Thursday, August 13, 2009

in The Night...

0 Commentaries/Bashings unfolds, the - - - - - - - - - Story ever told..

..and somewhere far along this road i - - - - my soul: to you mother|fuckers that are so heartless.........

.........and i do have Some Stories.

i just hadn't had The Will to relate them.

for all these months whereïn i'd maintained my Silence, i've been seeking some sort of Interaction with you-all, from my blog; although It is, indeed, but of a mere "penny a pound," i still say, after almost 3,000 Hits, i should have more greeting me, at least once or twice every two weeks, than what i had been netting, up to this point: which, for the exception of one person, is nothing.


but It's cool; i'm not worried about this being Post|Humous Gold: more than anything, i might predict this as being a Body Of Work that some fuck|wit would deign try "using against me" once i finally begin attaining some Notoriety, via some of my other pursuits.

(he might try It — i would fuck his shit up.)



i have some stories to tell.

but what motivation had i, to share?

even to this day, my blog generates hits mostly only because of "philip-anthony rodriguez."

(with his probable-Pank Ass.)

such being the mind-set, and attention span, of my "patrons."

but it's cool: for, one way or another, it shall be i who comes out on top.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chocolate Reign:

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Some stay dry and others feel the pain.

Chocolate Reign:

The school books say it can't be here again.

Chocolate Reign:

History quickly crashing through your veins.



i really don't know what to say.

i guess i could say that i am merely Checkin' In.

i do have a coupla Developing Stories that i would like to tell you..

..but i don't believe it would be a good idea to divulge, quite just yet.

(there are still three possible ways that one of my stories can go..

but let's save That for later.)


i really don't see what the big draw is, for mr. terrance dean: he doesn't strike me as being extraördinarily attractive.

he a'ight.

i should be as able to get the guys he had been talking about in His Book, as he.

(maybe The Fellas are just scared to approach me, because it look like i be finna tear some shit if they were to come at me with some Fag Shit, m'self?


and we'll see who bends whom over.

for, it would be a bloody fight if he thinks he's gonna run a train in my ass.})


and i, too, am like some people who read Hiding In Hip Hop: "what's the point?"

the [nigger] didn't name any {relevant} names.

that "oh, you'll know who he's talking about" shit ain't helpin' nothin'.

i ain't for no guessin' games, when it comes to this.


alexyss k. tylor.

i want to continue to see what she does.

i think she is destined to do something Especial.

if i can't give her anything else, she certainly has my spiritual support.


i guess i don't really feel like talking about much, at the moment..

..but, as always, there are a great many things that i can share.

maybe i do have my own Profound Mission that i am to carry out.


who knows?

one thing is for certain: we are going to have to strike some sort of Balance between spirituality and reality.

no one person's prayers are supposed to be anymore important that another's: two people pray for getting a certain job — one woman with a college degree and 3 years of relevant prior experience; one man who has but a mere G.E.D., an 82-point I.Q., and not much else going for him.

who do you think is going to get hired?

and why?

because God felt one person was more deserving than the other?

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