Sunday, December 2, 2007

Taxes, and you:

while i continue to let my Creative Juices recharge, i would like fer y'all t` take a gander at the following;

of course, this has to do with some of the States of Affairs, regarding OUR TAXES.

(i would like to just copy'n'paste This Article directly, so as to insure I won't have you guys linking to some empty content, later, but..
..i'm not trying to Push My Luck; this article is copy_writ-material from the Associated Press, after all...
...and, frankly, it seems like it would take a long time just to get its approval for my reprinting shit for the edification of Cock↕Suckers, Carpet↕Munchers, the Indeterminates, Sympathizers, et al, from them.., my having you Click-a-Link will be the method-of-delivery of This Information to you-all.)

obviously, i am always for reasonably-increasing taxes for those who can afford to pay more (as always, That would go for both friend & foe alike); i am never for people flagrantly trying to [duck out and put more of the burden on He who is already burdened enough].

so.. ..congress: you fuckers are gonna hafta figure out some shit as soon as you can..
..i do not want to be compelled to get my refund Late.

you hear me??

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