Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hunk o' Beef.

it's an interest of mines.


but, for the purpose of this entry, i will be focusing on just one Hunk ─ hence, the singular-form, in this post's title, hunk.


monday night, i had one of those rare chances to be home; since i had no other better things to do(♫-1), i decided to Flip Through Some Channels ─ on one of those channels(♫-2), was Rules of Engagement.

i dig patrick warbuton(♫-3), so i figured i'd watch His Shit; i was the better for it, because i eventually got to see the big fucker parade around in a mere, red, Speedo.(♫-4),(♫-5)



it seems like our P[u]tty-Cakes has an affinity for SHOWING SOME FLESH, to Us, too; since This apparently is the case, i am sure he, and Family, won't mind it if i were to just show some select images, in perpetuating His Desire..


so, drool away, my dear friends:

patrick warburton/putty/seinfeld/buff/nude

patrick warburton/putty/seinfeld/buff/nude

patrick warburton/putty/seinfeld/buff/nude


´pretty cool, eh?

my current hope is just, y'know, that He will be able to age, gracefully; Brad Garrett, basically, hasn't.

i don't want to fuck Brad Garrett, these days, now that he ... "[has] lost some weight" ─ it's like, y'know, he's but a Shell of his former, tasty, self, etc.(♫-6)


it seems like a few other people, Out There, share my appreciation of this individual, to some degree or another.

´may god bless Them.

(♫-1) (at least, not anything that would not have interfered with my blog-writing)
(♫-2) (CBS)
(♫-3) (and, i also dig that chick──Megyn Price──who co-stars with Him, thence; now, for some odd reason, Megyn reminds me of CYNTHIA WATROS.)
(♫-4) (i am surprised no one yet has posted a clip of This on you↕tube...)
(♫-5) (i am also surprised no one in the audience WOOOOOed, at the sight of That.)
(♫-6) (on the other hand.. ..i heard that he was saying some insulting shit about black people ..... i haven't heard that He has, yet, atoned for That Sin.

so. . . . .)

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