Sunday, December 16, 2007

don't worry.

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i got lots to say.

i feel like i just gotta fire on someone's ass.

because i'm not getting any ass..
..and people have been acting like jack↕asses.



it's just, at the moment, i don't fuckin' feel like committing to anything — i guess my last few entries took a lot more from out of me than i had originally given Them credit for.
additionally.. ..well. . . . .your DEAR FRIEND, AND HUMBLE N'RATOR, has not gotten "any" since septemer.

(´since fuckin' september.

and that "some" from September came from a dude who refused to believe me when i told him he did an inadequate job of washing his ass.


so, my Faith is beginning to get shaken to its core — i try to be an individual who doesn't all-across-the-board discriminate against any particular: ethnicity, age, weight ── i be discriminating on case-by-case bases, solely on Looks ─── but apparently that isn't good enough for these fuckin' fags.

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well, there is some justice left up in this world:

even though ... the ravens actually fuckin' lost to the dolphins (thereby breaking its 12-game losing streak), and, on the 4th of this month, it was discovered that Chad "Pimp C" Butler had died...

...James, (the token black dude from this season's Survivor), did get to win the $100,000 "Popularity Contest" after show-thing; i guess that's like ... $76,000 after taxes, huh?

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