Thursday, November 8, 2007


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so, those Points are the highest they have ever reached ─ i r'member back when DOW/Jones was below 10,000 pts.

they're as high as they've ever been..
..but, as lewis black sagely commented: "[you know that someone is getting rich], but it ain't-fuckin'-you."

i hope that the per-barrel Price of Oil keeps getting higher'n'higher; ´because when that condition gets met, then, presumably, even fewer people will be so liberal with their Dollars.
and when that happens, then, The Retail Industry will begin to lose more money.

It can increase all Its prices in response to OPEC's Activities all It wants to; if That happens, i do, unbelievably, think that The Average Human Being will have actual sense enough to know that he should just simply SAY FUCK IT: when The Working Stiff just can't afford them prices they're askin' for,──even for the minimum of types of goods,──anymore ... when what once was finally relegated to being Standard Fare (for modern times) will indeed be once again considered Items of Luxury, well, Retailers can either cave in, and restart charging Customers more reasonably, or ... They can hold steady, and, consequently, allow BEDLAM to ensue.

even at my mere 25-years of life, here, i already possess enough statistical knowledge to enable me to see that No Good Can Come from This Situation.

this is why i really, really despise Capitalism.
friend-and-foe alike,──i'm not givin' a fuck about It, right now,──one of the other ways i am betting we can begin to stem some of these other Finance Problems we have (especially the Haves and Have↕Nots one) is if a Personal Income Cap gets established: no one person, who is of Sound Body and relatively-Functional Mind, needs to have more than $500,000, annually, or a life↕time total of more than, say $2,200,000.(♫)
any money he earns in excess of That will need to go directly to the appropriate governing bodies, so They may apply the funds to Improving The Land & Human Condition, of his immediate jurisdiction, and the Overall Presiding Body (basically, taxes that go to his [city], the [state], and The Federality).

what that means for me is, if/when The Words that I Write ever gets me the moolah that i believe i want, then i will indeed be compelled to immediately direct all That which goes over $500,000/$2,200,000 to all sorts of Charities, and Disease-fighting Campaigns.



what the fuck am i going to do with A Mansion? i ain't gotta prove my motha↕fuckin' Worth-n-Value to you muther↕fuckers through Material Goods.

´to a degree.

as far as i can tell, all i need is just a reasonable-sized house to accommodate My Peeps, a coupla "Toys" here'n'there to keep [us] entertained, some decent food, and a simple [{fuel-efficient/environmentally-friendly} truck] that mutha↕fuckin' runs when i tell it to..
..and This should be enough for me to feel that i've met the condition of establishing relative-Personal/D'mestic Security.

but.. ..will i still be able to do That, a few years from now, if the mother↕fucking System has already long ago c'lapsed?
because, in considering The Track We, globally, Are On...
...i'm not entirely sure i'll be able to even establish that Minimum of Comfort for m'self.

(♫) (by extension, no one person really has the right to create more than 3 children; i will leave it at That, for now, although obviously there has to be more to it than just That.)

hell yeah.

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alright, so, yet another part of My World was shattered, just a coupla days ago, when i bore witness to erik hunter's latest Incarnation.


well, if i can't have him, then, i can always have eric dane.



no, actually.

this fucker, of course, is MARRIED.

well, at any rate.. ..i can still post Pictures that i've found, of Him, lain around The Internet; i need only tell you where i got these particular files from(♫) and That should probably be enough to cover my ass.


roman-hair eric dane/sexy hair/with beard + mustache

eric dane/no beard

eric dane/in chair/with mustache

eric dane showing some flesh/with beard + mustache

comfortable eric dane at home (?)/with beard+mustache

it's kinda hard to believe th` sum↕bitch is but, what?

34 (35, t'morrow)?

but, i guess he is.

he's pullin' off that Gray Hair, though.
i´tn't he?


i pro'ly won't be anymore specific about My Likes, regarding this particular Grey's Anatomy-cast member, at the moment, though...
...´not especially since i need to Eat Something ─ my Tummy rumbles.


my mom made some Meat↕Loaf yesterday.., i think i will use That, to complement some beans, rice, and Greens, that i have.

it will be A Process to cook, but ... This is the sort of thing i had been waiting for.

(♫) (hence, thirdly, and hither, restly.)

My Limited Knowledge. (part 2 of 2.)

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i'm not saying take all their money away ... but, if you think that The Middle Class Folk, themselves, shall continue putting up with This Shit(♫-1), without doing something retaliatorily-nasty, then, i believe yenz got Another Thing Comin' t'ya.

i am also in favour of introducing Slot Machines to strategically-placed areas through Our State; just a week-and_some-change ago, i watched on The News a republican-member of Our Congress declare, disturbingly, that the reason he himself is not in favour of This Ameliorative is, they haven't had time to properly discuss how to best execute It.

excuse me?

robert erlich, himself, had made an attempt to get you fuckers to get Them in this state starting at least 3 years ago(♫-2); 3 years later, and, you proclaim that you still don't know what to do with them??


now, ain't that A Bitch¿

Slot Machines, as almost immediately-effective, additional means of raising revenue.. a seemingly-sensible way of continuing to let our Race Tracks remain viable competitors with other states(♫-3), and, you still don't fuckin' know, huh?



while i'm at it.. would appear as if niggas really like Blowing Money on THE LOTTERY ─ which is cool, and all; i think it would be fair to say that, since [fiscal year] 2000, Marylanders, basically, coughed up A Billion Dollars playing The Numbers.

an average of, say, $420,000,000 of these Total Monies [is supposed to] go to STATE SERVICES; imagine it if The Lottery were to merely be abolished, altogether?


because, honestly, ain't no black person who really needs It will be winning THE BIG PRIZE, ever, anyway ─ such qualifying-lottery tickets will never be distributed to [urban areas], of course; so, they can save That Money for something more productive(♫-4), i'd reck'n.

seeing as we are willing to spend A Billion, collectively, for That which rarely ever materializes [for those truly in need], why not just redirect those funds directly towards The State?
just imagine if every state (which have such Big Spenders in them) were to operate in that way?
we'd need only strictly enforce anti-Pork/anti-Wasting Regulations, and *bam,* theoretically, many more problems should thusly be circumvented.


(♫-1) (what with The American Dollar continuously falling in value, and what↕not.)
(♫-2) (i don't follow politics closely, so, i can only guess at the circa de.)
(♫-3) (although, granted, i personally don't currently care for Horse Racing...)
(♫-4) (shut up.)

My Limited Knowledge. (part 1 of 2.)

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indeed, my knowledge is limited.


none-th`-less, This won't stop me from opening my mouth up and saying Ignorant Shit.

one of these Ignorant Things i deign say is:

i really am sick and tired of these Republikans.

aw shit: what is it this time, rex?

well, i'll tell ya:

the fact that, although apparently Maryland is in danger of Big Deficit, these niggas wanna cock↕block with culling together Monies to resolve this.


i mean, fuck, THESE MONIES gotta come from somewhere; apparently, our previous governor, Robert L. Erlich, didn't do right [with Our Budget] while he was IN OFFICE ... so, now, Martin J. O'Malley has to try to do something to fix This Problem.

obviously, i don't want to pay anymore money than i am now: in considering that I, and my Ilk, already are [relatively-]poor as fuck now..
..but, i'm going to take old marty at his word that he will make an attempt to levy higher taxes on the niggas that need to be paying them ─ Large Corporations, and ... your typical REPUBLIKAN.
amongst other individuals who earn──i'm guessing──over $80,000 (or/and average over $[5],000 in Disposable Income) annually.

i, too, tire of Rich/Affluent Fuckers ducking out of paying their fair share..
..i've already tired of bearing witness to The Working Poor/Struggling, and The Indigent, being legally robbed by The Man, millennia ago ─ ´having monies taken from them that They really can't afford to be givin' up.


the money to eliminate This Deficit has to come from somewhere.
the republikans in Congress──most of whom strike me as people who can afford to, individually, cough up a few more hundreds, or a couple of thousands, per annum──don't want to do That.

so, from whence do you want This Money to come?
you would rather shift more of The Tax Burden to anyone but yourselves, you muther↕fuckers?

or, you would actually just rather do nothing, while The System all around us collapses?



it sucks, but, it seems like Increased Taxes will have to be the main way through which we make The Deficit go away; i would prefer it if the people who can afford to Cough Up More do so.
if That condition can be met, then, i can pro'ly suck up The Tears that will, eventually, result from [our] paying That Extra Penny, for SALES TAX.

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