Friday, February 1, 2008

please pardon my dust:

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but, at the moment, i am overhauling my Blog.

...i had some issues with my previous layout, so..
..after beating my head against the wall for so many weeks, trying to figure out a way to fix It.. ..i finally just said fuck it, and ditched the entire god-damn messed-up code.

i went Here to get something that seems like it should work for me.. the meanwhile, it shouldn't be an actual problem to get things back to the way I had them, before i hit the showers, and head-off to work for the night.


we shall see.

(update: 2/2/08, 9:22 a.m. -- it turned out that, nope, i couldn't fix It all before i absolutely had to wash up: and i was just 2-minutes from missing my bus, fuckin' with this thing, too.

but, it's cool.. ..Old Rex will take care of it, soon enough.)


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