Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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◊ it is my opinion that i had been quite wrong, regarding my previous perceptions, on how many Sexually Appealing black men there were; merely, my Vision was limited, during my formative years.

one of my principle crushes was black, by-the-by — caramel, yes, but, still a person who'd be more likely to get pulled over "just for the fun of it" than a cracker.

but there are many black men i would be more than happy to suckle, if they'd allow me — ´wanna take their milk-chocolate balls in my mouth and lick ´em gen'le, to watch those sexy guys quiver; ´wanna take their Butterscotch Cocks in my mouth and make those hot fuckers get a tinglin' sensation.

◊ i hate having my intelligence insulted — but that is what i feel happens every time, on The News, i hear, (in a tone that suggests that something miraculous was accomplished), about how the price of gas has, for the day, gone down by one measly penny.

am.. ..i supposed to Give A Fuck about this, or something?

´cuz, apparently for the united states, the current level of Cost is cause for universal, pandemic burden — i cannot, at the moment, concern myself with other countries' petrol pricing; as far as i see it, it might as well be four-fuckin'-dollars, until—l.o.l.—a drop to $3.50 is reached.

. . . . .

obviously, the days of 2- and, certainly, 1-dollar_range gas is long over.

◊ i do not like the fact that The Olympics are to be held Beijing; china does not deserve such an endoughment.

◊ honestly, i don't want to vote for Obama, either — not because of anything he had or hadn't done but rather, mostly because i know that no Democrat{ically-affiliated individual} can ever effect a change that is meaningful: how profoundly all the progress that was etched dissolves whenever a Republican worms his way into the house!

as i've said before: our Fated Destiny was already writ, from the first time a white man got it into his head that he, too, can enslave an african without regard to his, or his family's, feelings.

but to seriously think about That can potentially be overwhelming: i'm not referring to the actual enslavement, but all the varying Aspects of Psychology of the people who, in whatever way, were associated with it.

♦ to that end: i am less than thrilled with the white muther↕fuckers who ... choose to just not deal with the reality that Racism is quite-the-part of American Life.

when they deign say that all conditions between [blacks] and whites are quite equal.

whenever one shows a stunning lack of empathy to the person who suffered a major loss unnecessarily, precisely because of arbitrarily-imposed prejudice.

to use their innate privilege as a buffer from {acknowledging} what really goes on in [the world], even though—of course—there had been more-and-more fellow whites getting chewed up by The Machine over the years, too: heh heh.

(the words Rich said in that book about america, over 60-years ago, still ring true.)

◊ i've probably writ over 75-billion words over my life↕time; as a consequence, it should be of no surprise to you-all that i call myself a `writer´.

still, i have concerns: a few weeks ago, i was able to go deep enough within myself to realize that my own Powers of Empathy are rather limited; so ... the depth of my musings can only go so far.

and they will only go so far.



of the near 75-billion that's ever come from out of my hands, less than 5,000 of them had to have been devoted to Narrative Style; i just thought of th[is {reality}].

so, maybe, Fiction isn't what i'm meant for creating.

(is it strange a pisces who, apparently, isn't too versed with creating Imaginary Worlds?)

◊ eh?

it would appear as if it's going to be a bit harder to find snyder's Jalepeño-flavoured Pretzel Bites; as bad for the Heart and for the Ass as they can be, i am rather sad about that.

i really liked those fucking things.

(maybe if the salt content was reduced, then i could get behind them even more.)

◊ y'know, when i signed-on to my job, i only expected to be a Grocery Clerk — i hadn't presumed i would also be jumping over to "General Merchandise/Variety," on a few occasions; or filling in for the Frozen Foods' and Dairy Clerks when they're absent.

true: the experience has made me more well-rounded..
..but i don't get paid the same money that the original stockers receive — even if i couldn't, per se, do all the tasks that they can, certainly if i am getting the vast majority or all of the merchandise i've been assigned put up to the shelves, then that should count for something, and at least entitle me to a couple of dollars extra-per-hour ── yes?

i truly don't know why i continue to stick around this store, other than..
..i get to dress casually every shift, and no one really watches me, and.....

◊ that fuckin' sucks: last week, i found that i would not be able to play God of War II on the very console which i had replaced because it deigned not read my Gameshark Cheat Disk™ anymore.

something to do with that other disk being Dual-Layered/Gold-Coloured..

the Opinions of Rex. (e.6)

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