Sunday, November 25, 2007

ah.. ..what a fool I am...

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...´for, obviously, ONE CONCEIT cannot exist without THE OTHER:

i coulda made Normalcy even longer.. ..only, uh, i was already 8-hours past due taking my [lovely little-]ass off to bed, by the time i finally finished that post; also, i guess, i couldn't think of any appropriate place to stick THE FOLLOWING at, anyway:

i was talking about my [----], yesterday...
...well, the thing that goes with [----],
obviously, is My Sexual Disposition!

although This, neither, is really any of your damnèd business, for knowing: yet again i am finding m'self in a GIVING MOOD.


i believe i'm a vanilla-typah dude, really.

i believe that, now, and into the foreseeable future, Vanilla-type Sexual Activities will always be enough to get me off: and that i shouldn't ever need anything extra-ordinary to excite me.


i will own up to having some interest in participating in three-way action, and some interest in being A Voyeur ─ ideally, the entit[ies] upon whom i spy be already cognizant of my "intrusion"...
...although, obviously, on the other hand, if some BIG BEEFY DUDE seems to like walking through his [crib] au naturel, without the Appropriate Shielding being placed ´pon his windows to obscure Outsiders' Sight(♫) of this, thither, and, while flourishing in my own Pad, i happen to be one of those Outsiders who eventually gets to bear witness to This Event, then..
..yeah, i'ma be one of them fuckers fwappin' away... ....´enjoyin' m'self.


to go with this [mundanity] of mines, must needs be the manner in which i prefer to conduct my affairs, while getting m`freak on.

basically, my default is to be laid-back wit' It.
i like having fun ... i don't feel the need to put pressure on me or the other person.

however,─with me being That Pisces, and all.....,─i do have the ability to tailor my disposition upon my partner's; the specific chemistry that is being formulated between us, at the moment, will also influence how i carry my shit.

i can laugh at myself, if i make a mistake ... it ain't be no big thing, as long as i didn't draw blood from the muther↕fucker or nothin' like that.


(and, no, i only rarely make Individuals bleed.)(♫)

one thing i really like is fore↕play; actually, if i can help it, i won't mess around, COLD TURKILY, at all: that shit can be jarring, when you wake up with a dick in your mouth, and you weren't expectin' It.

(the catch is ... fore↕play isn't relegated to just physiologic-preparation; actually, fore↕play almost always begins in The Mind.

one don't even gotta receive direct-stimulation to the genitals, to already have Raging Hard-On, indeed:

rock-hard Cock;
rock-hard CLIT


_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i'm a vanilla-guy (as far as i know) who really just wants to have fun, and can be quite playful, but, I can adapt my demeanour to that of my partner's, and of the current situation's — also, this adaptability of mines does apparently have some very finite-limits; in order to really get my gears crankin', fore↕play is the way to go — this fore↕play i speak of almost always starts off in my mind. . . . .this psychological-fore↕play seems like it's required in order for me to be able to Enjoy Some Shit, the way God intended [for {me}] to, more than anything.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

That seems to be the gist of it.

(♫) (that was some sort of Alliteration & Rhyme-combo, although i don't know how to classify It, or, how many bonus points i am to give m'self for it.

:: shrug ::)
(♫) (.)

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