Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Mys[t]eries of ´B'log.

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just to think, i actually went into This, believing that the most complex thing i'd need to do, with This, is just slap on some Emboldening and Italicizing on select words, Here'n'There.

ha ha.

´shows ya how much i knew, eh?

...of course It wouldn't be THAT SIMPLE.

mainly, there's apparently a bug in Blog*Spot's Programming, that seems to love fuckin' with Me.
when i don't need for It to(♫).

when i get around to It, i will e-Mail A Bloake (or Bloakette), so as i can see if i can git'em to Fix That Shit ─ it's really fuckin' annoying ... especially when you just really want to go to sleep.

like. . . . .now.

but, can't, b'cuz..
..well. . . . .a Bug is fuckin' with you.


alright, fuckers: Rex Out.

(♫) (is it ever good to have to deal with the consequences that Bugs bring, with them?)

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