Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the Sickness.

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while i'm still talking about HIV...

...i also want to talk about something, regarding This, which disturbs me:

the fact that there are white [males] who have this infection who still want to engage in Unprotected Sex.

and, ´not just dissonance with this want to engage Unprotected Sex, but, the want to continue to engage UNPROTECTED SEX, en specificum, with ... [non-Whites {males}].


specifically, back when I was on the prowl on The "Dating" Sites, I would come across ADs...

..within those ADs, i'd see whites who say they [are not ones who conscientiously limit themselves to only Fellow Whites(♫-1), (♫-2)] and that they wanna freak with these [non-Whites].

then i look-to-see mention of HIV-status; [more times than i can be comfortable with], the indication will be either Positive(♫-3) or Blank(♫-4).

more discomfittingly, these fuckers will tell their audience, they specifically want to have the Sexual Relations with [non-whites] sans prophilactiqué.


let me start to name NAMES: that these whites want to have sex with black [people]..
..that ... that They would actually even go to a beautiful place like Hawai'i(♫-5) with that shit: with the potential to pyra-mid-dic-cal-ly infect those sexy natives of That [Clustre of] Island[s], because of their selfish wants.


because you want to Bust More Nuts, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, you will to take down others, with you?

even though those individuals who ... willingly Put Themselves At Risk really wouldn't have any other individuals to blame but themselves(♫-6), if Inoculation does in fact occur..
..well, i still feel that someone, between the two(♫-7) of them, needs to be Responsible.

this Responsible Party, of course, should be that person with the HIV.


i digress.

i am disturbed by the fact that HIV-infected white [men] will conscientiously seek out Black [Men] (and, by extension, other Persons of Colour) for sex(♫-8), (♫-9), (♫-10).
my Feathers become furtherly ruffled when those whites want this sex to be without condom.

umm... ...the black community is already Beleaguered, Enough, as it is...

...so, honestly, i view This Phenomenon as being an assault upon It.

´yet another assault upon it.

i do not appreciate It, and... ...I can only hope that The Brothers are not giving in to their 2nd Heads, thence.


i do have a soft spot in my heart for Samoans, and, Samoan/Japanese(♫-11) Fellas ─ They who are featured in That State which i do hope to make a little visit to, some day.

so, i really don't want anyone defiling them, either(♫-12); i do not want to have to Be Afraid to SUCK HAWAI'IN COCK(♫-13) i do not want to have, in the back of my mind, worries about my getting It from a fucker who managed to catch HIV, 26-degrees removed from the [original] carrier(♫-14).

as far as I am aware, Hawai'i still has a relatively-low rate of infection amidst its inhabitants ─ i'd like fer it to stay that way.

in reading This, you might come away with the impression that i'm not especially fond of white people.
and, i'm not.

´just joking!

nah ─ as far as i am concerned: everyone is fucked up.

and, this fuckéd-uppédness, indeed, is not limited to one nationality, or ethnicity.


on the other hand ... SOME are, indeed, more fucked than others.(♫-15)

in this instance, i am focusing on this troubling practice i have bourne witness to, of white men exposing non-whites to infection.

there is probably more that I can say, about it .. but, nothing comes to mind.

(♫-1) (hooray.)
(♫-2) (actually, they might conscientiously exclude Fellow Whites, more than anything.)
(♫-3) (at the very least, i can laud them for the upfront disclosure.)
(♫-4) (which most people [who think themselves Currently Negative] merely take to mean a silent-admission of POSITIVE STATUS.)
(♫-5) Hawai'i ─ with the apostraphe in place between the two i's.

(♫-6) (that goes for Them or me.)
(♫-7) (or MORE ─ if that is to be the case.)
(♫-8) (obviously ... i would be even more pissed with Those Individuals who regularly, and blithely, do Unsafe Shit but are either too chickenshit to get tested to confirm That which shouldn't come as A Shock for them to discover, anyway, or, know They do have HIV but ... would lie and say they're currently Negative.)
(♫-9) (god bless ya, though, if at the very least you disclose your status and try to enforce Safer Sex Rules, as much as possible.)
(♫-10) (although, i can't forget about the lovely white males who would deign be "the giver," and expects that their partners allow said giver to ejaculate their Sperm into the intestinal tract.


them fuckers trip me out.)
(♫-11) (or, whomever, from oriental-asia.)
(♫-12) (please do try to remember that, until The Big Corporations, et al., stop being greedy, and just go on ahead and make that Fucking Vaccine for IT, already, that virus will still be A Virus; although it is not immediately-lethal, It is still, generally, a killer ─ a killer ... a biological-type hazard.

the vast majority of individuals infected with It would prefer it if They didn't have it ─ the vast majority of individuals currently not infected with it would prefer it if they stay That Way; so, i stand by my usage of the term "defiling", although, by no means, do i aim to imply that every person with HIV is "dirty," or "filthy".

not by a long shot.)
(♫-13) (for that one-of-a-kind Fruit Taste!™)
(♫-14) (which is what i mean by pyramidic infection ─ i'm sure there's a better term for It, but, i can't think of it.

but, i am sure that if any of you happen to know what That Term is, you will feel free to tell me.

(♫-15) (i'm not at liberty to give the official word on who takes The Crown, at the moment.

please feel free to enlighten me, If You Know.)

this is why i like Bill Maher;

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u da man, Bill: U DA MAN.

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