]in most cases, This fills A PERSON'S FEATURES out, nicely.

That said..
..i s'pose it's time for me to get to part of the reason i'm writing about This:

Ross "The Intern"(♫-1)
Brad Garrett

This Matter first came to my attention, back in 2006, or whenever, when i got to bear witness to The New ANT; next up was the inimitable Brad Garrett..
..then, last week(♫-3), when i got to bear witness to ... The New Ross.


..he really looked like a shell of his Former Self...

...i actually thought the fucker was cute, too.

rather, he just went on and did somethin' for his Public Image.


now, i think i might have to look upon our intern as being a Big-Huey Silly Infantile Goof, as opposed to a Cute, Air-Headed, Affable Fruity Lug(♫-4); i wish it were different, but, no, i cannot love Thee, anymore, ross.

i wanted to fuck You, as well, bro..
..but, now that you, too, have Sold Out...


now, by no means am i encouraging anyone to endanger Their Health, just for the sake of looking good(♫-5); but, really..
..would you rather A Fucker want to "do The Due" with you because you're now Slim'n'Trim(♫-6) or because you, actually, have recently acquired a smidgeon of Pudge?

i cannot love Tubs of Larde, either..
..but, nah, i'm still not into Boning With Skeletons™.
not especially when Old Skelly seems to now think its self All That and a Bag of Chips with DIPPE and A MINTE, as a direct result of this Loss.


i cannot love Tubs of Larde..
..but, i'm not encouraging anyone to pack a coupla extra pounds, just to make Me, or/and My Dick, happy; as with most things, not everything is for EVERYONE, anyway ─ verily, some of you would be better off being Light as Feather ... and, as such, i will want to lick your Sack as much as i'd consider licking the sack of The Plush'n'Fabulous Fucker.


(♫-1) (b.k.a., Ross Mathews)
(♫-2) (b.k.a., Anthony Steven Kalloniatis{♫-2a})
(♫-3) (or, whenever)
(♫-4) (®.)
(♫-5) (not especially in such a non-traditonal way!)
(♫-6) (also ®.)

{♫-2a} {whom, actually, i coulda swore was a Fuckin' Italian.}

get tested, y'all!

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on my way back home from work, yesterday morning, i decided to finally make a stop past my Local Clinic to, y'know, get tested.

for, HIV.

so far, so good..
..that test came back Definitively Negative, for the presence of HIV-antibodies.

which, as far as I can tell, means, basically, my LITTLE ESCAPADES hasn't apparently, as of yet, landed me in The Hot Seat.

which is good.

here in my city of Baltimore, we have Chase/Brexton Clinic; this clinic provides Free HIV-testing, and, like, sliding-scale, fee-based(♫-1) Basic STD Screening(♫-2), (♫-3).

this clinic provides Free HIV-testing.. can opt to use The Rapid Test.
this test can gather Specimen which may be either Saliva or Blood(♫-4).
results from the analysis will be generated in 20-minutes.

i really do encourage Muther↕Fuckers to take advantage of These Services, when they can; i, myself, have made it a habit to Get Tested every 90 - 105 days ─ starting in September 2002(♫-5).

This was how things were able to work out, for me; it's one of those other reasons why i'm glad i hadn't limited m'self to some 9-to-5er...
...This, which can pose a bit of a problem for You, who do work those sorts of Hours.


i sorta suppose i can let It go, if a bloake is not that sexually active, and gets himself tested, as such, but Twice, in a 365.25-day period..
..i would not be as forgiving, if said Bloake opts to Test only once a year.
or less.

(for you Monogamy Freaks, out there: please remember that, for some people, with certain Partners, it need only take one time for Transmission to occur.

and, yeah..
..this Virus, with all its current iterations, does not care about whether or no you be Slut or you be [Boring/{Self-}Righteous] ─ it only cares about seeking an easy pathway through which It may travel, and thusly PROMULGATE.)

anyway, since i currently am in one of my uncharacteristic Generous Moods, i'll hook up mah Baltimore Peeps wit' D' Address so you, too, may try to live your lives a bit more responsibly(♫-6); don't worry about anyone Snitchin' on ya, or anything like That, by the way: Straight, Gay, non-Choosy.. ..ah reck'n dat as long as you come up dere wit' some R'spect..'ll git Dat R'spect gi'en right back t'ya.

if you're lucky, you can even get A Copy of Your Results..
..This, so you can have something to show Fuckers, and, Doubting Thomases.


In Mt. Vernon Centre:
1001 Cathedral Street ↕ Baltimore, MD 21201
Monday through Thursday 9 am – 7 pm, walk-in;
Friday 9 am – 4 pm, walk-in
you may call 410-837-2050 for MORE INFORMATION

(♫-1) (i didn't say "free-based"!)
(♫-2) (y'know ─ the Garden Variety VENEREAL DISEASES: Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea)
(♫-3) (since i am Broke, for now, i need only pay 10 Bucks.)
(♫-4) (me, personally: i prefer submitting Blood Sample, via Finger Pricking; this preference probably stems from my trying to be Penitential ─ for some perverse, unknown reason.)
(♫-5) (yeah ─ i had, at one point, earlier in my Sexual Career, been SUCKIN', and FUCKIN' ASS, enough to justify the frequency ── i did not like the fact that these Antibodies may not actually show up until six months after inoculation; even though the instances of my Sexual Activities had already, longly-ago, dropped off ... i did establish A Tradition which i felt i needed to uphold.., there We are.)
(♫-6) (i really don't want anyone else besides City Folk to utilize these services; out-of-staters, who would deign try to show up, thither, just to get A Freebie, definitely had better not show their faces.. best talk to Your Governor about allocating some more Resources, or whatever.)

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