Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the art of Story↕Telling. (e.1; part 1 of 2)

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so, i had been wanting to try my hand at Making Soup for quite a while, now ─ put frankly, Mother had been fucking It up too often, for the past. . . . .too long, so, i felt It time to remind her of her History.

i don't know what It was, but, i'm guessing i just felt that it were to be [this past] Saturday Morning that i finally had to undertake such a mission; and, That's how it would go down, too.

incidentally, the [night] preceding That, i found that, yeah, i would have an actual Full Week of Work ahead, for me(♫-1); this meant i would need to acquire a Week-span Bus Pass.

something that can be a tad cheaper than spending one-sixty multiple times over a week ... in addition to enabling me access to giving give my legs a rest, since i'd also be given Incentive to use the ticket as often as possible, to maximize its Worth for me.

which is cool, but:

  • i would need to walk 1.2 miles to get to the nearest-known place for procuring that Pass;

  • i would have a few groceries accompanying me during that trip (which would turn out to be a burden of approximately 6 lbs. per hand);

  • i also had to make sure i would be able to catch that bus i wanted, so i could get back Home as soon as possible:

    • for one, i didn't want to keep The Perishables for the soup out longer than they needed to be, even though, i reck'n, the Outdoors Temperature was lower than the temperature at which these food↕stuffs were originally kept, at the store; for two ... i was just fuckin' tired/irritated, and knew i would pro'ly be tireder after The Walk;

  • to top all of That off.. ..by the time i had actually gotten to The Check↕Point, the bus had already been there for 2-minutes, and just a few-short minutes
    to away from

    • and, it would eventually hit me, all those One Dollar Bills i had gotten back, in change, from the purchase [at The Pizza & Sub Place] i made that Night Previous would indeed be a Liability, and not An Asset, on this particular morning;

  • i wanted to spend the least amount of money possible on Travel Fare ─ i did not want to just go ahead and spend the dollar-sixty on one bus to take me down to The Dispenser Terminal, and then spend another dollar-sixty for that other bus, home↕bound ── i am accustomed to doing The Walk, to conserve The Money ... i be needing The Ex-er-cise, besides(♫-2).


i'm tellin' ya.. ..it sorta sucked having to walk all of That Way, weighted down as i was... ...and i was pushing it, indeed, leaving work when i did: in trying to squeeze out every possible minute i could, in order to attain my Full Eight.

By Any Means Necessary.

but, i had A Mission to complete..
..and if i weren't able to board the 36, then, i coulda just kept walking down(♫-3) to try my luck with The 3.

but, basically, the 36 is like The Luxury Line, in that, usually, it runs like It's an express .. so, you can imagine why i would want That One.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

i rolled-up to the Operator to ask her what time it was; she told me it was 7:2[?] a.m.

i was debating whether or no i should just keep going, but ... she asked me if i wanted to use That Bus; i told her yeah, i do, but i also need to get a Weekly Bus Pass.

she told me to just get on.


i complied, but with Worry; i actually contemplated asking her if she could hold the bus for just long enough so i can run to the Ticket Machine,──when she had gotten to the street It was stationed at,──to buy what i wanted and hop back on(♫-4)..

(..strangely enough, when i myself looked at The Bus Clock, it appeared as if i could have just made It, if i had kept going.....)

.....but she more or less forced away any Disquiet i might have had when she came back from using The Lavatory.

i guess she musta felt the urgency i was experiencing ... and maybe noted that, yeah, i had quite a few Groceries in hand; she seemingly also read my mind, in that she even told me i had been thinking about trying to make a run for what I wanted while she was en route ─ These had to be so, because she just went on ahead and slipped me an All Day Pass.


what That means is, i did not have to pay for that trip ... and i would not have to pay for any other trips that day.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

so... ...i could just go on and get that other pass later in The Night, since i would be going to work again.

. . . . .

it had been such a long time since i was able to do This, but ... a bit after i got settled, i realized i could have saved myself quite a bit of drama by boarding [the 35] anyway and then procuring a Day Pass there, personally, since i would be leaving out of The House later that same day.

oh well.

it was really fuckin' nice, A Sister looking out for me like that ... because i really am not used to anyone doing anything that's actually helpful for me, at all ─ i used to having to Tough It Out, and what↕not.

so ... with a good bit of Exercise under my belt and three-fifty still in my pocket, the first part of My Adventure was now over.

(and, i only had to walk a little under a mile, with that slightly-heavy shit.)

(♫-1) (it's been many weeks since i had even broken ­32-hours ─ let alone even 40.)
(♫-2) (it was some sort of Rhyming Combo, right? well, i'll give m'self +39 Style Points for it, in this instance.)
(♫-3) (for an additional... ...512-feet?)
(♫-4) (in figuring that, who was going to miss just a couple of minutes, in considering how fast That Bus normally completes its route, anyway?)

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