Sunday, August 31, 2008

the Fighters' History. (3 of ?)

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(my poor eyes.

they should not seem as world-weary as they do already — i am only 26, damn it.)

ninpou: ***shinen na tamashii gyoushi kougeki.***


i hadn't ever seen the sky that colour before; but, late in the evening, yesterday, up until the rather ominous-looking clouds had finally fulfilled its' own prophecy, i was treated to the sight of a Carnation-Violet Sky™.


i was certain that the storm would have been all-the-more tumultuous, consequently..
..but my expectation was disproved; i do not suppose it would have been an especially-pleasurable experience, waiting for The Bus while being subjected to such inclemency, huh...

(there can be no "fun" found in this, even with Umbrella equipped.)


incidentally: today marks the first day since .. some↕time, late last year(♫) that, finally, i had been able to travel through the standard route while on-board the 36 bus-line — i guess because of some Sewer Reconstruction, that bus had to stake a Diversion for many months.


dure my return back home, in the previous week's Wednesday Morning: "that guy" who (, at least from my own perspective anyway, )had not rode on said bus-line, through most of the summer, made his unexpected return {to my world}; which is cool, but... ...might this older, blue-collar, butterscotch-fellow—who possibly may live only a few blocks from me—be shy?

Configuration 1 (spatiality can be reversed):

x ↕ o ↕ o ↕ o ↕ o ↕

(where x represents the seat I am in)

he ... didn't sit in the back, with me(♫); for if, otherwise, he doesn't pay me any mind:

New Configuration:

x ↕ o ↕ o ↕ o ↕ x

or, if he really felt bold and/or cavalier about my existence:

New Configuration (v.2)

x ↕ o ↕ x ↕ o ↕ o ↕




that damn Robin Thicke..


...he did it again fooling me, with his latest "single," into thinking he was a Smooth Black Guy singing.


i suppose mr. timber↕lake (and Eminem, and Vanilla Ice), before him, had lain the path for this...

...i ain't knockin' that mane's hustle: if he has an affinity for Urban Beatz®, then, so-be-it.


"for all that i have ever writ, i am still not quite articulate."

(a 2-part Original Brick↕Layer's Rhyming-combo: +23 Kudos-bonus points; +3 Style Points.)


i had felt what i think was a stronger-than-normal Sexual-type Attraction for Mario Lopez since i had first lain eyes on him in Saved By The Bell; strangely-enough, he never appeared in any of my dreams, that i am aware of, in spite of this distinction.

not that It might matter, anymore, anyway: for, i don't believe, i like him in that way, now: i suppose he has become "too pretty" for my tastes, if i am able to give at least some credence to the pictures of him i've been seeing in magazines, lately.

(too much make-up?


i can certainly testify he'll probably benefit from growing some facial hair!)



what would you do?

i've been doing so much talking at you guys — ´not giving yenz a chance to get even one word in, Edge↕Wise.


(this must be rather distressing for you.)


more people need to come to terms with their Anus.

they need to, for starters, accept that they have one; afterwards, they need to deal with the reality that, yes, this "Anus" usually does finds itself quite in need of constant cleansing.

but there are too many people who are afraid of Ramifications — what the signifigance be, if they happen to derive pleasure from poking around, down there.


me, personally, i don't give an especial-fuck about cleaning my anus; similarly, my anus could not care any less about me.

i scrub outside it; i scrub inside my sphinctoral ring, and also go a bit past that region to where fæxial remnants might try hiding; then i shampoo the sum↕bitch — especially-more-so since i was not blessed with having a smooth arse: for whatever reason, bluntly, The Smell won't go away with just one run-through.

it's a pain, but ... i do, truly, believe That's better than the alternative.


at any rate, it's no big deal for me; out of all the years i've been performing such Personal Maintenance, i might consequently have been incited into masturbating my penis twice, if even that many times: at the moment, i simply do not have an obvious nor a foreseeable psychological-need for stimulating my poop↕chute; if i ever had pressed against my prostate (and i'm pretty sure i have) during the process, nothing came of it.


(i could be lying, slightly, about the trappings of my Anus Relationship.)

apparently i have either a low libido or a Libido which functions in a non-traditional manner.


there is no such thing as Coöperative Anarchy — i.e., a collection of people working together to establish this state-of-being; anarchy, by its very definition, is That which must be individualistic — self-serving.

(perhaps, at most, a pursuer of This might have just one other person helping to get It realized.)

real anarchists are people you never hear anything from — ´just to let you know.


at this point, i cannot say i feel especially sorry for all those people who were compelled to evacuate the areas which are in the Current Hurricane's Path.

time-and-again, Mother Nature fucks with that part of the south; insurance companies long ago gave up, there.

maybe you really should consider staying the fuck away: there's Tenacity — and there's Stupidity, see.

(and egotistical-Stupidity, at that.)

some.. ..places just were not meant to be inhabited, y'know?

(♫) (the latter of Autumn, was it?)

(♫) most of you won't realize this [consciously] but, yeah, the context of that statement would be significantly, quite, different if i hadn't included the Pausing Comma where i had.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the Fighters' History. (2 of ?)

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Tiger / Bird / Dragon / Snake Ox / Horse / Dog / Boar Rabbit / Tiger / Monkey / Rat

ninpou: ***shi no tousho no bun hanketsu***


nights like Tonight make me sad: it's tough being lonely.

i only want to be with a [guy] with whom i can just walk around [the city], right by [his] side, ([his] affection for me overwhelmingly-evident yet at the same time profoundly-calming), and enjoy this nice cool air, and enjoy the sight of all the lights which illuminate the sky. . .

this makes me feel good.)

then after we finish taking that mystic wonder in, (tired in a good way), we go back [home], lie on a couch together, embracing, and merely watching television...

...the warmth, and sensual pleasure of our bodies having been against the other..

..eventually inciting us to partake of an even-more intimate experience...

(the person i'm doing this with doesn't even have to be [{a} boy]friend — [he] can just be a regular friend who i have such chemistry with.)


but i don't [{believe} i] have anyone in my life like that.

(the one person who was closest to helping me realize this ideal ..... well, a few weeks ago, it seems he decided he should merely drop himself from out of my life without warning {instead of dealing with all the things i told him in my last <correspondence>}.

maybe this will be for the best.

for, even if he decides to "come back to me": if he tries to return, acting as if nothing had happened {especially if the first thing he does is proposition me}, then i will certainly have some other Choice Words for him to digest: i might be lonely, but i'm not desperate.

if he doesn't like that, either, then he may feel free to take his business elsewhere, for the rest of our lives; and he can keep me in mind, as he encounters real difficulties and "irrational behaviours" presented by the other people he will attempt forging relationships with.

{there's a reason his last couple of stabs at monogamy hadn't panned out, y'know.})


nights like These make me sad, now: it doesn't matter how much tough talk i employ Here, and elsewhere: i still have mother↕fucking feelings, god↕damn↕it.


as if i will actually let these monsters trample over my already profoundly-vulnerable Heart..


it wasn't until 10-years ago that i learned some people did not appreciate the existence (and implementation) of Affirmative Action: proclaiming that it lead to Ironic Discrimination, amongst other gripes.

reading through my sociology book (acquired back when i was at the Antioch College, in ohio) this morning on the bus on my way home, a thought struck me:

Affirmative Action was not designed to arbitrarily give jobs to less-qualified Candidates of Colour [for mere fulfillments of Quotas]; rather, it was crafted to ensure Jobs aren't arbitrarily given to only white candidates, irregarding their level of suitability.

i suspect that, maybe, more-than-a-few-of these white hiring managers did "this" intentionally: misapplying Affirmative Action, during its infancy, so that other whites (who weren't in the know) might eventually have something to complain about later — if no qualified Candidate of Colour has applied for a given position then, simply, do not take on any of the others who had inquired ── this Pity Hiring will only serve to drag your company down, in the long run ─── especially if the sum↕bitch does not show a willingness for, or evinces a capability of, Improvement.


however, this is not what happened; for fear of the consequences that would come from not fulfilling that Quota, crappier-personnel were added to Company Ranks — i've witnessed this phenomenon with my own eyes.

you see?

this was a misapplication of that otherwise honourable-concept.

and i cannot condone it.

obviously Prejudice and Discrimination are quite-Alive_and_Well; with all these technological "improvements," the sustaining and proliferation of That has only gotten easier:

you fools.

for believing that the mere signing of some “Civil Rights Act” equated the instant and permanent eradication of these tainted thoughts and feelings from [peoples'] Minds and Hearts.


we still need Affirmative Action; we do not need this Aide abused and tarnished.


but it cannot be lain all on Businesses to find suitable-non_whites to fill vacancies; even if they go out of their way by recruiting in places where non-whites are in the majority..
..i still insist that it is never appropriate to just snatch up any old Token for Appearances' Sake.

(don't give whites a reason to continue proclaiming, oh look at that Monkey trying to operate a computer why´on't they just send her back to [the jungle] where she belongs?!.

for whatever reasons, these racist, pussy↕suckin' bastards merely find it easier to turn a blind eye to all the technical abilities and accomplishments of other peoples of colour.)

if only 34 out of 10,000 of the "others" have the skills needed, then whose responsibility is it to ensure that That Figure is ameliorated?


so, in my area, most gas prices seem to be below $3.50/gallon.


big fuckin' whoop.

for starters, that's still too much, for us in the United States; secondly, i believe it is only a matter of time before a surge (and a sharp one, at that) resumes.

so, i'm not going to celebrate shit.



an extension of the deadly sin, Pride.

i hadn't realized, until recently, just how much damage this does us.

just think about it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


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before i went to bed last night, i demanded my subconscience to stop making [sexually-oriented] dreams about a specific person who was in my life from way back in my child↕hood.

i long-ago tired of encountering him there in such a way, so many times a month, for all these years.

(i am telling my subconscience now to employ his image in a more constructive manner, in our future.)

for many reasons, i was never intimate with that guy.

(for many other reasons, i will not ever be intimate with him.)

(it might be one of my subconscience's greatest regrets, that such is the case.

i did have A Bond with this person, after all.

but it's just going to have to get over that.)


cloyingly, my subconscience only rarely allowed me, (or whosever perspective it was i had been assuming), [to enjoy] the briefest of moments of actual contact with him.

when it wasn't "regalying" me as such, my S.C. was:

• letting the other "interested party" (who, in real life, ostensibly had more rights to him than I, anyway) either intercede or interrupt before i could enjoy his naked form

or, otherwise,

• always lining it up so that The Good Part would, almost without fail, coïncide with my ever-vigilant Conscious's determining that it absolutely had to wake me up because of my body's wanting to execute a specific Biological Function.


you might be able to guess at some of the reasons i had desired all of this teasing stop.

i honestly have no use for that.



thus far, my range of Dream Subjects has been pretty limited.

not-withstanding-that, there are some things i wish for my Inner Recess to leave alone.

nothing can come of its semi-perpetual_prodding at that sore spot, besides leaving me with more frustration and anger.


unrequited [----].

(i would have presumed i was above letting the content of my brain's Slumber Movies be influenced by the status of my bladder, at the very least.)



my sub-conscience had prepared a few "select" rebuttals for my own consideration, too, yesterday morning (i started this entry late sunday night and it is now monday morning, by-the-way).

i had three seperate dreams.

(maybe four.)

if memory serves, all dreams had a dog as a recurring main star.

the most memorable was the portion of one of these vignettes where this particular dog (owned by another guy who i "know") had actually chomped down on my testicles (i think, because, i had been fucking with it), thereby forcing My Conscious to do its own intervening.

that sequence was realistic enough for my conscience to actually believe the injury was inflicted.

when i performed a standard Mind/Eye Scan of the affected area, i hadn't noted remnants or traces of anything that might have happened there which should have influenced my dream in such a way.


as we can see, my S.C. has jokes of its own.

but that's cool.

i believe i might be able to bend it to my will, some more.

those dreams where i levitate or fly (using chi) are always nice.

especially when i combine those powers with some of my fancy foote↕worke.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the Fighters' History. (1a)

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(a few days ago, i randomly came across a video on X↕Tube that i would watch for the briefest of moments before decisively-deciding i needed to take my business elsewhere; on my way back home from work, early sunday afternoon, my reflecting upon [whom] i had seen in It lead me to realize a part of the etymology of the term "flabby":

it was derived from "flap" — flappy not sounding right, those folds of fat resembling flaps, actually: some smart person decided to, merely, invert the p's to get the term we have today.

i think.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

the Fighters' History. (1 of ?)

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(must every day be a struggle?

{apparently so.})


ninpou: ***kaminari no hikisaku koto no 400 mai no ha***



this is a web↕site of which i was a member, up until a little after the beginning of this year; my membership there, actually, was terminated by Greg (the web↕master) when i complained about what i saw happen with the last "main picture" i uploaded submitted for upload to my profile at his site — someone having cropped it in a way i felt was not only unnecessary but also [relatively-]excessive and, somewhat, malicious.

it took me a few failed log-in attempts to realize what had happened; Gregory, otherwise, had not given even a minimum of response to that e-mail i sent: my unceremonious severance was executed with the merest of Caprices, as far as i can tell.


seemingly, this individual has a history of not making the best of decisions, regarding Customer Relations: seemingly, this individual has a history of pissing people off.

i [was] pissed off by Greg; and i had been meaning to write about that muther↕fucker for months.

i wish him nothing but failure and [continued] misery — for all the people who persist in maintaining their own memberships at his faulty-ass site in spite of knowing what he does to innocent folk, but don't otherwise give a rat's ass about these injustices simply because it's "not me":

y'all suck, too ── that's one of the principle mentalities which has this world in the state it's in, now.

you, who also are fuckers who evince the quality of Profound Douchicity.()


it's been proclaimed that Greg has shown prejudice against non-whites and against other fellows whom he feels does not fit into his archetype of [a true member of the] Bear [Community], sometimes; i, personally, am inclined to believe those allegations.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

quintessentially, it would be a bunch of bull, from the person who would deign try to convince me that no sort or form of willful discrimination is going into it, when he says, flat-out, he feels no sexual attraction for every of a given ethnicity — especially-more-so, when he says he ... prefers to mingle only with "[his own kind]": there is no way you can summarily dismiss entire groups of people without your having a sinister[, underlying] reason thereöf.

a bias.

a[n {unfounded}] fear.

a prejudice.



i be seeing beautiful muther↕fuckers almost every day — whether i want to, or not; heart-breakingly attractive, i don't, supersequently, even devote time to thinking something silly as oh, but, he's XYZ-ethnicity, so it would, almost certainly, sully me and my reputation if i make it with him.

search within yourselves, Dear reader, and ask Your Subconscience + You why you pick the sexual partners that you do do you base your Decisions of Interest & Pursuit more on the colour of that guy's skin or on the merits of his character?

or, truly, it is that you simply cannot find the flesh of [a specific] ethnicity appealing?

(human sexuality being a complex entity, it is more-than-extremely possible that one's biochemical make-up might prohibit him from "feeling that way", for the most part.)


ironically, it was Chris Crocker who introduced me to Alexyss K. Tylor, months ago; now, i want you-all to bear in mind, almost "everything" she says i already know; never-the-less, that woman, at the very least, is always good for a hoot — the things that come from out of Alexyss's mouth..

..even my jaw drops, to hear them: do you know how profane i can be?(♫)


saturday: perhaps a rather pivotal day for me?

(perhaps not.)

i had, certainly, done a bit of shopping, that day — acquiring several articles for [My] Bed↕Room, including: [2] pillows, curtains, sheets.

the most important thing is, i've since realized what my taste in Colours, for that sort of thing, is: [it would appear, ]i am definitely interested only in Solids, or near-Solids; anything past a few stripes might very well be intolerable, for I.


also, i went and, from Radio Shack, bought an Antenna for my converter: let me give her a try, now, to see if it does, in fact, work:

. . . . .


this is bullshit!

oh my lord, but, i truly had thought i would never have to fuck with Rabbit Ears™ life having, once again, thrown me an Irony Curve↕Ball thence, of course.



so my old, 2000-era TV can pick up some channels, in conjunction with The Converter, now; CBSNBC, apparently, wants to be the one that slips away from me.

the one channel i want, profoundly.

but i'm still interested in those other broadcast stations, too: PBS, et al., e.g.


[most of] the lyrics leave "something to be desired"; otherwise, i am really addicted to young jeezy's Put On; most of you who also have already given this a listen might be asking, what in the fuck, exactly, is this nigger "putting on"?

i think i know: he puts on the Black and Silver he had mentioned in the official video-version of this song.

(those colours being of the new version of the "united" states flag which was said to be showing up in certain locales, thence.)


i hate having to say this, but..
..did you know, actually, i had thought that was Lil' Wayne singing after mr. jeezy?

(i coulda sworn it was that mother↕fucker!)

i ... had never heard mr. west using such a vocal pattern before; ´sounded just like lil' weezy, to me!!

not to speak of the surprise i experienced when i had finally seen, on You↕Tube, that video i spake of; at any rate, although Young Jeez, basically, was up on some young-.. ..-ass shit, singing about what he had... ears, certainly, felt less offended in listening to Kanye's part!!

(i am especially enchanted with the clean version, of course.)

he, even having the moxie to make a reference to one of his own previous songs, while up in jeez's shit.





..a lot of people had, lately, been coming to my blog looking, apparently, for pictures of Philip Anthony-Rodriguez.

(and, ´sequently, going away rather disappointed.)

what has he been up to, lately, to garner such attention, anyway?


also, i've seen that a good number of you have been coming here from that link i have in my you↕tube profile..
..but, these past several weeks, none of you bastards have even taken an effort to *cast a vote* in those polls i had specifically mentioned at that site.

what's up with that?

is your laziness that pervasive?


(♫) (aye: and you probably hadn't even borne witness to a quarter of my potential foulness, either.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

the Chronicles of Rex. (e.1)

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i mean, it's really a damn shame: first it was Khia Edgerton,(♫) just three weeks ago; this morning, it's Bernard Jeffrey McCullough.(♫)

what else is there for me to say, though?

death is irreversible — words are powerless against it; (funerals aren't for the dead — they're for The Living).

the circumstances under which those shyning black stars were taken from us i cannot abide by: both were painful, graphic, traumatizing; my soul feels angry about it.


all-the same, That was a part of god's will, yes?

death is life — irregarding our own sentiments about it; (death seems better than living — if only we could know what's happened with all the souls of the departed that's accumulated since the dawn of time.)


George Carlin, also, died rather unexpectedly, not that long ago this year; it is to He whom i must ascribe a majority of my awakening (around age 16 or 17; whatever it was, i had certainly written about it in my journal).

on top of his intellectuality, he just was a plain-funny, artfully-vulgar muther↕fucker.


UPDATE (8/11/08; 8:29 a.m.): isaac_lee-fuckin'-hayes died, yesterday — his was an ascension to heaven which was profoundly premature, as well this is some bullshit!


i can always appreciate a summer day that feels like a spring day; this is one such day: one where i might, freely, just take a walk around — to get some of the nice, relatively-unpolluted air in m`lungs.

i mean,──i don't think y'all have any idea,──the importance of such weather as this is damn near critical for me: there aren't many things in [my] life from which i might derive even a modicum of Happiness..
..the sun mostly obscured by clouds, thereby giving off just enough heat to make The Air comfortable; a slight breeze blowing; (no humidity): undoubtedly i would take a stroll to the park that's just a few blocks from me and unfurl a blanket and lie on it, reading [Giovanni's Room].

if it weren't for all the bugs crawling around.


oh yeah: of course i had noted the rather-substantive decrease of Honey and BumbleBees, over the years; even though i am not an especial-fan of them, i can still appreciate the role they play in our food chain..


...if it is something that should be Genetically Engineered, it should be They:

most bees die, anyway, a little after they put their stinger in you, right so why not just create some with no stinger only us humans would be the wiser: most of the other animals would still follow their instinct, avoiding them because of their distinctive striping..
..go and put an Innate Poison in them for all the birds, et al., that want to try gobbling them up.


ain't nothin' is sacred, is there?

morgan freeman, himself, had gotten into a major car wreck only a few days ago — it seemed as if his shit was touch'n'go, for a while, too.

i wouldn't want to see him summarily taken from us, either..
..this is Morgan Freeman we're talking about, here.


i mean, just the Burritos from Chipotle, alone, can be pretty filling; the meat that i prefer most is its Barbacoa — perversely-tender, spicy, shredded beef that, sometimes, tastes like roast beef: that which also [almost] never has errant pieces of Fat or Ligament strewn in through it.

so you can imagine how profound my disappointment when i noticed that the burritos i got, from the Charles Village-branch, began tasting funny, starting a few weeks ago; confirming my fears, i eventually isolated the cause of the anomaly as being the Red Tomatillo-salsa.

i prefered-the-fuck out of that sauce, y'all.

but, until i get someone from over there to investigate, i won't be able to have the line [cook] slather that over my shit.


i have to keep my eye seth rogen, some more; he looks kinda hot with his hair all short, now, don't he?

and.. ..what is this about him being in an Explicit Flick?

(♫) (also known as DJ K-Swift — a seemingly-permanent fixture and one iconic-representative of Baltimore)
(♫) (better known as Bernie Mac: a comedian who wasn't "for everybody," but, certainly, was an impactful fella to those who he had reached, none-the-less)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Marijuana, and you:

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(pt. 3 of ?)

one more of those Futile Causes i've championed; i make myself sound more naïve than i actually am, n'on?


so what?

i don't give a fuck.

that's the beauty of being human:

wanting shit that's not feasible.

oh well.



i don't advocate people walkin' around high — but i know that is what even more people would do if we'd let ´em; Anne Franklie, i'm just not comfortable seeing people like that.


and i'm certainly not in the mood for having High Conversations with muther↕fuckers: that being one of those other rights i have as a[ World] Citizen.


most of the time that i've smelled The Smoke, it stunk similar of mildew; that is certainly not an attractive-odour, to be sure — and damn sure not incentive enough for me to be supportive of [public usage of] it: i got enough issues just with regular-tobacco fumes blowin' up in my face, second-handedly.


y'all are going to continue to try to make me feel guilty about wanting to minimize exposure to that which has been proven to seriously harm not only the user, but others around him — in addition to its normally smelling foul?



on the other hand. . . . .
. . . . .i face a conflict regarding priorities:

you see, although i might not be able to speak favourably of the [unseen {activities} of the] peddlers, i really don't give an especial Rat's Petoot about the tokers (18+) who puff just to chill out after having accomplished most or all of the duties for the day.

(i'm not able to say i believe Puffing Js is good for one's health either; but doesn't everything we love that we put in our bodies kill us? {if tofu burgers and wheat grass juice also tasted of Pumpkin Pies and Strawberry Milkshakes, then—i do believe—we would consume more of that.})

i don't actually know how many Marijuana Possession (non-"Intent To Distribute" type) Arrests are made, but i imagine they're enough to warrant their being evaluated as a nuisance.

similar to the way i don't really care about what sexual activities people partake behind closed doors as long as all parties are consenting and no Ill Effects are to be suffered [by non-participants] by their execution, people can smoke a stick or two, or make some bubbles with The Bong — moderation being key, because it's not fun being strung out just for no reason. (almost every person in society has a role to play; we wouldn't want people unnecessarily incapacitated, not being able to do their fair share, yes?)

other than that, i think that Police & Government really need to shift their focus; i am much more afraid of an Axe Murderer, Rapist, Republikkkan, and Mildew Stains, than of a miscellaneous Toker.

and, perhaps, if it does ever become legal to have it, a significant number of people would, in an ironic twist, lose their incentive to deal with Marijuana: for no longer would they be "bucking Authority"; when, even, Mom and Dad stop past their crib talkin' about hey kidd-o let's go get baked for an hour or so!..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the Opinions of Rex. (e.6a)

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◊ it is my opinion that i had been quite wrong, regarding my previous perceptions, on how many Sexually Appealing black men there were; merely, my Vision was limited, during my formative years.

one of my principle crushes was black, by-the-by — caramel, yes, but, still a person who'd be more likely to get pulled over "just for the fun of it" than a cracker.

but there are many black men i would be more than happy to suckle, if they'd allow me — ´wanna take their milk-chocolate balls in my mouth and lick ´em gen'le, to watch those sexy guys quiver; ´wanna take their Butterscotch Cocks in my mouth and make those hot fuckers get a tinglin' sensation.

◊ i hate having my intelligence insulted — but that is what i feel happens every time, on The News, i hear, (in a tone that suggests that something miraculous was accomplished), about how the price of gas has, for the day, gone down by one measly penny.

am.. ..i supposed to Give A Fuck about this, or something?

´cuz, apparently for the united states, the current level of Cost is cause for universal, pandemic burden — i cannot, at the moment, concern myself with other countries' petrol pricing; as far as i see it, it might as well be four-fuckin'-dollars, until—l.o.l.—a drop to $3.50 is reached.

. . . . .

obviously, the days of 2- and, certainly, 1-dollar_range gas is long over.

◊ i do not like the fact that The Olympics are to be held Beijing; china does not deserve such an endoughment.

◊ honestly, i don't want to vote for Obama, either — not because of anything he had or hadn't done but rather, mostly because i know that no Democrat{ically-affiliated individual} can ever effect a change that is meaningful: how profoundly all the progress that was etched dissolves whenever a Republican worms his way into the house!

as i've said before: our Fated Destiny was already writ, from the first time a white man got it into his head that he, too, can enslave an african without regard to his, or his family's, feelings.

but to seriously think about That can potentially be overwhelming: i'm not referring to the actual enslavement, but all the varying Aspects of Psychology of the people who, in whatever way, were associated with it.

♦ to that end: i am less than thrilled with the white muther↕fuckers who ... choose to just not deal with the reality that Racism is quite-the-part of American Life.

when they deign say that all conditions between [blacks] and whites are quite equal.

whenever one shows a stunning lack of empathy to the person who suffered a major loss unnecessarily, precisely because of arbitrarily-imposed prejudice.

to use their innate privilege as a buffer from {acknowledging} what really goes on in [the world], even though—of course—there had been more-and-more fellow whites getting chewed up by The Machine over the years, too: heh heh.

(the words Rich said in that book about america, over 60-years ago, still ring true.)

◊ i've probably writ over 75-billion words over my life↕time; as a consequence, it should be of no surprise to you-all that i call myself a `writer´.

still, i have concerns: a few weeks ago, i was able to go deep enough within myself to realize that my own Powers of Empathy are rather limited; so ... the depth of my musings can only go so far.

and they will only go so far.



of the near 75-billion that's ever come from out of my hands, less than 5,000 of them had to have been devoted to Narrative Style; i just thought of th[is {reality}].

so, maybe, Fiction isn't what i'm meant for creating.

(is it strange a pisces who, apparently, isn't too versed with creating Imaginary Worlds?)

◊ eh?

it would appear as if it's going to be a bit harder to find snyder's Jalepeño-flavoured Pretzel Bites; as bad for the Heart and for the Ass as they can be, i am rather sad about that.

i really liked those fucking things.

(maybe if the salt content was reduced, then i could get behind them even more.)

◊ y'know, when i signed-on to my job, i only expected to be a Grocery Clerk — i hadn't presumed i would also be jumping over to "General Merchandise/Variety," on a few occasions; or filling in for the Frozen Foods' and Dairy Clerks when they're absent.

true: the experience has made me more well-rounded..
..but i don't get paid the same money that the original stockers receive — even if i couldn't, per se, do all the tasks that they can, certainly if i am getting the vast majority or all of the merchandise i've been assigned put up to the shelves, then that should count for something, and at least entitle me to a couple of dollars extra-per-hour ── yes?

i truly don't know why i continue to stick around this store, other than..
..i get to dress casually every shift, and no one really watches me, and.....

◊ that fuckin' sucks: last week, i found that i would not be able to play God of War II on the very console which i had replaced because it deigned not read my Gameshark Cheat Disk™ anymore.

something to do with that other disk being Dual-Layered/Gold-Coloured..

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Marijuana, and you:

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(pt. 2 of ?)

if it makes you behave differently than before.....

.....then that thing you're swallowing; snorting; inserting up your Arse..'s {{ Dope }}.


and, given our stellar history just with Marijuana..
..even if its sale & purchase is legalized, then there would still have to be laws governing its usage ... and selling..

(..this, not to even mention the substantive-shift in dynamics when all the people who had been making their money Dope Slingin' on da corners won't have that to fall back on, any longer: i mean..
..there would have to be some impact, once── ..... hm.

heh heh.

niggers just can't do right, no matter what you do for them, now can they?

because, {actually, within time}, if It ain't executed properly, then the legalization of Marijuana would probably lead to an increase of those very crimes that the Measure was crafted to, partially, curtail — and i am thinking primarily of Breaking & Entering, Burglary, Robbery, Grand Theft[, Rape], Murder:

i reck'n it'd be de passé to continue distributing on The Streets; i wouldn't want the remaining-Undisturbed Patches of Land getting razed just to make way for Pot Shops — so, logically, the primary outlets for that should be those Bong Shops and those [Drug] Stores(♫); i suppose that, alternatively──...

...heh heh.


even that would pose A Problem, huhmy creation because there are a few "Upstanding [Users]"..
..but there are probably many more "Suck-Ass [Users]"; i cannot imagine the Average Joe wanting to see lines of them, waiting to make their little purchases from a Domecile-based Merchandiser, forming in his neighbourhood — it might have been possible to endure or overlook, between 1922 and 1943, and 1771 - 1809, but we human beings seem to have been dispossessed of the rather vital ability of "just doing what we have to do and moving the fuck on".

even if it is finally deemed Kosher, those of us who don't use The Drugs [in any form] and cannot relate to those who do won't want that exposure; so, immediately, most of the Drug Havens would be put in the "poor-sections".


{i, personally, cannot envision me going to the grocery store to get some ready-made Iced Tea and some Doughnuts ⌠on the quick⌡, and having to deal with a bunch of raucous College Kids, or Gangster [Niggers], or [Pathetic, Downbeaten "Professionals"], either — this is definitely one of those `rotten apple/spoiled bunch´-type dealios; period, no respectable establishment is going to want to be associated with [Crack↕Cocaine]/[Heroine] — how can it?

if, for whatever unearthly reason, Uncle Sam okays that, most businesses with some sort of Sense still wouldn't want "those sorts of clients" frequenting it: shopliftin' Shit on their way up to and away from The Window and shit.}

it's all about Logistics, and Reality.



i cannot believe how way-in over my head i am, with this subject — i was gonna say that the Street Sellin' would probably have to continue; but how to continuously verify that those vendors are only selling grass, and not the other substances that are still banned?

so, by default, it would have to go back to the preëxisting Bong Shops, and Drug Stores; open up some outlets in Malls..
..and set-up some government-subsidized Pot Houses in communities that express an interest for them; or, otherwise, issue permits for people who were interested in growing their own shit — because, of course, Marijuana {and its Paraphernælia} has to be taxed; just within the first year alone, i can see the government raking in at least 73-million in revenue from off of that; the punishment doled out for trying to skip out on paying up would have to be somewhat stiffer than usual: aren't They doing you a favour just by letting you finally deal in that shit without getting you all bunched up in ´cuffs?

for if you grow your own Pot, then there is the ever-extant possibility you, too, will be a seller.)

you silly bastards: you who think it could ever be as simple as the DEA just giving "the green light" and then letting y'all be.


hell no.(♫)

one way or another, this will have to be regulated — there is no getting around that; sorry.


because once you legalize possession of M. J., then it would make no more sense to continue criminalizing its sale — and the ramifications will be extensive, no matter how This is approached.


it might be "your life", but i don't need one more of your "Personal Decisions" fuckin' up my life and furtherly limiting the decisions i get to make.

(♫) (can you imagine actually getting your reefer from Wal-Mart? what High Quality Shit that would have to be...)
(♫) (4.71-hit ghetto/italian-style Spaghetti & Meatballs-rhyming combo: +2,088 Kudos bonus points; +7 Style Points)

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